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Hellthorn Bush


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Hellthorn Bush:

The Hellthorn Bush is a genetically modified thorn bush – designed to be an easy to disperse and cheap (and yet highly effective) blockade, designed by Emrys Industries. The bush is focused around a deep and wide root network – designed to make the plant especially hard to destroy – and from this vines grow along the ground and from this grows a thick tangle of vertical vines.

All of the vines are very strong and resistant to damage and are studded with 10 centimetres long razor sharp thorns – designed to tangle and rip clothing and shredding skin. A well grown Hellthorn Bush will have a horizontal growth of ten metres by ten metres and be three metres tall. They grow with great speed – and will reach this side in a week. The default Hellthorn Bush has long spiky green leaves.

Price: 30ks per seed. There is a reduced price offer in bulk.

Ground huggers:

An alternate form of the bush, Ground Huggers do not have the vertical height of the standard model – reaching a foot at most and designed to make passage by infantry very hard.

Price: 5 ks per seed.

Tailor Made:

A tailor made bush grows only to the dimensions it is designed to – as required by consumer.

Price: Varies upon dimensions.


A tailored extra is that the Hellthorn bush can be modified to be toxic – a variety of toxins from a strong irritant, a paralytic, or a fatal toxin.

Price: +5 ks (irritant), + 10 ks (paralytic), + 15 ks (Fatal toxin).


While the default Hellthorn Bush does not come with flowers there is a modified version which does. These flowers can be in almost any colour and take the form of either tropical type blooms or more conservative ones.

Price: + 5 ks.

The Hellthorn has military applications as a easy to deploy barrier (simply scattering the seeds is sufficient) – and also as a form of personal protection for a domestic home – although a Bush Doctor might have to be employed from time to time.


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I'm concerned about the rather low price of the toxic plants, which can cause great distress and even kill.


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Kotori said:
I'm concerned about the rather low price of the toxic plants, which can cause great distress and even kill.
Mmm biological warfare. The cheap and effective way to get rid of large groups of opposing forces.