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Approved Character [Freespacer] SCUMCLEANSER


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SCUMCLEANSER is a player character played by Antediluvian Intransigence.

Species & Gender: Freespacer Automata.
Year of Birth: 6日 1月 YE 1
Organization: Freespacers, Black City Survivors.
Occupation: Your character's job goes here, if applicable
Rank: N/A for Freespacers, Squad Commander for Black City Survivors.
Preferred Plot:
That one LSDF one? Can't find it right now.

Physical Description
Scumcleanser is an enormous Freespacer automata standing at a towering 11''7 and weighing around 720 pounds, clad in a dense set of layered armour made of military grade and mining designated plating that covers black synthetic imitated musculature. While his armour is very uniform, some parts of it have a flat and rigid appearance while others are almost clay-like in their shape, molded into bumpier forms. He has fairly long arms that end in hands with ten fingers and four thumbs. His head while metallic in composition, looks to be made of bone. The top half is a blank dome shape that hides small cameras capable of seeing in a very wide field of view. Below that is his "mouth" which resembles a grate with what appears to be incisor-like teeth fused into it. It is incapable of opening and is used not just for speaking but also scanning with various devices placed within it.

On the left side of the base of his neck is a sign showing a pair of drills crossed over a miner's helmet with a communications pole repurposed as a sharpened spear between the former two. His voice is normally loud and crackly with an imitated phlegm-heavy inflection and a high level of treble. Occasionally he will up the bass resulting in his voice having the effect of a car's boombox playing.

Scumcleanser is a very bitter machine behind his appearance of domineering strength and he constantly grapples between the revolutionary dreams of his youth and the cynicism of his adult age. However regardless of whether or not he is a kind person, he feels obligated to help those in need and does not truly regret having done so in the past in spite of pyrrhic victories against a tyrannical power. His morals have become looser and his personality somewhat harsher due to those but he is known to keep his promises and his convictions have stayed the same. He is known to become almost one track minded in his goals and sometimes very quiet if he sees no mandatory need to speak around strangers. He does however have a tendency to blare loud, discordant music from his speakers if he wants to focus or to unwind.

While he has a temper, he prefers to be harsh in how he responds to those who annoy or anger him but certain individuals he finds particularly foul he may not hesitate to try and intimidate. He will socialize typically with those he sees as more down to Earth and humble, having grown up among working class individuals and hanging out with renegades and adventurers. He is known to have little problem with and even a preference for political dissidents primarily of the anarchist variety. He is sometimes quick to act but on occasion remembers to think first before he charges off.

In spite of his somewhat off-putting character, he is capable of genuinely loving others as family and as friends. Having no concept or capability for romantic love, he treats and cares for those who earn his affection through actions rather than words. This can make him seem distant but this is mostly due to him having trouble socializing with most people other than certain other machines and non-dissident persons. He is however forgiving to the naive and the youthful and does not like the idea of punishing his own.

Scumcleanser was created YE 41 on a prison-labour complex comprised of multiple asteroids orbiting a large hollowed out rock partially made of smaller ones fused together that had been turned into an enormous city. It is located somewhere outside and around borders of Nepleslian space. He was one of the many robots created by the miners for assistance in the harsh environment but also companionship amidst their dreary, authoritarian existence kept under the iron boot of corporate enforcement. In spite of his primitive artificial consciousness, he began to find himself proactively assisting and later on even caring for the miners themselves as the complex's rulers began to tighten their rule at the cost of their labour force. For this, he was frequently punished but this only strengthened his resolve.

During this time, Freespacers would hear of the workers' plight and would come into covert contact with leaders both machine and flesh. Revolutionary sentiment and anarchist aggression would lead to the plotting of an enormous revolution meant to allow the miners to seize the methods of industry and governance as well as to permanently remove their corporate leaders from power permanently. When the revolution broke out, he dedicated all of his energy to fighting for them and played a vital part in driving out the corporation as the Miner-Freespacer alliance quickly captured the surrounding facilities and then stormed their way into the most secure areas of the gigantic asteroid base, preparing to decapitate the leaders who kept them under their heels for far too long.

However, as they were about to apprehend and try them, the executives angrily unleashed a deadly secret weapon meant to destroy the asteroid city and deny the liberated workers their paradise. They released a deadly virus into city that drove its security systems haywire and the machinery within it into hostile, violent entities. In the ensuring madness, mass evacuations were underway but thousands died with many machines infected by the virus and turned into bestial monstrosities driven to destroy former comrades. Scumcleanser himself was helping others escape to a shuttle when an infected spike impaled his body and corrupted him, driving him to murder his lifelong friends in a fit of uncontrollable viral rage before the sole survivor was able to reset him.

Awakening a day later, he was told that he was knocked out by an electrical pulse by his remaining friend. The virus itself had been quarantined in his body, marked as an "emergency combat protocol", and as far as Scumcleanser's friend is concerned, he is the only person who knows the truth of what really happened to the robot that day.

At the moment, he primarily fights the machines that live in the asteroid facility, now known as the "Black City", but also ventures out to make ends meet for the colony and see more of the world beyond what he knew. His convictions are shakier than they were before hence why he finds himself signing up to assist even the Neplesians in spite of having many reservations about them. He has currently undertaken a Nepleslian mercenary contract.

Social Connections
His social bonds are quite divisive. Many of the miners hold him an an esteemed position given his dedication to the revolution and him having helped from the start. Others see him and machines like him as the reason for the great failure when the virus was released. Some think he and a few others had set the miners up from the start to be the tools of the Freespacers while some go so far as to claim he murdered his old friends to stop them from finding out his true aspirations. However, many still will rally behind him and are sympathetic to him and his losses.

He has become friends with a group of freespacers who help him travel around and get jobs to get away from the trauma associated with his birthplace. He does much for them and asks for little in turn, frequently going as hired muscle or when they need sheer brute force.

When miner groups needing to punch deep into the Black City need help, he frequently reaches out to his old surviving friends to offer his own.

Skills Learned


As a manual labourer, part of Scumcleanser's mining work was also creating equipment for digging further into what is now the Black City as well as various asteroids around it. He knows how to build structures meant to support objects even heavier than himself and during his time as a labourer, helped to create quite a few houses, outposts, and asteroid-installed chambers. In the aftermath of the viral outbreak, he has assisted in making some gun emplacements meant to carefully watch the massive structure in the case of its corrupted inhabitants escaping.


From both his purpose of creation to his revolutionary activity, Scumcleanser is comfortable destroying machine, man, and rocks alike. From professional high grade mining explosives to hand-made volatile concoctions, the massive robot knows that what his large fists can't destroy can sometimes be taken care of in a more explosive manner. His main skill is in placement of explosives and DIY creation though to an extent he also knows how to defuse some.


Sometimes miners have to make due with what they have but for Scumcleanser, that was far from meaning they were under-equipped. From makeshift drills fashioned of old vehicle parts, jury-rigged cutter lasers, and vacuum-rated drones to autocannons based on industrial spike-placers, delivery chutes morphed into grenade launchers, and even hidden wrist blades made from destroyed hauler spacecraft, Scumcleanser was a large part of early spacer-miner arming processes. He admits he is not one who builds for finesse but knows how to make sturdy, reliable, high impact equipment.


Scumcleanser is a terrifying force when encountered up close. While his strength is best described as monstrous and terrible to behold, what truly makes it deadly is his experience in martial arts. His style takes huge, powerful swings and bone-exploding thrusting strikes and filters them through movements that are as abrupt and forceful as they are able to flow with immense force and an odd, almost deliberate grace. He is not very fast due to his size but he knows how to use his momentum to lead into additional strikes. He also is skilled with improvised weaponry, whether it be a burnt out car or the extendable neck of a power-line truck though his main skill is in large weapons such as swords and maces. Practicing with other gigantic machines, some of which are non-humanoid in shape, his skills only grow more and more.

Maintenance and Repair:

Fighting jackboots and iron beasts alike taught Scumcleanser quickly to know how to repair his own massive body as well as those of his fellow robots. Primarily he knows how to patch up machines to just make it through the next fight but if given proper equipment, his instinctive knack of how to navigate the complexity of a robotic body means he can work fairly quickly. He also is adept at fixing damaged equipment albeit primarily not those of a military nature as much as a mining or industrial one.

Technology Operation:

From his early days, he knew how to sneak around the electronic defences of corporate security and later on, covertly respond to Freespacers when they attempted to contact the industrial penal colony. Some of his skills are innate but others were formed by quietly sabotaging and sneaking into computer networks as well as helping to coordinate his more cybernetic allies. He is no master hacker but he knows a thing or two about remotely interfacing with computers and keeping up communications over long distances.

Very durable and high physical strength
Good stunning (electricity) and armour piercing/breaking capability
Select use of the "emergency combat protocol" (virus) can allow for short bursts of unpredictable power.
Experience fighting in vacuum, urban, and mountainous conditions.
Wide field of view due to multiple eye-cameras
Brutish but not foolish - experienced martial artist.

Very large target; the bigger they are the harder they fall.
Weighty and heavy; his blows are slower to recover momentum from even at his fastest.
Shortsighted; his camera-eyes are not meant to watch from great distances unless he forcefully narrows his sight and field of view to a very narrow cone.
"Emergency combat protocol" damages him over time, gradually turning his mind to a bestial maniac, and could potentially be lethal with prolonged usage.
He cannot fit into some spaces and vehicles due to being enormous. Some floors will not be able to support his weight either.

Inventory & Finance


An enormous blade resembling a large chunk of sharpened metal, Scumcleanser fashioned this out of parts of old machines he was tasked with repairing while he was still a miner. It's an enormous and inelegant weapon, capable of taking a great deal of abuse and with his immense strength, can violently split even other large automatons apart. It's body is primarily a long and densely constructed blade that goes down and morphs into a dense thorny guard over its handle. The back of it is blunt and without a cutting edge. It features a small reactor inside of it allowing the blade to momentary sheath itself in a field of energy when he needs to fight against shielded targets.

Retribution's Voice:

An autocannon-like weapon initially made from large devices meant to implant spikes into hardened mineral-rich rocks as well as reinforced buildings, he later upgraded it with technology stolen from corporate security to turn it into a near military grade weapon. An electric pulse is used to accelerate the spikes, making the weapon unusually quiet for its classification with more of an angry crackle and hiss than the usual deafening roar. It typically fires large spikes from a box-like magazine but can also have it fire actual HEAP autocannon shells, tracker bolts, electricity dispersing markers, fragmentation rounds, and so on. It has a moderate semi-automatic rate of fire and is fairly accurate in his hands where it goes from being a heavy weapon to more of a rifle.

Launcher Module:

Scumcleanser keeps a few launchers within his arms that typically launch electrifying discs. These can be used to kickstart electronic objects, stun enemies, or even send a jolt of energy to help revive a fellow machine from a distance. While their lethality is fairly low, the discs (which resemble washers) are very small, can be stored in large quantities, and have a very high rate of fire. With some modification, they can be used to fire actual munitions such as shotgun shells or even grenades though doing so takes time. He is currently attempting to find a way to turn it into a device that can fire electricity directly at targets.

Emergency Combat Protocol Device:

This contains a fragment of the deadly virus that took over the Black City though it has disguised itself as a benevolent system. When activated, it increases his speed, strength, reaction time, and aggression immensely at the cost of lowering his rationality, cognition, and ability to distinguish friend from foe, turning him into an unctrolled berserk maniac. However, usage of this for prolonged periods begins to eat away at his systems up to damaging his synthetic flesh. If it goes on for a sufficiently long time, he'll simply pass out injured. It can be deactivated by shutting him down and rebooting him (forcefully).

Eyeball Drones:

Small, spherical drones with a malleable outer shell stored within Scumcleanser's body. Based on those meant for exploring inaccessible areas and tight spaces from the mines and mountains he grew up in, they are capable of flight as well as crawling. However, their true purpose is typically to help Scumcleanser with aiming and identifying objects at long ranges. They send information of what they see to him as long as he is in range, allowing him to figure out how to orient himself relative to an object or entity of interest. They can also "paint" targets for him to zero his weapons in quickly (essentially "lock on" mode) though it takes some time for them to send the target info if he does so.

Scumcleanser currently has 3000 KS.

Character Will
In the case I become inactive (gone for more than a month):
  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I'm gone for a year or more? YES
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Making the wiki article first isn't actually necessary but it would need to be made (by someone) after approval so it was very helpful of you. :)

Cool character!
Yeah I thought "get it approved here then wiki-article it" would have been better form. Didn't want to put something unapproved on the wiki. Thank you for letting me know.

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Yeah, thanks for taking care of that in advance.

Still talking to Antediluvian on Discord, but this is looking pretty good.

Edit; Just talked about some more of the specifics about their background (like how the virus works), and the metal fellow's general durability.

Everything seems pretty spot-on and detailed to me.
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