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RP: Galactic Horizon [Galactic Horizon] A Midnight SAINT


Game Master
Galactic Horizon Headquarters
Early YE 40

Motion sensors near the front gate that separated Galactic Horizon from the ruffians of 188604 had been set off and indicated two life forms slowly walking up to the entrance. Cameras would show two figures, one was a humanoid wrapped in pelt and scraps of armour while the other was a horned, wolf-like creature that stood by his side.

Both figures were covered with splatterings of some dark liquid that was being partially washed away by the night time rain, the man made no attempt to open the gate or traverse it in any way - he and his canine companion seemed to be waiting for something.

Inside the lonesome HQ two men in the monitoring room exchanged glances, the building didn't have any real deffensive turrets save for several modified sonic weapons at each perimeter point but these two hardly seemed a threat. "So what should we do about this, call it in?" The first of the two men, David, spoke hesitantly unsure of what to do.

The humanoid figure shifted his gaze to focus directly on the camera, he pointed at it and then made a motion requesting for the gate to be opened - whether it was aparent to the men or not, the gestures were old military hand signals.

"Wait wait, we should be able to handle this ourselves, and look at those odd signals he's doing." Brin said rising from his seat to inspect the monitor closer studying the signals. He couldn't recognise their meaning but they seemed purposeful. "Ok ok, lets let him in and screen him he doesnt look like he wants trouble." David again, collecting his helmet from the rack and his sonic rifle from by the door before heading down to the entrance.

Not knowing that the staff had moved to have a closer look at him, the figure facepalmed and tried to make much more simplified gestures at the camera, the kind of thing a human toddler might understand. The rain continued to pelt down on him and the horned canine by his side as two figures could be seen walking out through a well lit doorway - causing the figure to take a few steps back from the gate, his canine companion followed suit.

"Hey there, we don't get many visitors over here so forgive us for being a little skeptical but please put your hands on your head when we open the gates and let you in." Brin taking charge with a calm tone, his rifle across his chest. In another minute the gate slid open with a squeak from all the rainand the two guards waved the duo inside.

The figure did what was instructed and his companion stood behind him slightly, a muffled noise came from his helmet when he was told he could enter the compound.

The gates slid shut behind them again and the gaurds ushered them into the foyer of the building, for lack of a better place to question them. Once inside David locked the doors behind them and the two guards took seats on the couches, it wasn't like the business would mind.

Putting his rifle on the ground Brin spoke up, "Ok uh, we don't really have a procedure for this and we don't expect anyone to come visit us in the dead of night so, take a seat and let's just talk. It's too late to bother trying to stand up to you and honestly I don't know if we even could."

The man trailed dirty footprints as he walked over to the couch and took a seat, it was clearer to see now that even though the stains had mostly washed away from him and his wolf - it had been blood. The wolf sat up on the couch next to him and curled up into a ball before the man scratched his fur covered companion's head with a metal-clad hand.

"Mff mffmfmmffffff mm mmf mmfmmffff" was all that came out from the man's helmet, muffled noises that were indescernable.

The two guards exchanged more awkward glances but decided it would be easier to explain it to Riccard than try turning him away now. "So uhh, do you plan to take off that helmet? We can't really understand what you're saying with it on." David spoke up, a little hesitantly while casting nervous glances at the wolf creature.

"Mfff? mf, mff mf fff mffmff", the mysterious man spoke, sounding somewhat confused before realization hit him. The pelt hood was drawn back and the rustic, golden age helmet was removed from his head to reveal a man with semi-long red hair and a black beard that were somewhat unkempt, his icey blue eyes peered out from behind a thin layer of grime as the man cleared his throat to speak. "My apologies gents, seems the old thing must've broken again".

"So lets start with introductions, my name is Terrins and this creature here is Dink" he continued, gesturing to the dog with his metal-clad hand, "Fear not for he has been trained to listen to me, well I should get straight to the point. I heard this company is in need of some competent personnel for security... assuming this is Galactic Horizon that is?" Terrins asked, frankly he could see why they were seeking new personnel - he had been let into the compound without so much as a weapons check standing in his way and judging by his general look, it was easy to assume that Terrins was the kind of guy to carry weapons.

"Wait, you're here to apply for a job? Did you make an appointment or is this the first time you've spoken to us?" The guards were a little astonished to say the lease, this man and his, creature, had come in from the rain and casually stated he was looking for a job as though he'd done it the most normal way in the world. "As for competent personnel, we could definitely use some specialists in the security force to help raise the training standards. And as you can see we don't have any real protocolls for when a stranger and his dog arrive in the night so, yeah."

"Sorry about the... unorthodox way of approaching, been down on my luck lately and the same bastard who busted my helmet busted my radio equipment - otherwise I would have contacted you guys three days prior" Terrins explained, his cold blue eyes shifting between the two guards.

"A good practice might've been to pat me down for weapons, that seems like it would make sense, no?" he asked, raising an eyebrow as Dink continued to lay down.

"Well, about that." David started before Brin put his hand up to stop him, taking over, "We didn't really feel like getting close enough for that, we're they type who can weild our weapons better than our hands and the few defensive capabilities we have were designed for raider attacks so there was that too."

"Sorry to hear about your gear though, I'm sure we can get that sorted for you in no time, for now I guess we should handle getting you cleaned up and hired?" David was leaning against one of the few pillars with a thoughtful look on his face as he regarded the man and his dog.

Terrins raised an eyebrow as he was spoken to, he gulped at the sheer lack of prefessionalism that was being shown to him, "You aren't the least bit concerned about a stranger carrying weapons inside the confines of your company headquarters?".

Terrins began reaching in under his poncho and put the weapons down on the table as he continued to speak "I could be some assasin or hired gun that was here to kill or rob you and you are not the least bit concerned?", his voice had a tinge of genuine confusion as the pile of weapons was finished - a revolver, a pistol, a sword and various assorted knives were laid out on the coffee table.

"We don't have any enemies that would bother sending an assassin after us, and I doubt they'd come through the front door either so in all honesty we really weren't too concerned no. But this is why we're hiring people so that we actually have a force to train and drill to defend the complex." Brin spoke casually noting the weapons the stranger was placing on the table with curiosity as he realised their own weapons seemed to be well above the technology grade this man was carrying, as though he strolled into a raider camp and stole their gear before coming here.

The two guards didn't know this man's background or history or ability or anything, they simply trusted their gut feelings and the big toys in their hands and hoped they could deal with any issues however unlikely to arise. David muttered something about not being needed before he informed Brin of his departure and left to return to the monitoring post. "Well then, Terrins wasn't it? Lets get you cleaned up and talk business, perhaps over a drink? It's become something of a custom here." the guard chuckled.

10 Minutes later

The man sitting in the expensive-looking office chair hardly looked like the one that had walked in from the rain earlier that evening, the crisp tux looked so different to the ragged gear he had hauled in yet oddly enough it still suited him quite well. The only things that gave some credence to the idea that it was the same man was the slicked back, shockingly red hair along with the contrasting black stubble that he hadn't been able to comepletely remove and the hint of a cybernetic arm that stuck out from under the partially rolled up left sleeve.

Being ex-saint he was still a little paranoid about having his body scanned for dimensions but he had to admit that it felt good to be in some new clothes for the first time in weeks? months?

A long time.

His hound however was not present, no doubt Dink was still giving his cleaners hell as they tried to clean his coat.

Terrins' blue eyes scanned around the room deftly and took in each detail they could, the wooden panneling said the owner had some kind of appreciation for the simpler things while the wildly prismatic paper-weight spoke the opposite, he would name the style 'organised chaos'. A name plaque on the desk read 'Kryss Black', an odd way for the man's name to be spelt but Terrins had certainly seen strangers things.

Having been roused as soon as the situation had been sorted out, Kryss was still half asleep and yawning as she made her way towards her office dressed in her simple coat and cargo pants. "Stumble in at the witching hour on my day off hmpf, better be a good candidate." She mused to herself before throwing open the doors and putting on a face that didn't give away her tiredness.

"Well good morning! I must admit I'm surprised you came all the way here in the rain and at this hour Mr Terrins, but that suit looks good on you." Despite her best efforts, the latter part of her sentence was just her thoughts spoken aloud which had not been part of the plan. Strolling over to her seat behind the desk the blonde sat down and span around once before putting her elbows on the table.

"So you're here for a job I hear?"

Terrins' face hid his surprise that Kryss Black wasn't a man quite well as he began to speak, "Yes I apologise for the lateness of my arrival but the raiders tend to not be out in this weather so I saw an opportunity, thankyou for the compliment and agreeing to meet at such an odd time".

The red-headed cyborg leant back in his seat and a small smile graced his lips, "I heard you were in need of some competent people in your security force and from what I've seen you could use my help. Ex-Saint Intelligence Operative Itto Juni Terrins Dassau, but please - you can just call me Terrins - at your service, ma'am."

Hefty titles aside, Terrins hoped he had made a good impression so far.

The blonde leaned back in her chair and put her feet up on the table clad in a pair of blue socks, "I'll level with you Terrins, what we need is a good leader for the current force more than anything, most of our security are ex Star Army members or those who didn't quite make the cut who my father befriended back when we lived in Yamatai."

Kryss cast a glance at her collection of whiskeys, eyeing them hungryily but knowing drinking now would mean bad news tomorrow, or later in the day rather. Turning back to the man before her she continued, "I only recognise part of your title because of that, I don't know much about SAINT beyond it's existance and from the rumours I think I'll keep it that way to avoid being dragged off in the night."

"Jokes aside however..." She grinned sideways at him if not a little sleepily, "You sound like you could fit in pretty well but naturally face value isn't all we need."

Terrins allowed his face to warm slightly at the humourous remarks before he spoke, "I wouldn't have it any other way, barking is one thing but biting is another - what do you have in mind, Miss Black?".

"Oh nothing too horrible, just some questions and tests, y'know the general stuff-" Kryss said casually before pulling a small knife from her jacket and tossing it at him deftly.

Terrins' muscles naturally tensed up when he saw the woman reach for assumedly a pen or something, he hadn't been expecting a knife but then again he wasn't some push over. His durandium arm raised up to deflect the blade just in time, causing it to rip through the sleeve of his tux before it clanged harmlessly to the floor. The man had to physically stop himself from carrying out the reflex that brought him partially around the table with that paperwight from earlier primed to strike, he put it down and regained some form of composure.

"Right... general stuff" he spoke, running a hand through his now unkempt red hair as he sat back down again, not taking his eyes too far from the woman.

"A shame about the suit, really is," he said with some level of indifference as he waited with a steely gaze.

The blonde whistled, "You're the first person I've ever gotten to try that on, the whole SAINT title got me a little excited but I am sorry for that really." She looked inquisitively at his cybernetic with a look that suggested she very much wanted a closer look.

"As for the suit, yeah its a bit of a shame but we can always get a new one in the same style for you? Now I think it's probably time I stopped indulging myself in your awesome skills and actually did an interview."

"Ah, you're too kind ma'am - I'd happily have knives thrown at me for hours but eh, maybe an interview would be a bit better, ask away... within reason of course," Terrins spoke, adopting a more relaxed outward appearance as he awaited the incoming barrage of questions.

"Like you said, you don't want to be dragged away in the night" he finished with a sly grin.

"Hahah, oh man I like you already so lets get right into it, I already have your name and enough background to not ask for any more. So how about a run down of your skills and how you can assist us here in Horizon."

Kryss was a little more awake now, especially after finally being able to watch someone deflect a knife in person. From one of the drawers in her desk she retrieved her formal hat and lazily placed it on crooked. "Don't read into it too much but I like wearing it when I do official stuff now."

Terrins minutely cocked his eyebrow at the hat but said nothing on the matter as he thought up the most concise way he could state his array of skills, "Well I'm somewhat of an all rounder you could say, stereotypical spy stuff like killing people, interrogation, recon and all that with a hint of mechanics, chemistry and basic military medicine. Give me a goal and I'll do my darndest to see it through, ma'am."

Kryss nodded and flicked through some pages on her desk finding a sattelite map of the Horizon complex, pushing the paper towards him she spoke seriously. "I've marked all of our current security personnel locations and defensive weapons, I want you to detail me all the ways you see for a small group up to 8 could get in relitively unnoticed."

Terrins took a moment to study the map with experienced eyes, eyes that were trained just for this sort of thing.

He took a large breath into his lungs and began speaking, pointing to spots on the map as he did so. "Hill to the north east should be levelled out otherwise any bozo with a zipline or a glider could get in, ventillation on the south and east sides are adequate if you have enough sensors but maybe add Nerimium reinforcements if you have access or at least something tough to prevent basic plasma cutters from getting through hmmm. Oh the comms towers do they have countermeasures? because a hook and some rope make those easy access points... also make sure the facility blueprints are not publically available - have the basic layout open to the public yes but keep anything not seen from a birds eye view to yourselves."

Terrins paused and scratched his chin, seeing no more weaknesses he sat back and added one final statement, "Honestly you can prepare all you want but there will always be some flaw that will be found out and exploited, thoughts?"

Kryss eagerly watched the man work, pointing out the biggest flaws which could be easily dealt with. "I agree with your comment Terrins, there is always going to be weaknesses but pointing out those biggest ones will be a good start and simply considering the likely attackers of this planet. I don't think we have to worry too much about cutting edge gear and planning skills."

Looking back over the images the blonde nodded a few more times and looked up once more, having to brush a stray lock of hair back behind her ear to hold it. "Well I have seen your reactions and physical ability first hand, your analytical mind is effecient and thorough and you can speak without smashing something like a savage. If you are still interested then a position for head of security is still open, we'd be looking at doing a bit more paperwork and some more evaluations but my instinct tells me it's the right spot for you."

"And out here instinct is almost as good as a big fucking gun and a bottle of liquid fire."

Terrins sighed slightly as the woman finished speaking, "I appreciate the offer and compliments but, I don't think the official title of 'head of security' quite fits me - and I don't mean to brag Ms Black but aren't the real leaders the ones standing behind, whispering into the ears of the person on the stage?" he spoke, his tone was specifically chosen so that it almost sounded like he was complementing her while still leaving it a somewhat open statement.

A smirk crossed her lips, she liked this one's attitude that was for sure. "Quite perceptive Terrins, and please if we're being friendly call me Kryss and since you've just been hired it can stay that way. The only formalities I ever enforce are uniforms for certian activities." She was a little thrown off by his refusal of the postition but had already thought of something else, "What if you were the top warrior, like from an anime or something. We have the little guy who's the head and whenever there's a problem they call you out!"

If he hadn't picked it up he would learn quick, she liked to mix work and play on a regular basis and somehow kept efficency at a decently high rate.

"We tone that down a bit and I say you've struck a deal, Kryss" Terrins cocked his head slightly and raised his eyebrows as the last word was spoken, trying to match the woman's demeanour and seem more approachable to her to further get the deal whipped into something he actually agreed with.

The bombastic wording didn't sit quite right with him.

"Yeah yeah no worries, it's like 2am so don't take my words as law right now and we'll get all the details done tomorrow when I can think straight. But everything we've spoken about has been recorded by the house, er that is to say the AI. So don't lose sleep trying to memorise details."

"That is correct, this conversation has been archived and is available for playback with transcript when required." Came a soft femanine voice from the desk.

"Yep I know, shush please boss needs sleep now." Kryss retorted to it before standing to shake Terrins' hand. "Sorry again for being a little improper, we'll get it ironed out in the morning but your terms are not a problem."

"The house holds all the cards as usual, I have to say - for one of the smaller companies you certainly don't act like it, it'll be a pleasure to work here I am certain" Terrins responded with, returning the shake with the one organic arm he had left.

He wasn't surprised the conversation had been recorded, knowing this planet he wouldn't be surprised if there was a 12 gauge strapped to the underside of the desk but everything had gone rather smoothly and he was thankful for it.

"I'll swing by tom- rather later today when somebody sends for be I assume?"

"I usually aim to be behind the desk between 6 and 8 and then unless I have important meetings usually stroll around doing stuff on remote devices so feel free to swing by in that time or have the house. Who I should properly introduce as Dawn, tell you where I am and we can meet for coffee or something and discuss."

Kryss removed the hat and replaced it in the desk drawer before looking back to Terrins, "There is a certain mentality I inherited from my father and his saying to go with it, 'act the part and have a laugh'. I couldn't tell you why he made it up but it hasn't failed us yet." She grinned at him before heading to the door and holding it for him.

"I'll be sure to keep that in mind, I'll thank you again for the less than orthodox meeting and furthermore extending a hand to me - bright and early tomorrow morning it is then." Terrins said as he nodded and moved through the doorway, giving a very low groan.

"Well, not too early, have a pleasant sleep," Terrins walked off in the direction of his room and pulled the black dinner jacket aside to check his stitches, it felt like one had popped and the small stain of red on the white shirt confirmed that.

Oh well, time to put more of that medical training to use... surely there was a stapler somewhere....