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Hm! [Revival]


Active Member
We have this entire sub-forum, here... And honestly, I'm pretty bored on the RP side of things.


Who is interested in possibly reviving a Maid RPG game up? Being that the Touhou one seems to have failed or something. Only needs a few peeps in this particular case.


The Six-Shooter of Love
Touhou is still happening. Work's been busy and I've been working on NMX stuff, so extra games have to take a backseat to more important affairs.


New Member
I've never participated in this Rp before, but I would be interested in participating now. I'm always up for something new, when would you start?


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Maids are remarkably creatures. Devoted, self-less and remarkably varied... But they are easily disturbed and sometimes fickle.

To observe them in their natural habitat could be beneficial.

I'm interested.


I can only see this ending badly.

But I suppose it will be one hell of a ride.