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RP Hanami Festival of YE 43


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RP Date
3月 YE 43
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Kyoto, Yamatai
Kyoto, Yamatai

Warm spring breezes and the scent of spring flowers and nectar flowed through the streets of Kyoto, where people came out to the streets and parks to celebrate the new season beneath the cherry trees' pink, white, and Yamataian indigo blossoms. The sakura were symbolic of a fresh start for the year and a reminder to enjoy things while they lasted.

It was time to shake off the winter sleepiness and make a fresh start.

Yamataians from all walks of life and many visitors from nations near and far congregated to frolic, drink wine, and celebrate among the sakura trees. There were performances, food vendors, and music through the day and into the night, set against the backdrop of the megacity of Kyoto.

Dressed in a floral Kimono, Hanako went out to the festival, arriving a glossy black self-driving limousine with several of her old crewmates from the Eucharis. This was consistently one of her favorite events and she never missed it if she could help it. Now that she was head of Star Army Personnel, she got to be in Kyoto a lot more so it worked out well for making it to the festival. She looked forward to meeting people and seeing what her fellow Star Army soldiers were up to.

Taiyou Hoshi preferred floating down corridors and hallways of starships, but she hadn't gotten the chance to fly much in the years away from her homeland. She had gleefully insisted she and Ketsurui Aiko, the Kaiyo's recently positioned XO, fly from Ueseryan Fields to the capital nearby for the Hanami Day festivities.

The pink-skinned captain and her new XO had dressed together, a very Yamataian style Hoshi herself had missed with pale socks up to her knees and geta rocking under her feet. The frills of Hoshi's underskirts and bloomers bounced along the thermal vents and winds while her heavier teal and yellow skirt and long sleeved kimono top billowed behind her in a streamlined arch of color.

She slowed, motioning to Aiko for the same, and the parts of her blue to white hair that were not pinned up stopped lying behind her, settling airily around her shoulders.

"Hey, Aiko-san," Hoshi called to her flying companion telepathically. "We can touch down here! There looks like a bountiful variety of blossoms!"

Ketsurui Aiko zipped through the air alongside Hoshi, her own mauve-and-plum yukata fluttering through the spring air before touching down in the idyllic Kyoto district. The sights and sounds of Hanami were everywhere around them, then, but all of the spring blooms still managed to take center stage.

"I have found that Yamatai is filled with beautiful days since living on this planet," Aiko said, walking with Hoshi now that they'd touched down. "Today nonetheless stands out as especially invigorating. But perhaps it is simply the company of my captain," she joked dryly. "We must spend it well."

"Not an argument there," Hoshi smiled as she looked around at the crowds of people. "Have you heard they're making all sorts of foods out of flowers? I'd like to try a sakura latte myself, Aiko-san."

After a bit of mingling and taking photos with tourists, Hanako spotted some familiar Ketsurui Clan members and made her over to them. "Aiko!" she waved.

The raven-haired Neko smiled and nodded to Hoshi, and would have said something about all of the delicious smells bombarding them from the festival, but was prompted by Hanako's callout and shot her attention toward the famous gunship admiral who now ran Star Army Personnel. It was cool for Aiko to see the elder Ketsurui out of uniform and celebrating with everyone; most of Aiko's interactions with Hanako had been in the latter's capacity as a senior officer.

"Hanako!" Aiko returned, still grinning as she spoke. She gave a small and brief bow, "Wonderful we ran into you. This is my captain Taiyou Hoshi," Aiko added with a polite gesture toward Hoshi. "She and I were just discussing refreshments and the splendor of Hanami, but have only recently arrived ourselves. I trust you are well today."

"Taisho-sama!" Hoshi said with a soft bow and a cheery smile that made her pink cheeks brighten. She bowed to the crew surrounding her, pleased to see some ofthe fruits she had only heard the stories about.

From behind a pillar in line of sight of Hanako and Aiko a Ketsurui samurai in a white yukata and red hakama stepped out to bow deeply with a stiff, ninety degree arched back. She was Ketsurui Aiko's yojimbo, Rei, and was bowing to Hanako momentarily, but after a reverent nod she had backed into the shadows again.

Hanako gave everyone a respectful bow. "I am very well. The weather turned out wonderful," she remarked. "It is great to see you! What have you been up to lately?" she asked.

Looking up, Hoshi turned her pink face to look at Aiko to see her response.

"My assignment since the end of the war has been at the Star Army Academy," Aiko said. Hanako was personnel boss, so probably knew it all already, but still humored the question. "A simple guest lecture series about my experiences fighting. Apparently my class is intended to enlighten and inspire the next generation of officers. It is an easy interim assignment, although I am unsure whether or not they understand my lessons. But beyond that, Hoshi-san offered me the First Officer position aboard the Kaiyo."

"I should go give some talks there sometime," Hanako told Aiko. "I had a lot of combat experiences I could share. That said, my new jobs keeps me quite busy and I am not sure I ant to take on too much of a time commitment. The end of the war created major changes to Star Army Personnel Command, such as creating the reserves, and we are having to basically go through a look at every soldier's records and figure out where they want to go and where we need them and work those out the best we can. I see a lot of areas to improve on. Furthermore we are trying to track out all the soldiers who went missing in the war."

Having Ketsurui princess warriors chatting in front of her at Hanamura was all Hoshi could have wanted, so she was placidly smiling and nodding her blue to white haired head as she listened.

"Wrestling with the sheer size of the Star Army's fighting resources is a challenge and battle in its own right," Aiko nodded, having only ever had to deal with fighting and frontline diplomacy rather than logistics and bureaucracy. "If it is any comfort, I am sure you would make the most excellent lecturer. And be far more effective in conveying your teachings than I ever will be. But your undertakings at Personnel Command are more worthy, anyway," Aiko added, remembering back to when she was missing and a prisoner of war herself. "If there are any efforts of my own that might help bring our lost comrades home more quickly, even in a minor way, never hesitate to enlist my aid."

"More than anything else we need to re-secure Hanako's World," Hanako told them. "It was the most populated system in the Ketsurui Military Sector and beause of that, there are more MIA soldiers last seen there than any other planet the Kuvexians took over. We tried to evacuate as many as possible when it fell, but there were people left behind. I have been speaking with Yui about this and we agree we need to recover the planet and our people as soon as possible. Unfortunately the Star Army fleets have suffered huge losses and everyone is in a recovery or transitional phase that has made doing anything productive kind of messy."

"I'm not Shôshô Uzume, but Legion 777 has been less than busy since coming back from the frontlines longside us," Hoshi offered, knowing the war hardened legionairres would rather fight for their empire while finally in their empire than anything else.

Aiko chuckled, feeling like they were back during the days when war raged again. She would certainly love to be on the battlefield in the thick of combat now, but deciding on matters that would put Yamataian troops into harm's way was still far distant from the responsibilities of her rank and position. Aiko was an officer of action and while she held no resentment for her superiors, it wasn't always easy for her to sit and wait for action now that the war was over.

"Those of you soldiers blessed with command authority will ensure our victory soon enough," Aiko said, sounding oddly bloodthirsty for a moment despite her generally well-kept demeanor. "Here is looking forward to a speedy liberation of our Empire's worlds."

Hoshi nodded, musing before saying, "If you could use the help there, my crew is small but she fits the role we give her and could lend a hand, Taisho-sama."

"Noted!" Hanako grinned. "We should probably save the heavy topics for when we are on duty. For now, I think the immediate mission is to find some barbeque."

Aiko smiled wide, showing off her sharp canines so soon again once Hanako mentioned food. "Fantastic!" she nodded, bouncing happily where she stood for a second. "I think I want rib. Or several ribs."

Hoshi leaned in towards Aiko's ebony hair, almost brushing a the large bellflower kanzashi Aiko was wearing in order to dramatically stage whisper, "Do you think Hanako has had the sakura latte yet?"

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