Star Army

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  • Current IC Month: 8月 YE 42 (through November 21, 2020)

[Hanako Shall Resist] CH.0: And so the skies burn


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Little Noa dodged a few Kuvexian bullets that zoomed right over her tiny service cap, holding on to the larger Neko she was piggybacking off of, as the smell of dust and soot from collapsing buildings in the village beyond mixed with smoke from a tossed grenade. With battle raging all around her, she just wished she had her trusty Sylph mecha at her fingertips... oh boy would those bugs and golden armored aliens be running right now, like back on the Ryujo! But unfortunately, it was left behind in the crashed ship wreckage, and there was no way to go back for it now... and if any Kuvexian tried touching it, he would go up in smoke real good thanks to an anti-tampering self-destruct routine. The whole ship would greet its captors likewise, as she severed the wireless connection and didn't look back...

Okay... maybe she did peek a little.

In fact, it was just in time to point out the hulking resistance fighter Maleirzwan that was barreling towards the camouflaged entrance that Ak was just closing up behind the scores of survivors that had entered first. "Hey, wait! Big ugly, coming in hot -- FOF system reads blue," shouted Noa to the bunker leader, giving him just enough time to also slip into the stone several meters below before the horde of pursuers could locate their position in the dissipating haze.

H Bunker

Once they were in the safety of the access tunnels the let out a sigh of relief for the moment, and then gave a very curious stare at the resistance fighter that had followed them. "Guess you are on our side then, huh," mused the mini as her digital mind projected a big flashing 'X' across her visor along with the words 'NO MATCHING RACE DATA FOUND'. "Sorry for the terrible welcome to Hanako's World... normally, we'd book a new species five star beach resort accommodations here! But in this case, one of Empress Himiko-sama's pre-war holes in the ground will have to do." The sarcasm in her voice to break some of the tension was evident. Though as soon as the group arrived in the bunker proper, Noa promptly hopped off Ak's shoulder to dash ahead help get the Chui and her crewmates setup in the sickbay, leaving her medical-equipped FARS to help the staff there with the large amount of triage that was going on.

It unfortunately didn't take long before Amatsukaze-hei was seen floating slowly back towards the operations room amidst the background of a scream and a few sobs from yards behind her, passing by Athena going towards the supplies as she did so and trying to shoot the Elysian medic an encouraging, if somewhat forced little smile. They both obviously felt the sting of loss at what had happened despite their best efforts, even if they dealt with that pain in different ways. "Thanks for trying to save my commander back there," commented the cerise-eyed Noa as she leaned in closer, "You're definitely the real deal, though! Star Army trained medic, right? I should know... got some knowledge under my belt too! But maybe a little too small to use it as good as you, Ms.. um?"