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RP: Galactic Horizon [Galactic Horizon] Slimy and Focks


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Galactic Horizon HQ
Engineering Offices

The halls of Galactic Horizon HQ were fairly quite besides the cleaning drones that whirred about and the occasional security guard that wandered about on patrol underneath cold electronic lights, it was too early for most of the staff to have shown up yet but a few dedicated souls had begun milling about in the office section but it was otherwise abandoned.

One particular office was different to the others, where they had lightly frosted glass this one was tinted with a polarising layer to protect the sensitive eyes of the Daur that resided within but the tint was darker than it had been on other days. A light in the hallway outside Anaska Depolanskaya's office flickered slightly as what seemed to be cusses in Tinacen were heard through the glass and the closed door.

Sidling along by came the form of Horizon's newest member, Rin the <insert species name>, seeming awestruck by the complex and its layout. In fact, she hadn't realised it yet but the lime-green girl was actually hopelessly lost and was too entranced to notice. As she trundled silently down the expansive corridors, carefully avoiding the potentially lethal sucker deathbots she passed, she spotted a catastrophically long string of characters on a door. Ana..? Anas..? Rin slid closer, the pool beneath her feet clinging close by and leaving no trace behind her form. What on 188604 did that say? "Ana..AnAS.. ANAS..ANA.." Maybe she was just tired but she couldn't managed past first few letters, their order befuddling her mind, new to Trade as it was.

"Hm? oh I'm coming, give me a moment" came a voice from inside the darkened room, followed by a few things falling over and some more Tinacen cussing. The glassy cage became a lot more transparent and revealed a short figure with large ears and a fluffy tail the same colour as her golden-brown hair. The daur was dressed in a lab coat over a turtle neck and some leggings as she wasn't expecting to meet anyone so early, the slightly befuddled look on her face also gave away the fact she wasn't familiar with this smile-person.

"Oh uhm hello, may I help you?" Anaska asked the stranger who had butchered her name, her head slightly tilted to the side as she did so.

"O-Oh.. Hello! I didn't mean to disturb you." Rin seemed like she was silently dying inside from the embarassment of being heard, her alien physique fidgeting and wiggling a little. "I'm new here, I was just looking around the place and stumbled across your nameplate." The strange-looking girl seemed overexcited about it, or maybe that was just her holding her mortified feelings within desperately. "So you're AnAAskA.. Chief of.. Heavy Machinery?" She seemed genuinely confused, as if she hadn't expected a petite foxgirl, in reality she just hadn't seen a Daur before. "Wow.. I love your ears, I've never seen anything like them.." Rin gazed at them maybe a fraction too intensely, a polite smile painting her lips in wonder.

At the mention of her ears, Anaska had to actively stop them from twitching as if they had a mind of their own - more often than not people were more impressed by her pile of work than her mousy features so the compliment hit hard. "No no no it's quite alright, really -and thanks for the compliment I L-O-V-E the colour of your uh...ehhh." The daur paused for a second, not recalling a time she had been such a being before. "...slime?"

"Don't worry about the name it's not a common one, say you're not from around here are you?" The Daur queried, moving to open the door as she did so - this wasn't the first time it had been mispronounced and she doubted it would be the last.

Rin giggled a little at the mention of the s-word, bringing a small hand up to her lips to hide it. "You like it? I never gave it much thought but thank you very much." The taller girl beamed, raising one eyebrow in a curious manner. "I've heard the word 'slime' before but I don't know what it means, eheh.." Rin admitted, a little embarassed, bouncing one thigh up and down subconciously as she did, causing some impressive wavering of her figure.

She felt a little awkward standing across the door from Anaska and struggled to keep herself from glancing at her furry ears, having never seen anything like them before. "I'm not quite sure how I got here but Yakena brought me here from my home, it's nothing like this place." A shade of uncertainty passed over Rin's features for a moment, showing her suppressed timid fear of being in a totally different environment to anything she'd seen before.

The 4'6" daur reached up to the door's access panel and pressed a few buttons before it slid open, a warm smile came from behind glasses that framed her mousy face. Being the new person was never an easy thing, especially when it's not even remotely similar to what you were used to before so Anaska knew the feeling all too well. "Slime is about the closest thing I can think of unfortunately, maybe goo? anyway work shouldn't start for a short while so come on in if you dare, we can have some quality foreigner to foreigner talk if you want to."

Anaska's tail seemed to be happily waving from side to side behind her, quite the spectacle considering it was almost the same height as her.

Rin's mouth formed a little "o" as she just spotted Anaska's tail, a cute little squeal coming from her, it was so pretty! "Wooooow!" Her wide eyes lit up with wonder and amazement, wanting to touch the beautiful appendage more than anything. She caught herself before she started to look like.. what did Yakena used to call those girls in her shows? Yandd-..? Who knew. "Awesome! I'd love to have a chat, I need to work on my Trade and it'd really help me out." She scrunched up her button nose and smirked a little at the proposal, glidiing inside gingerly, not quite getting the hand of looking like she was 'stepping' yet. As she made her way inside she knew that her goal while she was here would be to replicate AAnAAsKK's furry blessings and try them herself!

The fox shuddered slightly as Rin slid in, it wasn't from the strange motion however and more from the liquid energy that was running through her veins right now - the caffinated Daur pressed another button and the door to her office menacingly slid shut. "Cool cool cool, uh give me a moment though and sorry about the mess... aheh," Anaska gave a weak smile as she went around the room, bundling up armfuls of random technological odds and ends - a few mother boards here and a few capacitors there amongst other things were gathered before she moved over to a set of drawers.

"One more moment sorry" the daur finally said before she dropped to her knees and began half-assedly stuffing sensitive equipment into the bottom drawer of the storage solution. It was a little embarrassing honestly that so many projects had been scattered across the room but it was what it was.

Her visitor jumped a little as the portal was suddenly sealed by the fast-moving door, sheepisly looking around as if to disguise her reaction. The room was yet another landscape she would have to get used to, the scattering of strange beeping items around the space being hastily bundled away as she watched on - she didn't really get what AnA meant by 'mess'.

"So those must be what make up the bigger things, like ships?" Rin voiced, as if this was some sort of revelation, moving to pick up a small circuitboard the tiny fox had missed, having no idea how sensitive it was as she held it up before her like a child studying an ant upon their finger. It was now a concious effort not to stop herself from staring at the engineer's fur as she kneeled to stow away what had been dotted around, the gently wagging of her tail tantaslising for the slime girl. Her nature was to observe things until she could copy them, after all. In her distraction, the small circuitry may have been absorbed a few millimeters into her body, which Rin hurredly corrected, hoping that she hadn't done anything dumb that aaNa would notice.

The fuzzy hostess got up from the floor and straightened out her (mostly) pristine lab coat, smiling and giving a little inwards chuckle at Rin's naivety on the matter. "Mhm, amongst other things - the doors, the walls, the cleaning drones and heck, even some of the people around here have those slabs of plastic and copper," Anaska began explaining before she realized some kind of further introduction might be in order. She bounded over to the slime-girl and extended a lightly-furred hand, "I dunno how they do things where you come from but this seems to be fairly universal so hi, I'm Anaska Depolanskaya and I crashed an escape pod here before they gave me a job - but like I said before you can just call me Ana if that rolls off of the tongue easier."

These words were spoken with quite an upbeat tone to them, bright orange eyes looking from behind polarized lenses and positively beaming friendliness towards Rin.

Ana. Ana she could do. The timid newcomer felt a little overwhelmed by the totally genuine welcome, raising her own lime-green hand to shake in the way she'd seen people do in the hallway. "Hi Ana.. I'm Rin, I was sort of dropped off here and.. yeah.. Notreally sure what I'm doing." She giggled a little in a nervous manner, causing little ripples of motion to echo through her form as she did. The handshake was surprisingly warm, Rin's gel seeming to almost radiate heat. It has a smooth texture but seemed to wiggle like it had a mind of its own. It was clear her body could morph to fit any shape she desired with various levels of solidity, all discernable from a single touch.

"Do you have any uhm..?" Rin scrunched her nose up a little as she tried to remember the word, "Cobbler pieces in you?" She could feel she was already learning a lot, this creature before her made the foreigner feel oddly enchanted. It was as if she was some sort of figure from her people's legends. Ana certainly looked the part, clothes so fine and shiny she'd never seen anything like it, it seemed almost godlike. The girl hadn't noticed yet but she had subconciously began to gradually lose an inch of height at a time, becoming more and more similar to Anaska's petite disposition.

"Cobbler pieces? If you are asking if I make stuff then yeah-" Anaska's voice trailed off as her hand came into contact with Rin's, the Daur didn't really have the words to describe the feeling besides... pleasant, mighty pleasant. Her attention was too focused on the sensation to notice the change in height that the slime girl was currently performing. "I uhh, I hope this isn't offensive where you come from but" Was the only warning Anaska gave before she stepped forward and gave the girl a hug, wrapping small arms around her midsection and pressing her face into the warm surface slightly. Light purring could be heard as she nuzzled her face against the surface slightly, overcome with the need to get closer to it.

Rin yelped like a puppy as Anaska leaped onto her with a tight embrace, not quite sure what was happening as the Daur purred and rubbed against her. After the inital confusion, the sensation of having the fox's warm fuzz tickling against her made Rin smile a little despite herself. She wasn't used to having people willingly come close to her and especially not touch her to this degree, given that Hedoro were known to eat their prey like this. For Rin, what Anaska was doing was tantamount to handing her a loaded gun, even if the smol focks didn't know.

The normally timid girl's eyes trailed across her new friend's figure as she reciprocated the embrace, gingerly wrapping her arms around the girl's shoulders - trying her hardest not to leave any of herself on the cute Daur. "U-Uhm, you're a good hugger." Rin admitted with a tinge of embarassment at having said it out loud, nearly passing out from blss as Anaska's mythical ears tickled her chest. It was a strange cross between the feeling of having trapped potential prey and the pleasant embrace of Anaska's floofiness, something she could get used to as the slime herself hummed in delight.

Anaska let out a small giggle at Rin's reaction, foxes often pounced upon their prey but the gesture had nothing but good intentions behind it - she held the embrace for a few short moments longer before being able to drag herself away from the dulcet sensation enough to speak. That little head leaned backwards to give a toothy grin up at Rin as she spoke, "You're quite the skilled hugger yourself - sorry if that was a little abrupt... you're just so... so..." The Daur paused for a second and spoke, looking away and balling one hand under her chin as synapses in her brain fired off.

"Huggable? I guess I'm just a tactile person, heh." Anaska's small cheeks reddened a little as she pulled away, the urge had been so primal and even intoxicating she had to admit - and it may have been uncouth of her but... she liked it, quite a bit even.

The fox finally removed her other hand and took a small step back, readjusting her glasses as she did so. "So uhh that Trade practice, please take a seat," Anaska said as a hand gestured to the comfy-looking leather couch in her office.

"Mhm? Huggable-" Rin cached the word away for another use, delighted that her new friend was so comfortable around her. "Y.. You're an awesome hugger too! Your fur has a lovely texture, it even tickles a little." The joyous slime giggled softly, stepping over to the couch as Anaska gestured. This time, she made an effort not to let herself pool at all if she could, holding everything tight and in shape. Perhaps these 'clothes' everyone insisted on would help? Despite these thoughts, Rin couldn't stop herself from wondering what a longer hug would be like, or if hugs with people were as good as this - her first hug. "Trade! Yes!" The new recruit grinned, words pouring out with her bubbly demeanour. "It's be awesome if you could help me, Ana-sensei!" Rin cast her mind back, most of her Trade came from Yakena, her crew or those 'animoo' shows she watched - this was right, right?

Anaska had a small smile on her face, everything Rin did was just so pure and innocent and she loved it, a slightly quizzical look filled her face as she looked the very complementive slime girl over. No, must just be perspective or something that was making her look different... different in some way the Daur couldn't quite nail down. The ears on her head bobbed slightly as Anaska shook her head in disbelief, before making her way over to the couch and climbing up onto it. "Well you seem to have a decent enough handle on it so this should be easy, and sensei would be the right word but feel free to drop the formalities if you wish - no need to use titles and that stuff" She added at the end, realizing now that she didn't quite know what Rin's skill level would really be.

"So, where would you like to start?"

Rin flew over to the couch with amazing speed, her excitement at the prospect of learning with Anaska very evident as she jumped onto the plush seat. Wiggling a little from left to right, the slime leaned forwards, as if that would make her learn even better than otherwise. She closed a fist and grinned wide, "Wow, I'm already learning new things~ This is going to be so awesome." Rin's eyes sparkled with almost childlike curiosity and joy at the session, her figure still changing and shrinking so slowly it wasn't noticeable while watching. "Tell me about yourself, Ana- That's how Yakena started out with me!" The lime-green girl looked like she was about to melt with anticipation, if she hadn't already been a liquid, her timid nature suppressed for now. Anaska was the first person she'd met here who hadn't been cold or asked to cut a part of her away, a genuine person by Rin's inexperienced reckoning. While Rin waited, barely containing herself, a cleaning droid swept gently into the room.

"See, you even got my name right - now hm, where to begin..."

A spark lit up behind her glasses as the Daur figured out the best way to start or at least a way that made sense.

"Well I was born the sixth kit uh kid uh child in a house of fourteen - twelve of us and our two parents. I kind of always had a knack for fixing things and that so when I joined the youth corps at the age of nine, the army thing where I come from, I became a combat engineer" Anaska paused briefly as she realised half of what she said was just repeating herself a few times but she supposed it made sense with the current context of the situation.

"Pretty much just a soldier that fixes things for other soldiers but anyway, I floated from ship to ship as an engineer for a bit before my most recent ship was attacked and I managed to escape in... well in an escape pod" the Daur let out a sigh as she spoke about this, it had been a while and nobody really asked any more but it still hit her deep down inside. She gulped and continued.

"So this escape pod crashed through some antennas here and Galactic Horizon scooped me up, keeping me alive until I was well again - I was told that I owed them nothing but I broke it so I told them I'd fix it, one thing let to another and I ended up staying here with a fancy job title... that's about it really and it may seem a bit odd but it is what it is, any questions?" she finally finished, her ears turning slightly toward the cleaning drone as it began entering her office as it usually did.

"Wow, fourteen? Your parents kept count?" Rin listened intently as she leaned forwards, the action placing her chest into an unintentionally seductive position - she needed clothes for sure. "I was made just by my mother, so I look a lot like her, just a little younger." The Hedoro smiled sweetly, the thought of her family brightening her up - "I don't know how many siblings I have, though." She placed a balled fist under her chin and rested on it a little, now she was significantly smaller than she had been, her squidgy legs dangling over the edge of the sofa.

"I'd love to see this escape pod thing but.. What attacked you? You look like a tough girl-soldier." Rin reassured curiously, her Trade skills not quite affording her the notion that soldiers were both genders. Silently, the cleaning bot scooted around the edges of the room, skirting the couch it gently bumped against every now and again.

Anaska squinted at the slime girl and studied her, something was definitely different but still the Daur could not quite put her finger on it. She had to forcefully drag her eyes away before they lingered on the woman's repositioned chest for too long - that would've been embarassing. "Yeah us Daur are quite the fertile lot, fourteen is considered an average sized family but I've since learned that it's not the same around here..." the fox trailed off, pondering for a second what exactly Rin meant when she said her mother 'made' her - asexual reproduction wasn't a foreign concept but it was an odd one to the Daur.

Trying to keep on topic she answered the slime-girl's next question, "Thanks for the compliment but my shooting hand is probably a little rusty, I would have put it to use then but an exposion knocked me into the escape pod - it's been scrapped by now so unfortunately there isn't anything left to show you but it was nothing special anyway but you, you're special so tell me - how did Yakena come across you?" Anaska asked, taking the heat away from herself as she crossed her legs up on the couch and rested her arms behind her, puffing out her own sweater-clad chest in the process.

Rin hummed as she listened politely, nodding every now and again with a warm smirk. "M-Mhm.." She felt a little bad for having made Anaska go through such memories, closing her eyes with an apologetic look. "I'm sorry to hear that but I'm glad you're around, you seem like a really nice person." Rin patted her thigh a few times, thinking over Anaska's questions, the fist under her shin turning into a finger that now tapped at it as she bore a thoughtful look.

"it's quite alright, really, in the past and all that" the Daur said with a weak smile as she waited.

"Well.. She told me she was putting in some fishing net or something, so people could talk. She got weird readings from my planet and decided to land." Rin giggled almost angelically, "She sort of.. landed on me." The lime-toned girl rubbed the back of her neck sheepishly, "Soooo.. I sorta.. guilted her into taking me with her." The timid girl grinned a little, shaking her head in embarassment. "I guess I must have got in her hair too much when I was watching animoo with her, so she dropped me here..?" Rin seemed to not quite know the reason but appeared not to care as much as she maybe should have.

"Hm" Anaska let out, quite amused at the little story Rin told - she opened her mouth to speak when it finally hit her what looked different about the slime-girl. "Uhm, have you gotten... smaller?" she asked, a little bewildered that it took her this long to realize what the difference had been.

The Anaska-sized slimegirl raised her arms to her sides, giving her curvy figure a good looking over with some amusement. "O-Oh. I guess I started trying to copy you without realising.." Rin explained, kicking her feet a little after she lowered them once again. "When I meet some- EEEK!" The smolslem broke off, suddenly in a panic as she jumped from fright. The normally-mundane cleaning robot had managed to snag one of Rin's feet as it had bumped into it. The devillish machine was now slurping up her jelly with gusto, the newcomer totally freaking out as she attempted to hop away from it, wet sucking noises filling the air.

Had she some time to appreciate the flattery - intentional or not - then Anaska would have most likely blushed but no, she was too busy brushing her lab coat away to reveal the sidearm that was small even by her standards. It didn't take a genius to realize that the cleaning drone was up to no good and fortunately for Rin, Anaska wasn't exactly dull and used to have a decent shooting hand. Two .22 caliber holes were punched through the robot's plastic casing and right where it hid all the important bits she had put into them when the initial design was made.

The cleaner let out a few defeated buzzes as it released the grip on Rin and began zooming back towards the door and to the repair station as the fox spun around on her seat and lined up the kill shot, one last bang flipped the drone and it ceased functioning entirely just in time for a security guard to round the corner with a confused look.

The black-clad security woman was waved away as Anaska turned back around to Rin with a very worried look on her face. "Are you okay?!?! Do we need to call a medic?!?"

Rin's chest was rising and falling with worrying capacity and rhythm, her eyes wide as saucepans. "Wh-Whhhhyyy..?!" She more collapsed than sat down, almost slumping as she sobbed gently, the shock of the ordeal getting to her. While she kept her form, the now-tiny girl seemed to have shrunk even more, her mass snatched away - suddenly nearly three-quarters of Anaska's size. Rin wrapped her arms around her legs as she balled up defensively, burying her upset features into her knees.

"I'm so so so so sooo sorry Rin, I didn't even think about that, I'm an idiot" Anaksa said, half-crying herself as the .22 caliber pistol was discarded across the room. The Daur scooted forward on the couch and wrapped her - for once - bigger arms around the shrunken slime, embracing her whole heartedly. It made the fox's heart drop to see Rin, who had been so happy and full of life before, as a scared and quite literally little girl now.

The nearly chibi-sized Rin seemed to be helped by that, her sobbing lessening by the moment as she snaked her tiny arms around Anaska's waist and squeezed her shoulder into the comfy shoulder of the fox. "I-It's alright.. I- I just got frightened.." She stammered, though Anaska could feel she was still shaking from the ordeal, her heated slime warming up the Daur pleasantly as they hugged, just as before. More than a few long seconds passed as they embraced, the rapidity and depth of Rin's breaths growing more and more controlled until finally she pulled back a little in Anaska's arms. "I think I'm okay now, I'm not hurt.. Don't worry." The green girl smiled, a deeply grateful smile painted on her face, though it looked like she was still stabilising inside.

Anaska held the hug for a few more moments before she finally pulled away, kneeling there with a look of relief washing over her features as the good news graced her ears. "ohhhh that's a relief" she half-sighed, taking a short moment to compose herself as the slime warmed her hands. "Be warned we have a few of those trundling around BUT fear not, I can fix this." The Daur spoke optimistically as her hands wrapped around Rin's, "How do you feel about me putting something inside you?"

Rin looked down to where Anaska's furry paw encompassed hers, feeling the fuzzy digits tickle her surface pleasantly. "P.. Put something inside me?" She gazed up to Ana's brilliant orange eyes, a curious yet optimistic light in her own, asking "Will- it hurt?"

"Well it didn't look like it hurt before when you were being all cute and looking at the circuit, so chances are this won't hurt either - might tickle however" Anaska said with a confident yet playful wink from behind her glasses.

The slimegirl blinked a few times as she registered the compliment, lowering her lowered her eyes a little in embarassment at the wink, a darker shade of green dotting her cheeks. "M-Mhm.. Okay, Ana." She raised her head again and gave a little smirking smile, raising her other hand and placing it on the uncovered side of Anaska's hand with acceptance..

"Cool" Ana said, holding hands for a little while longer as she stared into Rin's eyes before she broke off and headed towards the draw she had shoved things into before, bending over to dig around for a few components from projects that Kryss could deal with not being completed for a day or so. "This should only take a moment so feel free to relax."

Rin gazed into Anaska's amber eyes as they shared a moment after that scare, letting the fox's hands slip through hers as her superior padded over to the drawer. As she came back over, Rin had crossed her legs and looked up to the taller girl as she spoke. "Like this?" She smiled nervously, laying her lime hands in her lap, allowing herself to be fully exposed to the engineer.

Anaska let out a happy little sigh of relief when she saw Rin, "Mhm, that works," she said before the Daur began moving back over to the couch with her fistfuls of miscelaneous electronic bits and pieces. Various components were laid out as the couch was used as a makeshift work bench, her lightly fuzzed hands flying about to cobble together the little device she was working on before it was wrapped in a shiny wrapper. At the end of the process, it almost looked like some kind of packaged food but the device inside wouldn't provide too much nutritional value.

"Right, it's ready when you are," she informed the slime girl in a kind tone, her right ear twitching slightly in anticipation.

The smol slime watched on in amazement at the speed and dexterity her Daur friend was exhibiting, her hands practically blurs of motion. When it was all done, she had long lost the process which Anaska had used. "Woooooow.." Rin mused, an impressed smile washing across her lips.

"You're amazing, Ana. I'm ready!" She held out her translucent arms to her sides and raised her head, as if praising the sun, awaiting the engineer with anticipation. "Aaaaaa.." Rin hummed, opening her mouth wide as if she was at the dentist's - not that she knew what a dentist was.

A hand covered Anaska's mouth as she tried to stifle a giggle at Rin's adorableness, she was so kind and naive and it was beautiful. "Well thankyou Rin, here I go" she gave as a final warning as the silvery package was aimed at Rin's thigh. The Daur gave it a gentle push to sink it deeper into Rin's warm body, once the device was submerged fully there would be a hum as the bioelectric generator kicked in and it seemingly disappeared. "Well there we go, how is that?" she said with a slightly concerned look, hoping it hadn't done any harm.

Rin wiggled as the chrome object broke through the surface of her cyto, the sensation seeming to make her squirm. "It's cold-!" The new recruit giggled, shivering a little as it sank fully within her heated body. As Anaska placed the device inside, the tips of her fuzzy fingers would just manage to get caught before the fox retracted. Rin felt like an electric blanket turned up to 11, she didn't look it but it was as if she had the consistency and temperature of chocolate fudge cake.

Before she knew it, the metallic piece had vanished from view, Rin wearing a silly grin - "It's been a while since I ate anything solid, even longer since something I couldn't digest. I think it's alright though." Rin looked down at herself, examining her current shape to make sure there wasn't anything strange happening. Funnily enough, it was as if she was checking out a new dress. "Yup! What.. What will it do again~?"

"Don't worry it should be quite fine," Anaska began, wiping her hands against each other to savour the residual excess warmth. "You're so nice and warm that it should stay powered for as long as you stay huggable, I thought I'd emphasize on that and make sure people don't have anything extra to stare at and they can just focus on that pretty face of yours - you are now a walking wall as far as those little drones are concerned so they shouldn't give you any more hassle."

Anaska put a hand on Rin's thigh, where the device had been inserted and gave it a little reassuring squeeze, "How about it, feeling safer yet?"

"Huggable." Rin repeated, that word again. It was a nice word, one she liked a lot. She didn't quite follow what Ana was saying about 'extra' things, a little frown of confusion touching her for a moment. The complement soon wiped that clear, a sparkle setting into her eyes at the praise. "Y-You're pretty too, Ana.." Rin murmured, rubbing her thumbs together nervously.

When the small kitsune squeezed her thigh, Rin's cheeks lit up a shade deeper, the Hedoro nodding as she looked up into Anaska's orange globes. "I do, I do feel safer now. Thank you, Ana-sssskah"

Anaska's cheeks also changed in colour as blood rushed to them, in her short time at Galactic Horizon never had the Daur met somebody with so many genuine compliments. No fox whistles when she climbed a ladder or into an air duct, no drunken remarks just... just genuine kindness and she appreciated that in a way she didn't quite know how to word. "It-it's quite alright Rin, we-I.." she gave up trying to use words and instead leaned forward, planting a kiss on the green girl's forehead.

Rin hummed deeply as Anaska leaned in and pecked her gently, the chibi-sized girl smiling from ear to ear at the gesture and scrunching her eyelids shut as she did. If she had a tail, it would have been wagging. Shuffling over a little bit, Rin wrapped her arms around her new buddy's legs and gave Ana one of her signature embraces, even rubbing her cheek a few times on the Daur's thigh.

The Daur's cheeks reddened further when Rin began rubbing herself against Anaska, so that's what it must've felt like... She knelt down and embraced Rin once more, somewhat missing the sensitive feeling against her anatomy but assuming the slime girl simply didn't know any better. With her head hooked around Rin's shoudler, Anaska spoke, "You ever need anything and do not hesitate to ask me, I'd drop everything for you but how does returning to your normal height sound? might make that uniform fit a little better." Her words had a certain deep and honeyed tone to them.

"Oke Ana.." Rin beamed as Anaska squeezed her tightly, waiting until she was released to clamber back to her feet. "Taller.. Taller.." She surveyed the room, leaning around the Daur's legs as if they were a door she was peering around. Rin padded over to the smoking remains of the cleaning droid. After a moment, she.. jumped on it. Surprisingly little sound was made except from a light splashing noise, when the Hedoro began to reform her feet and stepped clear she was noticeably taller.

Anaska watched Rin go do her thing, smiling as she saw the slime - who was timid only moments ago - now dancing triumphantly on the source of that fear as she grew back to the height that she had been when Rin entered the room. "That's the Rin we know and love, good to have you back" she said with a cheeky grin.

Rin did an adorable spin on the spot, as if she was showing off a new outfit. "Thanky Ana-" She winked, gliding back over, still not quite caught up with the whole 'stepping' thing as an unconcious effort. "This has been an.. uhm.. fun language session." The Hedoro hummed, quite aware of the amount of time she was selfishly taking from Anaska's schedule - she must be a busy person.

Her furry ears bounced as the Daur nodded at Rin's statement, "It's been good getting to know you Rin but I've got a meeting in a bit that I'll need to sit in on but I look forward to working with you more in the future - believe me I'd like to sit here all day and do nothing more than hug you but duty calls, sooorrrryyyyy." Anaska gave a toothy and apologetic smile to the recruit.

Rin gave an understanding smile, nodding a few times, then giving her best thankful bow. Yamatai style - or rather, anime style. "Thank you again, Ana!" She straightened, offering a polite wave from outside beside the roomba's smoldering ruins, "I'll uhh.. get going!" Rin seemed a little flustered but knew she had already taken up too much time. After all, she had blundered her way into the Daur's office in the first place. The Hedoro winked playfully, "Let's do it again sometime-" Rin began, gliding out of view gradually.