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Abandoned Character Haankava Kukkanen - NPC Captain


Haankava Kukkanen

Click on the link above for the Captain of my first ever plot, the YSS Kenage! Just wanna’ check to make sure she’s good before I post an interest check/sign up so that I’ll be good to go on that front. If there’s anything I need to change, let me know and I’ll get it done quickly. Thank you! 😊


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That's not how leave works, according to the page. Leave is not mandatory, maybe she was positioned to be a teacher at a fort or something else boring?

And in the YE 39 Kuvexian trap, if she had a commanding officer, that implies there was a larger group of ships besides her own. Perhaps she was a part of a squadron, very likely for a plumeria. A squadron commander could have given the orders to withdraw.

Commanders usually have leadership and knowledge skills, but you are at your limit of 7 skills. Your choice what you want to do there.

Over all, great new NPC! Good luck and good winds to you on your journeys to come! :]


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Indeed! I'm excited to see you get her into the action.