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SYNC From: Adi Pine To: Star Army Logistics- Salvaged SAoY Ship


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To: Star Army Logistics @Wes
From: Princess Adi Pine, New Dusk Conclave

Hello, I recently came into possession of a warship from the Second Chance Salvage Giveaway, which I have identified to be a Chiaki-class (1B) Escort Destroyer. I was surprised enough to receive a warship, however, I was even more surprised to find that it was formerly from the Star Army of Yamatai. I wanted to know, what exactly should I do with this ship? It appears to a warship model that was intended for your military, and furthermore upon inspection it has suffered aether damage to the bridge and computers. I am not certain if you would prefer this ship not to operate under the New Dusk Conclave as it does not appear to be an export model? Please let me know what you wish for me to do with this warship and if you would like to make some sort of deal for it to be returned or exchanged.

Princess Adi Pine
New Dusk Conclave


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To: Princess Adi Pine, New Dusk Conclave
From: Star Army Logistics

It is important to the Star Army of Yamatai to get this ship back as it contains remains of our personnel and possibly sensitive equipment or information. Second Chance Salvage Company has also said that its distribution was an accident and has apologized for the inconvenience. SCSC and the Star Army have reached a settlement agreement where SCSC and the SAOY have agreed to split the cost of a new starship of comparable size to replace the Star Army ship. Did you have a model of Starship in mind that could work for you, perhaps something from Geshrinari Shipyards, Motoyoshi Fleet Yards, Ketsurui Fleet Yards, or Origin Fleet Yards?


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To: Star Army Logistics
From: Princess Adi Pine, New Dusk Conclave

I completely understand and would be more than willing to exchange it for a different starship. Admittedly, I am not that experienced with warships, but I would prefer if the replacement ship were a warship of comparable size, preferably not smaller. I would also prefer if the replacement were not too outdated compared to cotemporary ships, and were at least able to fend off potential hostile ships should the need arise.