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Happy birthdays and court marshals


Alex Hart

RP Date
YE 40 Shigatsu 2
RP Location
Planet 188604
@Arbitrated and I have been working on this for months, and this will ultimately end up in Alex leaving the USO in one way or another.

188604, (shigatsu) 2

Araxie Serai had woken up a bit early today - it was a very special day. She tip-toed out of the comfortable bedroom the two shared, her messy cobalt wings bouncing behind her. One of their feathers was caught partially under the blanket again.

It was her boyfriend's birthday, and she planned to give him a treat. A couple eggs, cracked and tossed around in a bowl, mixed with a whisk were then used to coat slices of bread, with a little pinch of sugar to sweeten them as well. They hissed quietly as the angel set the slices of french toast onto the skillet. turning them over every handful of seconds.

The chocolate-and-honey haired woman smiled as her meal came together; with the french toast on its way, she took some bacon and more eggs onto another skillet, frying both together. was she the best cook in the sector? No, not really. That title probably belonged to some celebrity anyways. Araxie knew enough about it to work her way around a well-stocked kitchen, and she had fun while she was at it.

The smell of the food woke Alex up. Well, not really. It was his rumbling stomach that woke him up. He pulled on some clothes and walked out of the bedroom, following his nose. His eyes were still partially closed when he got out. A familiar light body impacted him after about a second and a half, Araxie giving the birthday boy a warm morning hug and a kiss right on his cheek.

"Good morning, sweetie!" Behind and around her words the satisfying soft sizzle of bacon on the skillet could still be heard, but at the moment Alex's world had gone all blue and feathery!

Alex laughed when his girlfriend practically tackled him, because with her charicaristic elysian low weight it was more like being hit with a pillow. Also her feathers tickled. "Hi Araixe." He managed to get out through his laugheter; "What's the occasion?"

"It's your birthday, Alex!" A burt of kisses, five and a half in a row - she might have missed the last one accidentally - danced across the mecha-pilot's face. After the quick little assault she let him go again, changing her full-blown double Elysian-style hug into an arm around his waist and a feathery blanket along his back.

Alex gave a blank stare for a moment before responding. "Oh. I'd forgotten about that completely..." His expression was now sheepish, as could be, and he attempted to move around to the kitchen.

"Here, let me help with this."

Alex's goofball response about forgetting his own birthday produced a laugh and a kiss from the hummingbirbgirl. "No, it's fine, you should relax a bit! It's almost done anyways, mkay?" Much like Alex was trying to make his way around the kitchen to help, Araxie nudged him over towards its table to sit.

As Alex made his way over to the table there was a knock at the door. He quickly turned around to answer it, but before he was able to do so, the door was opened. 5 Skyguard troopers wearing FScorp powered exoskeletons and wielding assault rifles filed in the door.

"Alex Tasuki, we're going to need you to come with us."

"Wait, what? Why?" Arx's voice fought through the crowd of intruders. "What's with the armor?"

One of the men grabbed at Alex's arm and began to prepare handcuffs as he spoke. "Sir, please don't try to resist."

They did not answer Araxie's question, but one of them stepped in between Alex and her, attempting to keep her from interfereing. She stepped towards them, unarmed but clearly displeased. "Would you care to explain what's going on here? You can't just barge into people's homes like this!"

The man wasn't taking any chances, and raised his gun to his chest, but kept the barrel pointing downwards. "Don't interfere ma'am. He's being arrested."

"And I demand to know why!" She straightened up. The tallish, silver-eyed woman could just barely get taller than some of these guys if she tried hard enough. On top of that, a blue haze had begun to form behind her, growing slowly but noticeably. The frown on her lips parted, "Or are you just some goons? Alex's mom owns this place, you know!"

"Mr. Tasuki is in violation of several Skyguard regulations, and is being convicted of dereliction of duty." The man raised his rifle at Araxie. "Stay back, or I'll be forced to open fire."

Her mirrorlike eyes alight, the Elysian woman gritted her teeth behind closed lips. She stepped back half a step. "I call bullshit. What organization sent you?"

"This arrest was ordered by the top brass of the remaining Skyguard forces." As this was said, Alex had begun to be walked out the door, and away. Araxie didn't have much longer to do anything she was planning on doing.

"Where's he being taken to, then? I won't just let you walk out without an explanation!" Crossing her arms, Arx looked the man in front of her sharply in the eye.

"He'll be held in the brig at the main Skyguard base, until he can be tried."

"...Fine. I'll be following you guys there. I'm not sure what sort of bullshit you guys are running on, but you can't keep an innocent man in."

"His innocence is for the judge to decide, not you or us." The man said as he backed out the door. Alex now was no longer in view, and an aircar could be heard revving up.

Araxie didn't wait. Running back to their bedroom to grab a jacket, the Caelisolan made her way out of the apartment's door quickly, locking it behind her and heading out to the street.

The aircar was already in the air, and all Araxie could see from the ground was Alex's face looking down at her. He seemed to be mouthing something to her, and if she took the time to try and make out the words she would see that he was trying to say "I'm sorry".

Taking to the skies herself - she didn't stand an ounce of a chance keeping up with this thing on the ground - Araxie's eyes were locked with Alex's as he slowly receded. Being nearly a blur herself to those walking around below, the angel was tailing the aircar to the best of her ability. She couldn't really say much back to Alex right then - but a slow nod was enough of a confirmation... Or maybe a rejection.

Alex may be sorry, but this wasn't his fault, and if it took getting his mother involved, Araxie wouldn't hesitate to call her in.