Star Army

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  • Current IC Month: 8月 YE 42 (through November 21, 2020)

RP [G/75] Episode 1: Just Like Old Times


Game Master
RP Date
3日 22月 YE 42
RP Location
Planet Nataria
"The number one reason why people give up so fast is they tend to look at how far they still have to go instead of how far they are from their start." Unknown Shosho YE 39

Planet Nateria
Fort Ready VR Chamber
YE 42 Month 3

Time 1200 hours

There are many reasons soldiers of the Star Army of Yamatai opt to join the young elite corp of the Giretsu. Some want to push their abilities to the limit. Others simply wanted action and a rare few somehow got lost in the recruiting propaganda. But the one thing many never expected was the endless hours of training. Dry run after dry run, the majority of the time for the women and few men of the G/75 was spent at the ranges to maintain their marksmanship (and show off to any recruits nearby), land navigation, survivalist training, playing deadly opfor to recruits when they had to share space, and endless drills in mockup corridors to practice their close-quarter combat skills. All were proficient in their tasks and skills, but Taii Yamashida still continued to push them well past personal time more times then most were willing to tolerate. Grumblings could be heard during meal times more and more as time passed.

Today's training schedule was different for the century, however. Instead of lining up at the outpost to retrieve their weaponry for the day, the soldiers of G/75 found themselves finally suited up in their power armor waiting in a section of the Fort's VR training building. Given the pace and the type of training from before, more than one Neko was a bit confused as to what was going on. But before anyone could really think more about the current situation, their commander entered and walked hurriedly towards them.

"Alright, listen up!" Munemitsu said he finally made it in front of the group. A volumetric map began to form between them. "The assault on the Mutari homeworld has commenced as of 0100 hours today." he said. The Mutari Federation was a made-up faction he and the intel officer had created to serve as their opposition throughout the training. The volumetric map zooms in on a mountainous region as he continued speaking. Numerous white dots with circular areas around them start to form ending with a red dot in the middle of it and a blue dot just at the edge of the area.

"In support of the 75th and 70th legions, we have been tasked to take out the air defenses of Area of Operations Vulcan. SAINT and recon platoon have located what they believe is the command post controlling and coordinating both the AA defense and the Mutari defensive efforts in Vulcan. We do not have the resources to take out each of the AA platforms, thus a surgical strike on the command post is in order. We will be making landfall here." He said, pointing and highlighting each feature as he talked about it.

"We will follow along this ridgeline to reach the objective. But given the strategic importance of the region, expect heavy patrols. Until we reach the objective, you are not to engage the enemy unless we absolutely have to." Munemitsu continued, a gold path forming to emphasize the ridgeline in question. He then looks at them for the first time. "A simple raid here. Are there any questions?"

Immortal Cyan

The Cyan Neko
RP Date: 3日 22月 YE 42, 1200 Hours
RP Location: VR Chamber - Fort Ready, Nataria

The last two months of intense training had only reaffirmed Eve’s strong belief that in order to beat the Kuvexians, the Nekovalkyrja would simply need to better. Her shot groupings had vastly improved since the unit activation ceremony, in such a way that they would be extremely difficult for a freshly-graduated Giretsu Scout Sniper to match. Eve was no marksmanship prodigy, but she was a purist and a perfectionist. She was never one to deviate from established practice, perpetually seeking to exemplify the ideal while ignoring the individualist and the unconventional.

As such, that tendency often lent her an unapproachable air. Nevertheless, Eve always sought to be sweet, even though more often than not, her efforts fell flat.

Eve listened quietly to the briefing, taking digital notes as the information was conveyed from the Centurion. Eve understood the directives and objectives of the sortie, but given the order to refrain from engaging the enemy unless absolutely necessary, she expected that maintaining stealth would be critical to the success of the mission. However, that would need to be balanced with speed, if the mission was extremely time-sensitive.

“How time-sensitive will the operation be?” Eve spoke. “Should we prioritize stealth over speed, or vice versa?”


Well-Known Member
After waiting so long, the final drill was approaching for these also and Yoko was all ready for some action and serve the Empire as they should have....a few months ago. It stuck with her how she could, maybe, perhaps a difference in the invasion of these dirty Kuvexians that were no stepping on their planets, their home, and selling off their people as mere products and prices of war. Yoko tried to focus and not get distracted by the issues that were and more look at the issues that are.

Listening towards the briefing of the made-up empire, the situation was a basic layout of a drill and it made her wonder on what it was based on. She learned from the history books as much as she could, but it was always a surprise what they could expect.

Hearing Eve talk made her nod to the good question that was being asked and Yoko followed up with her own "What is the loadout of the 75th and is it different to that of the 70th?"


Game Master
Munemitstu listened to the questions fielded to him before continuing. "The 75th is a fairly unconventional legion with a large number of Corona Gunships assigned to it. I guess someone figured a place to put all of those rusting aircraft finally. Add the Type 41 Bulldogs and the Daisies, the 75th is well rounded. The 70th is more standard in its composition. This is why taking out air defenses is important.

For the first half of the mission, stealth will be preferred as early detection will be your doom. As you get closer to the compound, it will depend on the conditions of the ground.

Any other questions?"


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Hearing the reaction made Yoko blink a bit, so the 75th was going for an unconventional approach, she sighs and didn't really mind this approach. Additionally, she heard a further explanation about how they will be doing stealth mostly and shrugs again. Stealth was not her best play in this large game of chest and yet knew that most of her team would relay on her technical points in this all. She nods to Munemitstu about getting closer to the compound.

"One, when can we get started? I want to get some more action and less talking"


Game Master
VR Chamber

Munemitsu crossed his arms after Yoko's question. "You are going to be the death of me Hei. Since there are no other questions, load up. We have a compound to eliminate." he says hinting at the simulated shuttles that just spawned in. "Platoon and Team leaders, make sure your soldiers are ready. There are no resets despite the nature of this training environment." With that, the Taii proceeded to make his exit out of the VR chamber and to the observation deck.

"Alright A1, fall in on me!" a shrill voice rang out by one of the simulated T12 shuttles. Naturally, it would belong to a Neko, they were really the only species besides select Minkans that made it past the fly phase of the SAIC. Though this one, a purple-haired Neko named a Nito Heisho named Saito Violette waited for Eve, Yoko, and the other three members of the fire team to form up. She eyes Yoko a bit not really understanding why a technician was attached to them, but she didn't question it. Satisfied with everyone's submitted loadout in the system, she simply motions to load up.

VR Observation Deck

Munemitsu arrived in the deck and folded his arms as he waited for it all to begin. "That mouth on that technician. This is why I told them I only wanted support staff that had gone through the training." he remarked to Shoi Takamura as he watched the volumetric display that showed the location of the programmed AI, the live surprises, and the G/75.
Takamura didn't bother to look up from her display, controlling the parameters of the simulation. "You know it takes too long, sir. Hence why we are still understrength."

Munemitsu just sighed and then looked directly at her. "I know... but they are only going to deploy when I say they are ready. You know what, move the opfor forward 6 kilometers." That did manage to get his XO to look directly at him with some shock. "That will guarantee they will see the shuttles. Those logistics troops are fresh as well."
Munemitsu just gave a slight grin. "They are going to learn today.

Takamura resisted the urge to roll her eyes and looked back at her display. "Aye aye sir."

VR Chamber

The time in "flight" was largely uneventful. The gravity manipulation systems did a good job of making it feel like the real thing as turbulence could felt on occasion. Suddenly the shuttle starts to violently fly, making it difficult to hold on to the ceiling hold bars. "We have income fire, going in for an assault landing. Hold on to your butts!"