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Star ArmyⓇ is a landmark of forum roleplaying. Opened in 2002, Star Army is like an internet clubhouse for people who love roleplaying, art, and worldbuilding. Anyone 18 or older may join for free. New members are welcome! Use the "Register" button below.

Note: This is a play-by-post RPG site. If you're looking for the tabletop miniatures wargame "5150: Star Army" instead, see Two Hour Wargames.

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Here comes a new challenger!


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What do you call yourself?
Nick is fine by me :)
How'd you find Star Army?
I have known about it for like fifteen years but never joined until now
What interested you in joining?
Kinda locked in at the moment...
Ever done this text-based roleplaying thing before?
I used to do it a lot back in the day it has been awhile though
Any previous experiences you want to share?
I mean I have nothing special in the past but roleplaying in one form or another has always been an important hobby to me

Now for the questionnaire!

Do you prefer:
  • Playing male, female, or other-gendered characters?
    I really have no preference
  • Spontaneous or planned RP?
    I can roll with either
  • Military or civilian characters?
    Depends on the story
  • Humans, androids, anthros, or aliens?
    Usually humans
  • Being on a starship or being on a planet?
    I like stories on planets but I don't hate space either
  • Roleplay via forum posts or in real-time?
    Posting is more convenient as I cant always be around to do real time

On a scale of 1 to 3, what's your preferred level of these in your RP:
  • Language:2
  • Violence:2
  • Sexuality:2
What's something cool you'd love to RP?
I would love to do something involving a (not off the walls) fighting tournament like boxing, kickboxing, MMA or the like, I like law enforcement stories, and I also like stories of soldiers bonding over mundane duties only then to be thrust into the flames of conflict.

I look forward to playing with everyone!


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Dude, I would like to see a fighting tournament in Star Army.
I also like stories of soldiers bonding over mundane duties only then to be thrust into the flames of conflict.
YES! This is the Star Army of Yamatai's RP in a nutshell. Love it!


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Welcome to SARP Nick :)

There are certainly some key interesting places for you in here. I would say in regards of law enforcement that the plot of Hanako’s resistance might be the closes. But there are of course lots and lots more great stories here!

We got Staff members (They keep the community going), but you also got Character Mods (like myself) and Submission Reviewers (who check out new ideas you might wish to add to SARP :D ). Additionally, you also got Faction Managers (these run a faction within SARP) and Game Masters/Managers (Who run a plot within a certain faction or totally independent). I colored the names as these are also the colors in our discord, which we also have right here!

Pfew lots of information, I know. But that is what SARP is a great library of information created and used by players. So we understand perfectly that it's overwhelming, my advice is to check the following pages to help you a bit forward.
In my fair opinion, you can best start at Active plots as the character you going to plausible make is attached to a certain plot that has requirements and is most likely attached to a faction. If you have questions, just poke us at the discord server or send the staff or maybe myself a message on the forum and we gladly help you out!
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Jack Pine

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Welcome aboard to the community, it's a pleasure to meet you. Please let me, or any of the other staff team members know if you need any help at all, or have questions. Much like the Star Army for which the site is named after, I think personally that every faction sort of has that opportunity, but in their own flavor. In any case, any and all of them, are always excited to get new players, and you are never limited to participating in only one plot. The setting is an endless sandbox of stories, and possibilities for where they'll go. I am the main faction manager for the New Dusk Conclave, the newest faction in the setting, so please let me know if you wish to know more about them. I look forward to talking with you among the community, and hope to get to write with you at some point. Please enjoy your time with us, and our many other members.