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Guess it's Time!


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Just wanted to pop in and say hello after quite a long absence! With the conclusion (for now) of college and the continuation of COVID-19 along with the free time it brings, I thought what better time to come back to possibly the most amazing community I have ever had the pleasure of interacting with. From the kind and reasonable GMs to the dedicated and friendly players I couldn't possibly ask for a better community to be in.

Not really sure what else to put here, just thought I'd publicly show that I'm back and active on the Forums (even made SARP my Chrome homescreen so my previous issues don't come back!) and ready to join any plots that would have me. If I've been in your plot previously and you want me to return with one of my previous characters please let me know and I'd be happy to do so, otherwise I'll likely make a new character.

Can't wait to return to SARP full-swing and reconnect with the community!
- Sparkee


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@Jack Pine Haha I was just thinking about him! Was updating my player profile and went through all my characters and still laughed at his. Totally still want that frying pan that absorbs energy weapon shots and can fire it back, while doubling as a portable cooking space!

I'll definitely be bringing him back once I catch up on what I've missed!


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Welcome back, man! I definitely thing the isolation has been a drag on a lot of us and sucked up people's motivation for a while so I don't blame you. Glad you're here again!

Charmaylarg Dufrain

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Ye dun have to bring all ye chars back at once, ye'll get burnt out!


The 309th as a plot might have ended for now but the unit is still alive and fighting in the kuvexian war in the Die Screaming Or Die Trying plot I'm running centered around the 309th. If ye ever feel like playing Kevin again feel free to hit me up!