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Interest Check Fox Academy/Idol plot


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FM of Neshaten
Game Master
Thats right, yet another fox plot is coming to light, something I’ve been planning for ages and wanted to do for a while.
Essentially the plot will focus on a group of school kids in one of the various academy’s in nesh land, it’ll have school elements as well as idol/entertainer group aspects As the player group will be singers, instrument players or other stage entertainers who perform shows, go on tours and potentially also get kidnapped

I have one player interested already and the plot is open for anyone to join you’ll just need to make a nesh character which im always willing to assist with

im bad at interest checks so discord ke for better discussion since its real time


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FM of Neshaten
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You know I got one fox available;) count me in ;) thought I’m a weeee bit delayed with my neck