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Yamatai News (YINN) Frozen Philanthropist Finalizes Financials, Furnishes Funds for Faculty


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Tsubomi, Kyoto, Yamatai – Takeda Tachiko, the Star Army soldier recovered late last year after going MIA during the First Mishhuvurthar War, donated generously to educational charities after finalizing the sale of salvaged superconductors from the YE 41 Year-End Free Salvage Giveaway held by Second Chance Salvage Company. Recipients include Tsubomi City and One Two Red Blue, and donations total in the tens of millions. Takeda-san was not available for comment, as she had just deployed aboard the Star Army's newest Izanagi Dreadnaught, the YSS Tokyo, but a spokesperson for Tsubomi City said, "All of our heroic Star Army soldiers have always been generous with whatever they have to support our mission here at Tsubomi. They have never forgotten the aftermath of the Battle of Yamatai, and help us in any way they can, even as they protect us from such a tragedy ever occurring again."
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