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Nepleslian News Network From The Front: Can Red & Greens Mix? The Freemud Conflict, tonight.


FM of Nepleslia
Game Master
"For a while now, reports of an escalation in NSN and NSMC forces in the system of Freemud have led to investigators speaking more with the forces in charge of the actions there! And today, we have news! After a series of calculated battles over the course of nearly two years, the small-scale skirmish has begun leading to actual peace talks between the Bernese Red Rebellion and officials within the NSMC. General Apollodorus Wiegand and one of the NSN officials on the scene has been meeting with a currently nondisclosed official for some time and if rumors are to be true, a temporary ceasefire has been said to be in the works! Unlike those real traitors, it seems like these may actually-- what, I'm not allowed to say that? But why would-... urgh. Fine. Back with more tonight, at 7!"