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Sep 26, 2021
Goozer Lurg is a player character played by GoblinsAreBestSpecies.

Species & Gender: Random Alien Male
Year of Birth: YE 20
Organization: None
Occupation: Hit Man
Rank: None
Preferred Plot: Assassinations and battle roleplays.

Physical Description
height: 6'10, body type; bodybuilder, skin color; Green, hair color; Red, ear type; Pointy, eye color; Red, hair style; Mohawk, Mass; 200 lbs, eye shape; thin, facial description; lots of battle scars, tattoos; massive eagle tattoo on his back, facial hair; mustache going down the sides of his mouth, body hair; body hair all over, scent; smells like nothing, sound of voice; deep and scary.

motivation; Motivated by bloodlust, life goals; kill as many people and make as much money while doing it as possible, hard working or lazy; hard working, habits; taking teeth off of his kills and adding it to a collection on a necklace, easily angered?; easily angered, brave or cautious; brave.

What relationships do they have to other people?
social; no, people they love; nobody, people they like; killers, past relationships; his mother hated him so he killed her in cold blood, how do they treat other people; like trash.

Goozer Lurg was born in YE 20 on a random planet in the far reaches of space.

Social Connections
Goozer Lurg is connected to:
Argarrak Lurg (Mother)
Coragg Lurg (Father)
Goozer Lurg has the following:
Gas Mask
Bulletproof Vest
Assault Rifle

Goozer Lurg currently has no money

Character Will
In the case I become inactive (gone for more than a month):
Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? No
Can this character be adopted after I'm gone for a year or more? No
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I'm not sure this guy fits our setting that well and I'm kind of worried about the prospects of you finding suitable RPs for him to fit into. He's basically a murder hobo. I spoke with some of the other members in our chat and they agree it's setting off some "red flags."

I'm trying to work with everyone here, though, so rather than just say no, I'll say this: If you can find a Game Master who will take this character into their RP, they are welcome to approve him for that plot. If not, I suggest making another character who is more set up to be more compatible with the existing characters and RPs that are active, and put your murder hobo on the back burner. Or in other words, set yourself up for RP success!

Alternatively, RPs in the Open RP forum don't require character approvals so you're welcome to join them or start them and see what happens.


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If you want, you can contact me and we can discuss a character concept.
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