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Nepleslian News Network General Apollodorus - A Return of an Era


The communications network feed was strong, flickering between specifically opened communication channels that had basic military encrypting to limit precisely where they were coming from. An impromptu podium had been set up, with the backdrop being one of the many mega-cities of New Bernese (a Nepleslian tourist trap) visible in the distance. The tell-tale pitter-patter of a cane striking the ground sounded as an elderly man wearing the Nepleslian green arrived. Pins of commands dictated him as a General, but the most striking thing was the fact he wore a snake on him. A massive creature was coiled tightly to the man, the thick body holding a clear sign of muscles. It had a hood that was flared, peering around and hissing at the guard of Hostile-equipped soldiers that stood at the platform's stairs.

Up and onto the platform, the man took his large snake and cane until he turned and stopped at the podium. He was a tall man, a cap adorning his almost-black grey bald skull. His grey brows made him look old, even though he bore the sheer muscle mass and size of a half ID-SOL. The crowd presented quieted as the man sat his cane against the podium, his pet cobra slithering down and onto it to quietly adjust the microphone as the General spoke.

"Everyone," a cry of the microphone interrupted him briefly, "This interruption of your favorite Akemi burger commercial is one of great importance. Nepleslia has faced, in this recent time, considerable effort against a foe. What we call them is simple... but difficult. This is due to the nature of our foes being uncertain in number and potential allies that could possibly come after us. But... that it not all we face."

The man moved his right hand to the upper corner of the podium, petting his snake from snout to upper back to get the creature to stay still. It had been swaying side-to-side for a moment there as if to mock the camera.

"There are threats of traitorous intent far too great to ignore. I am broadcasting to you from the front of one such measure. Pirates and fragments of the now-gone Red party plague the world. Even without a cause, people are finding any reason they can muster to raise arms. It does not matter how you view things, only that you oppose their ideals... and for that, we cannot allow it any longer."

Silence on the camera followed, the man carefully reaching up to remove his cap and rest it on the podium.

"We are making a reinvigorated call. Those of you out there who think you can serve, I encourage you to enlist. We will soon have a need for faithful Nepleslians for many jobs, combat or otherwise. But you won't be alone. Today... I have been selected to reveal that the production of the ID-SOL will be restarting. This will initially be a new generation built from old stock at a slow rate. This is so that we can bring them into service and get them assigned and working within units. From there, depending on the success rate, we will determine how many will be needed to fight our battles."

The man released the podium, standing up a bit more straight as the sound of thudding steps caught the audio. Large men that stood about as tall or even taller than the General had joined him, the massive frames clearly that of the legendary line. They all were just as old or older, scars of distant battle covering them as they moved to attention at either side of the general.

"Long ago, my father and many others like him fought tooth and nail. They were part of what made Nepleslia great. I was a young soldier when I fought alongside my old man and he inspired me back then. It pushed me to become something more, even if I was only half of a supersoldier. And I inspired more. It has led to the creation of many heroes we now look at proudly. So to all of you out there, I want you to take note. This will be the beginning of something great. Another push from our past. A return of an era, if you will. And I hope you all stick with me and push at my side for the change and betterment of our nation. Thank you."

The flicker of cameras had begun in swarm as the man gathered up his massive snake companion, the cobra contently rocking its head as the pair and the many ID-SOL exited the stage. In the background, the start of factories churning to life could be seen through the tell-tale trails of pollution. It was time to see the return of the original supersoldier.