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RP [Fruna Ruica] Peace Through Superior Advertising

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The endless darkness of space... at a glance it can be a colorless void of black, with splatters of the shimmering white of starlight, the same applied to the Albini system's skies. Often, the only remarkable sights to be seen are the shimmers of planets, the station which hung in space, and the ordinary Star Army of Yamatai ships and Yamataian civilian ships which went to and from the station on a routine basis.

However, as of late, the station had become a place of importance, word had spread far that the station was to be host to a conference of Empires, of course, this word also made it to the ears of the Lorath Matriarchy. Of course, once word reached the Matriarchy, the word spread to anyone who had their ear to events, especially the ears of those who had interest in such off-world affairs. Merchants, merchants were the ones who had the most to gain or lose from this ordeal, and so, the word managed to reach back into space and find it's way to a ship which happened to be in the right place at what may be the right, or wrong time.

Of course, we return to the darkness which is the space of the Albini system, but, an observable change in the darkness takes place... a multi-colored shimmer in the dark skies brings sign of the presence of something different than the normal monotony, and that difference also was shouted out into the bowels of the communication channels of every race known to be in attendance to the conference...

Subspace Powered Advertising Machine said:
“Fly right up, one and all! Now entering the Albini system, the good ship 'Fruna Ruica'! We come to bring good cheer and good will to those gathered here, and present the finest wares that the Lorath Matriarchy has to offer to all those in attendance! From the most graceful of Elysian, to the most macho of Nepleslian, even the most humble of NH-12, all are welcome aboard the Fruna Ruica, and all your currency of course is welcome as well.

We have docking ports a plenty, and a multi-national shuttle compatible bay, two-hundred-fifty guest rooms available, full service bar, dining area, and some of the finest merchandise available. Send a transmission if you intend to dock, land, or even teleport aboard. Now accepting room and dining reservations as well! Menus of available services are also available upon request!

I, your humble host, 'Celebration' Lmanel, or Cele for short, would like to thank you for your time, and I hope to welcome many fine and peaceful guests aboard.”
Along with the message, a data packet was available for transmission with the full load-out and services available for the Fruna Ruica.

As the ship made it's broadcast, it pulled alongside the Pisces station, however it did not extend a docking tube.

“Fruna Ruica to Pisces station.” came a transmission from the ship's commander, Cele. “We request that we be allowed to hold position here. Your people are welcome to purchase a docking pass to connect to the Fruna Ruica. It will be 500 of your KS, or a bottle of a fine wine, your choice.” Her voice was charismatic and accommodating.

Meanwhile, the tall and long hull of the 'Fruna Ruica' was lit up with OLED material generated light, turning the side of the ship into a massive bill board, advertising the contents within, and other services available from the Lorath Matriarchy. On the side of the ship facing open space, was a massive banner simply stating 'Welcome!' in the languages of all who were expected to attend... even a digital bar-code for those who were not expected, but known of by the Matriarchy.
Day Two.

Despite the best efforts of the Fruna Ruica's crew, the business had been slow with the station, little more than a few exports of wine, and a visit from the Matriarchy's senator had taken place... quite a disappointment. However, the commerce disappointment was merely a foreshadowing to the disappointment which was to come.

Cele frowned as a comm-link was made by Aegis, which resulted in a communication that made Cele's rather warm and light hearted spirit to be chilled. "All hands, prepare for fold, we're leaving now." The ship's commander announced as she made the needed checks to ensure that no guests were aboard before departure. With the checks cleared, the ship pulled away from the station and made the proper preparations for fold. Within moments, the Fruna Ruica had departed from the Albini system and had set course for the Nyli system, where they would deliver the message for Aegis, and flee from a potential war-zone.
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