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RP: 188604 [Havok] The Spy Who Called Me at an Ungodly Hour of the Morning



Howard Station
Jax's Penthouse
Like... 10:30-ish in the Morning...

Off in the distance, millionaire playboy Jackson Howard heard an annoying chirping. Was he dead?! Was this Hell?!

Wait, no, that was just his communicator, and he was hungover. Like usual. Fluttering his eyes open, he shielded them from the blinding light reflecting off of 188604 spinning far below through the transparent ceiling of his bedroom. He tried to reach over and pick up the device, but found he couldn't move. Something was weighing him down. Probably that Iroma waitress from Akemi's. What was her name again...?

Didn't matter. Using well-practiced technique, the catboy managed to get his arm free from beneath her and picked up his tablet. He rolled his eyes. He did not feel like talking to Candon at the moment. Maybe after some painkillers and a double cheeseburger. But Candon didn't usually call directly unless it was important. Against his better judgement, he held the tablet up towards the ceiling and, still lying in bed, hit the answer button.

"'Sup?" Jax asked in a gravely voice.

"There's an event happening at Hanako's Palace," Candon explained, "it's happening a week from now and its very important to me that you come. Can you be there?"

Jax yawned and rubbed his face.

"Why, may I ask?" Jax grumbled sleepily, sliding out of bed and putting on his robe. He stumbled a little on his way to his kitchen, still feeling dizzy, where his coffee maker was already doing its job.

"With that shadow war it's best I not say over the air, I have too much heat on me as it is. Just wear something nice."

"...Fiiiiiiine." Jack sighed, filling a mug. "Do I need anything else? Like a rocket launcher, or...?"

"NO!" Candon shouted, panicked, then composed himself, "I mean, concealed carry is fine but no explosives."

"...Killjoy. Fine, I'll be there." Jax muttered.

"Thanks," Candon said with a rare lack of grumpiness before ending the call.