Group projects? (working on a Lorath language)

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Sup all.

I'm wondering if its possible for us to setup a means of saying "I have a group project, will someone collaborate with me?" and what the format of such a post is or where on earth it would actually go.

I say this because I've begun the task of writing a Lorath language and would like some help in making it work.

Its mostly concerned with by-case stuff rather than specific works or popular sentences for the most part - so we have an idea of what Lorath would sound like.

In the future, I'd like to do similar projects for other species, putting my language degree to work - for example, what trade actually consists of or how Yamataian differs from flat out Japanese.

Anyway, thanks for your time.

As always, stay frosty.


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The place to work on things for RP would be the Roleplaying and Setting Discussion forum. I made a large number of spelling corrections to your article.


Group projects are pretty tricky on SARP. I have seen tensions get pretty high when two people have different opinions on the path their creation should take. Sometimes having two brains working at a problem means that you'll catch mistakes that one person would miss.

The optimal thing would be to have one impartial person as a mediator for instances where there's a disagreement about the final product. @Zekec and I are working on reviving the Llranni, but we're each working on different aspects of the species. So far that has been effective at preventing any arguments.

@Wes If someone is looking for assistance with a project where on the forums should we ask for it? Setting discussion?
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