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OOC Gritty Tale of Getting Rekt!!!


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Hey everybody, it’s Rizzo, everybody’s favorite cynical minded, raging dumpster fire of ideas that just didn’t work out. :cool:
I’m back with a vengeance and yet one more story concept!

Now I know what you’re all thinking, “ just give it a rest Rizzo, your story ideas never work out!”
To all of you naysayers I say… You’re probably right, but here’s one more for good measure!
Now I don’t have much time to be a GM so I’m not really making this for anyone else. This is mostly a short story arc to explain where Candon Suites has been for however many months I’ve been away.
To anyone who dares to not know who the infamous Candon Suites is I say, “meh, you’re not missing much.”

So here’s the gist of it, a planet on the outer edges of Yamatai space gets hit hard. Like, Fall of Reach HARD. SAoY basically gets curb stomped in that area and the planet is cut off from reinforcements, not for lack of them trying or anything. Communications and supplies are gone, Rikugun forces are dwindling, everyone is desperate, and basically it is just the perfect situation for hard-core, gritty, brutal combat.

Again, I’m not in a position to really be a great GM So if this kind of a story appeals to anyone here and you would like to participate I’m not close to the idea in anyway, just know that I am counting on you to use that amazing little computer in you so if this kind of a story appeals to anyone here and you would like to participate I’m not closed to the idea in anyway, just know that I am counting on you to use that amazing organ we all call a brain... Is the brain actually considered an organ? Now that I say it I’m not actually sure. Either way, as long as you have experience with SARP you won’t have any problem with it. I don’t have any specific plan on how the story is supposed to go so we’re just going to kind of make it as we break it so if at any point you think I’m following your lead it’s because I probably am.

@Wes Old buddy, old pal. I would like to request one of the Empire’s GLORIOUS planets and ILLUSTRIOUS armies to promote my MIGHTY CONQUEST against tranquility...oh, and a butt ton of Kuvexian peeps. 😁

@raz Good sir, I’ll just need official orders instructing Candon to go investigate the possible threat of a planetary invasion on planet Wes’schoice.

@ anyone with a character we can write in that is not afraid to have his character face the horrors of brutal warfare and potentially get pimp slapped by a mecha or three hundred, robbed by the golden armies of corporate Kuvexia, or even obliterated for the glory of Yamatai don’t hesitate to hit me up. I mean, ahem, with the aforementioned list you probably should hesitate at least a little to jump in, but, you know...


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The brain is an organ, but referring to it as an amazing little computer works too.

I would recommend checking out the Essia occupation a bit. raz and myself had characters to whom orders were given to retake the planet through space force, it can be found here. Basically the being cut off from reinforcements part of your plan needs some driving reason behind it imo as it's been established that even a heckton of Kuvexians around a Yamataian system can't stop Yamatai from reclaiming what is hers. If the motive of your arc is to retake the planet, I guess the only question is what is stopping you.


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Thanks, Wes! That setting has a ton of potential nostalgia locales. I’ll be sure to work them in.

Also, I just realized that my initial post had a problem with having one sentence that I wanted to rephrase immediately followed by what I settled on saying. I am noticing that there is a weird phenomenon that happens with my keyboard on my iPhone when I delete a sentence to rewrite. It happened before and apparently nothing has changed. I’ll have to work around that.


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I've got a character that's just kinda sitting there collecting dust as she has no plot to join at the moment. And while she's never been in a full-scale war or anything, it's always fun to torment and abuse your characters, isn't it?


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I'd be interested as well. It would be intresting to have a Separa'Shan partisan there going 'not this shit again'.


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Sweet guys, so it looks like there is about five of us.
@SageShooter, @Soban, @Kayelsea, @Wolf626 and maybe @Jack Pine.
I know that Kay had an interest in playing medic and Wolf wants to be a Gunslinger w/sharpshooter secondary skill.
I was thinking that if the character skills kinda complement each other we could guide them into a Gears of War styled team.

The current vision is to illustrate the Fall of Planet Himiko to the enemy so heads up, WE LOSE!!!
Badly, in a massive way. Maybe later we’ll come back and win but for now it’s gonna be a wash.
Is there anything y’all want to see in this story?


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Will our characters survive? Or if they must die, can we choose how they die, so that lots of last stands can be made?


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The survival of the characters will be purely in the writers hands. I won’t force anything, I only ask that things make sense. IE if you see the enemy battle line running at them ends poorly. If we escape at some point choose a ship that wasn’t crashed previously. The basics.

Now if you want a blaze of glory finale for the character we can definitely arrange something epic. That character will absolutely be remembered.


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That’s a good question. It really comes down to the kind of effect we want. If we place this something like 3 months previous we can have well used time skips to show a battle of attrition, which always looks sad. Stuff breaks down, technology degrades, and people dissolve.

Alternatively is it’s present day it’ll be very fast paced and might seem rushed. A balance of both may be best, maybe having it be a month prior.
Ultimately I want this to be favorable to those involved.


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Hey guys! My schedule is clearing up enough to begin putting this together.
Here is the wiki page. Please feel free to add your name and character info on either this thread or the wiki page and I’ll have more content up tomorrow. 😁