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Hello, and pleased to meet you all

The KrimsonWulf

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Hello all here I go by my user name KrimsonWulf, you may shorten in how you like. I found Star Army as an add through social media, and am an experienced roleplayer. I usually play humanoid or human characters, and feel more at home playing male characters. Either civillian or military, though military or transitioning to or from, would be more of a specialty of mine. As for violence, adult themes and language, I'd say I'm ok with a 3 for each. I am an open book and eager to build to this detailed and wonderful story!


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Well, I'm glad that ad money wasn't a waste, haha!

Welcome to Star Army! I'm really glad you joined. If you need any help let me know or ask our helpful dudes in the Discord!

Charmaylarg Dufrain

FM of Nepleslia
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A good place to start is on the wiki where there is a good guide for new players and creating characters.

personally, though i recommend looking at the active plots list to see if anything piques your fancy. And then contacting that GM to say you're interested and working with them from there.

There are many factions with different species and niches' each to choose from and many are interchangeable.
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Jack Pine

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Thanks to Char for covering the basic info, and welcome aboard. Please let me know, or one of our other staff team members, if you have questions, or need any help settling in. We are all happy to endeavor making you feel welcome, and to help you get started, as well as looking forward to the opportunity to write with you. Please let me know if you have any questions about the New Dusk Conclave, as I am the main faction manager of the NDC.


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I always recommend new players to give Nepleslia a try. We're not always as fast as some factions but our players have long been dedicated and are always open to helping new players out.

Welcome to SARP; if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask the coolest kids in Kikyo. Nepleslians can help you make a pod racer.