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RP Grand Opening of Kumo no Kagayaki Station 'Cloudport' [OPEN RP]



Nami found herself standing next to Arisu, both seemed to be mesmerized by the magic being conducted behind the countertop. Though she perked up a bit when she heard a soft, low rumble. "What was that?" she whispered quietly to herself, her hand clasped over her chest trying not to jump back in shock. Violet orbs glanced over those behind the countertop before coming to the conclusion that echoes of starvation came from Arisu. In a concerned manner one of her eyebrows raised, her head cocking curiously to the side. "Do they not feed you around here hon? I'll happily grab you a slice, if someone hollers you can blame it on lil ol me." she inquired with a friendly tone offering assistance. While she waited she wondered what place they would be going to next. When she heard tales of a shopping spree she squealed happily, even releasing a little bit of a wiggly hop.

Rina and Satake

Rina licked her lips watching as the pizza came out of the oven with bubbling cheese sending her excitement soaring. It smelled divine, so much so that Satake had to step up to the counter to accept their orders. "Thank you very much!" Satake exclaimed cheerfully, nudging Rina back to reality. Rina's eyes blinked rapidly for a moment as she brought herself out of a pizza daze, her gaze flicked over to their guide, Arisu. Noticing the smile Rina waved happily, oblivious to why her friend had nudged her in the first place. "Yes, we know she's cute. However, your pizza will be cold soon." The aqua haired clerk piped up with a bit of a giggle. Rina whipped her head around her eyes darkened, narrowing at Satake before a cheerful expression washed over her face. "You got me, now lets wander back to the group and eat before I get lost again." Rina said in a light sarcastic tone, accepting her pizza from Satake.