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Forum Game Has your character ever...?


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I'll tell this story in pictures:





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Yes, Faye has fallen out of love with her two former mistresses over the years. Maybe even forsaken hope on love itself...

Has your character ever cried themselves to sleep?


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Arbles and Argenta did it off-screen a few times. Araxie did it in a JP where Uso broke her mentally.

Has your character ever had to do something they didn't want because of poor communication causing them to think they were going to do something else?


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Not yet. Although wow that's a really specific case, thanks Arble for going way too into detail.

Although I do have a "Character did something they didn't want to do" story and a "Character communication failed" story.

But since neither of the stories have both, no story. :3

Anyways. Gonna chuck a question.

Has your character ever dated anyone before they were officially enlisted in the Star Army? No, Nekos do not count for this question sadly.


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No, Hanako basically got exploited be genetics corporations from a young age and never got to date anyone until she was in the Star Army, and I think she's only had one date (?) which was one of the Love Day matchmaking JPs.

Has your character ever acquired a memory or skill by downloading it instead of the traditional way?


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Mimi Merkur was loaded up with a lot of Sierra Merkur's knowledge and a skillset to make her useful to Sierra, but it was technically before she was fully sentient.

Has your character ever had to re-sleeve into a different body without dying first or having to upgrade for SAoY reasons?


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Yes and no. Chlorate had to transfer into a gynoid body because she was previously inhabiting a drone for a body, but that was before she joined the Star Army. Although, before that, when she ended up in the middle of a battle, she had to transfer into a FARS drone because the FA4-A Grunt she was inhabiting was disabled and about to explode.

Has your character ever broken the law?