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RP Future Endeavors


The Gunman
Irim's City
12日 5月 YE 39
1300 Hours

Yui was waiting for the Nepleslians when they arrived on the old star fortress in the outskirts of the Yamatai system. Built in YE 25, Irim's City was one of the original star fortresses that had kept the Star Army supplied since its early days and had built hundreds of starships. A true city in space, its lively interior was a centerpiece of the Star Army of Yamatai. As they left the shuttle, Yui showed them the way to a local izakaya gastropub near the docks, where she had reserved a back room and an unending supply of sushi, tempura, teriyaki meat, ramen, and booze.

"Welcome to Irim's City," Yui greeted them, waiting until the first wave of waiters disappeared and drinks were ordered before continuing. Once that happened, she wasted no time getting to the point.

"I've invited you here today because we have a problem to solve," she said, "This problem is that Yamatai cannot ally with Nepleslia until Nepleslia gets out of the DATASS treaty."

Sitting up a bit straighter, Violetta De Luca looked from Yui slowly to the Premier, an eyebrow cocked and her expression full of questions only he could answer, ready to hear what he had to say about it.

The Nepleslian admiral said simply, "Sky Marshall, I think this is a question better suited for you."

The Premier sat quietly, his cybernetic eyes and his deadpan expression not giving his emotions away. "Is that so Ms. Yui? Why is that?" He asked simply, leaning forward and placing his hands together.

"There are two reason why Yamatai is a better ally: first, we are stronger than the Lorath. We always have been, and probably always will be. If you want to secure the strongest defense for Nepleslia, you want us on your side. Not only does it bolster your posture but it would remove the biggest unknown and potential threat from both of our military forces. This would allow us to concentrate on threats from outside the Kikyo Sector, which are more present by the day. Second, I have reason to believe that, one way, or another, the Lorath will soon be incapable of defending themselves at all," Yui told them. "Not only are they seemingly attempting to disappear from the universe, or something, but I have good word that certain forces are already lining up to attack their territories and I do not mean the Star Army."

"Really?" Violetta said, sitting back in her seat a bit more thoroughly. "There surely has to be some way we can meet both of our needs without disturbing those of another."

Gaelan's leaned back as well. He remained silent for a few moments then spoke. "Right now, I can not just break the DATASS treaty up. However, once the Lorath have completed their project, I can better reevaluate..."

"What do you know about their project?" Yui asked. "I know far less than I'd like and perhaps as their allies they've told you something?" Yui asked. "Also, there's more...not all of the Lorath want to go along with the project. I know for a fact that at least one Lorath leader is planning to rebel against it. This could be the start of a Lorath civil war, even. Does that change things for you, and would you get caught in such a conflict or sit it out and consider it an internal affair?"

Gaelan folded his arms across his chest as Violetta watched Yui intently.

"I know as much about the project as you do. However, all I know is they are trying to relocate themselves." Gaelan replied. "And to the this new piece of information, we are allied to the Government of Lor. Once they leave, it is not our issue." He replied.

"Would you really go to war with me if I started grabbing up Lorath systems tomorrow? Would that be worthwhile for you?" Yui asked. She grabbed a stick of teriyaki and ate it while she waited for an answer. Something in her eyes said she was seriously considering it. Naked and casual bloodlust.

Gaelan just stared at Yui blankly.

Violetta looked between the two with lavender eyes and spoke quickly, before hostilities could spark, "I think the best option to look for is one where nobody finds themselves at war with those that can be future partners in prosperity. If we go after one another, what we're really doing is belittling ourselves. We wouldn't expect such things of you, such as taking Lorath systems tomorrow, or any day. But if you did? We would have a more formal conversation than this one taking place right now about why. You operate on a set of principles, just like any good leader. Principles none of us expect to see cast to the wind."

"Did your senate actually ratify this treaty?" Yui asked. "If not, you have an early out."

"What if we set a time limit for you? You have a holiday, don't you, that falls in the coming months. Kikyō No Sekku, I think it is. What if we make a promise to you that we will indeed reevaluate the DATASS treaty for both of our sakes then?" Violetta asked, talking while her hands moved in front of her to add a bit of emphasis to her question.

"I would take that promise. And if the Lorath government ceases to exist, would you still consider yourselves obligated to fight for them?"

"If the Lorath Goverment leaves and is gone from the Kikyo sector, then we are no longer allied." Gaelan replied.

Yui grinned. She was good at making things cease to exist.

Violetta watched as the Neko smile crept upon Yui's face and said, "Looking past the outcomes of our neighbors, I want to know about the outcomes you see between us. You spoke of an alliance. Is that what you see in our future?"

"The Empress wants Yamatai and Nepleslia to become brother and sister nations who always have each others' back," Yui said. "That sounds good to me."

"Gaelan?" Violetta asked, turning to him before taking a tempura'd shrimp and biting off the crisp end. "Is that something that 'sounds good' to you?"

Gaelan turned to Yui again. "Such an alliance would be benefical for both parties." He said calmly, he however had not touched any of the food. "I want things to become better between us, but we need time to get our affairs in order. This Lor business being one of those affairs. We will be mounting an expedition to their space to try and speed whatever they are doing along," he admitted to the neko. Didn't hurt to share information if they were to become allies soon anyway.

"In that case, what about the Lorath fightning to disrupt the operation?" Yui pointed out.

"Once the operation is complete it won't matter. I highly doubt whoever it is will wish to fight both Lorath and Neplesila at the same time. Once it's done, as is our involvment." he replied. "The Lorath that will be left are not of our concern as they will not be the ones we signed the DATASS treaty with."

"The Lorath will not be our concern then, but why are they your concern now?" Violetta asked. "You opened this discussion up asking about alliances with Nepleslia, but it sounds like your motive is more far-reaching than that." Violetta also noted it was equally narrow-minded.

"Well, the leader of the Lorath rebellion may be on my side," Yui said. "I had an envoy recently who was asking for assistance with the Lorath matter. I told them I wouldn't bring the Star Army into a conflict that would mean I had to fight Nepleslia. So I would like assurances that this rebel faction would be ignored by Nepleslia as you send the mainstream Lorath on their way. Particularly as these Lorath rebels may shortly find themselves applying for Yamataian citizenship."

"Oh," Violetta said, folding her hands after setting down the shrimp and looked to Yui more seriously. "We would need assurances that these rebels of the Lorath are going to ally with the right nations and, specifically, will not fight with the wrong ones, namely us. I don't think letting these rebels walk away with Lorath assets such as their technology would be convenient for anyone."

"It's already their technology," Yui said, looking at Violetta like she just said that sheep shouldn't have access to wool.

"Then are we in agreement that these rebels will be able to join in on your alliance with Nepleslia?"

"I speak for the Star Army of Yamatai only," Yui said flatly. "What I'm asking is that when the rebels stir up trouble, Nepleslia stays out of that because it's an internal affair."

Violetta uncrossed her legs, only to move them to cross again, and looked to Gaelan before saying, "Sky Marshall?"

Gaelan nodded to Violetta, then looked back to Yui. "I will do what is best for our nation. I wish for us to be closer allies, and know that the Star Army wishes for the same." He said before adding. "Let's not let an envoy or personal matters get in the way of a closer relationship between our people."

"I couldn't agree more. We will move forward all the more aware of what is best for both of our nations because of the words you have shared with us today, Taisho," Violetta said, her voice ringing out like a chime in the near empty room, save for the three of them.

"If you could answer my question,,," Yui prompted.

"You 'speak for the Star Army of Yamatai only,' your words. We need it made quite clear to us that these rebels will not take the carcass of our ally and begin trying to beat us with it, to use no uncertain terms," Violetta said swiftly, with Gaelan nodding in agreement.

"I will relay that to them," the Taisho replied. "Again, it is my hope that the leftover Lorath in this rebellion movement eventually become part of Yamatai, which means they would become your allies too."

"And our hope, as well," Violetta said, closing her eyes momentarily and bowing her head, showing her respect for the future s well as the hope she held for it. "Now, are you going to be at this summit of sorts on the Azorean planet?"

"I believe it's an affair for the civilian government," said Yui.

"Then that is who you shall leave it to. I believe Empress Vishta will be in attendance and I am aware of a treaty in the works between the Iromakuanhe and Gartagens. I can only hope that the Iromakuanhe's ruler will be joining, as well. To not send someone of equal standing would be selling those nations short. Though that is for you to decide," Violetta said.

Gaelan nodded. "I will be in attendance." He responded.

"It's been interesting. If there's nothing else, I think we can adjourn for now," Yui said.

"Well then, thank you for the meal Ms. Yui. I look forward to a brighter future for both of our people." Gaelan added.

Yui nodded. "Something to work towards," she agreed.

Outside the restaurant a pair of Star Army officers were waiting, who would show them the way back to their shuttle.
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