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Hobbies and Passions.

So one of the things I love is hearing about different hobbies and passions people have. So to also learn abit about a few people here would love to hear about some of your hobbies.

Now also to give abit of my self to everyone here i'll talk about some of my hobbies. One of the big hobbies I do is miniature wargaming mostly warhammer but I also love historical war-games with WW2 and some cold war era miniatures.I really enjoy doing narratives and having games that show off abit of a story, maybe your doing a campaign and though your chips are down your still fighting on. The table top adds to the narrative since you can't always predict it like a real story.

Next thing is of course writing. Though I don't think i'm any good at it, I really do enjoy trying to tell a story. Things I write of course is well our roleplaying here but also items from my war-gaming. Maybe its building characters that lead armies, maybe its some background or just some fun one off stories. So it's fun in that way and each hobby helps fueling the others.

So a little about my self but would love to hear and see what some of you do. Maybe you sing or write so if your comfortable show your setup. Maybe your also in the in the miniature world or love photography. So again would love to hear some of your hobbies and creative passions and looking forward to what you all post.


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Such a wholesome thread shouldn't go without response.

Anyhow. Most folks have seen me around here but don't really know me, which isn't too surprising since I just don't often join conversations or community days etc.

There's two things I want to contribute to this thread. And I'll edit pictures in post, if so desired, since I'm currently at work :p

Firstly, singing, or rather the next best thing, screaming. As an avid metal fan and someone who thoroughly enjoys music, me and a few friends tend to practice every friday. While we mostly practice with covers, I'm the designated song writer and have a few WIPs that need a bit of finetuning. I'd love to post them here, but lyrics without the backline sheets of guitar, drums and bass make it somewhat awkward. That and I simply don't have my notebook on me as well. We've more ideas, enough to fill an album we refer to 'Four'. Maybe adding to it, the current bandname is Dying Breath, though in an of itself, we haven't checked whether it's copyrighted. So it can be subject to change lmao

Secondly, I play Airsoft. And I have a lot of fun doing it. Right now I'm still rocking a heavily modded G36 AEG. Though myself and the friends I play with are still in the midst of figuring out how to convert it to HPA. AEG being All Electric Gun, HPA being High Powered Air. Instead of an electric piston, it's pure compressed air. Which performs way better, fires way faster and more silent. Not to mention it'll be absolutely punishing with the drum magazine it's fitted with now.

Editing in pictures.

Not much to see here. Our bassist is sick and our guitarist had to work evening shift today. So it was me and my edited out drummer. But this is our possibly-haunted place we practice at. Why possibly-haunted, you ask.

This is what it looks like from the outside. But that's not the entire story. My drummer stated he has heard people moving around on the gravel outside, we've seen figures moving through the small window, it is private property. Lights through the top window after we got the drums packed, there is no way to get to the second floor without taking a ladder and getting to the top. Once, the speakers all had a blurt of static roughly ten minute after the power to them has killed.

This all happened a few months ago. We were pretty freaked out and just booked it after we saw the lights. Ever since then, other strange stuff has happened, drum keys and broke' sticks disappearing, a crack just randomly formed across seceral tiles with a way too loud snap close to the front of his rug, while we were exchanging criticism. For some reason, you can't see it on the picture. I'll get a close-up next time I'm there. And the best one, though I have no proof of it and blame this on oxygen deprivation through bad breath management, but I swear an ice cold hand with claws grabbed and dug into my left thigh whilst we were in the middle of a song. During a rather high-pitched screamsinging in style of Metallica.

Next pic, my AEG as it is now.

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Mmm hobbies, got many but my prime hobby at the moment is doing candid photoshoots at events or just of nature. I love doing it as it gives the pure facial expression of how people really feel at that certain moment. When taking photos (and I was asked for one) of people where they got a stand in a certain way, I feel less satisfied by the result. I mostly do re-enactment images and other event pictures where people will show their true feelings. In nature I making images of the element that makes the experience in nature such a great experience...the lights, the state of nature and such.

Aside from that is that I love taking hikes (no surprise here) in nature with my dog. When I get the chance and when my health is not slapping me I take a long hike for a few km armed with my camera. then I also like going to the movies, get some food from a restaurant or something and make a review about it in my own fair opinion. I am a ....hard to convince when a movie is good, but friends come to me asking about a movie anyway.

Additionally, when time and money allow it, I would go to a spa to get some relaxation. Its really a blessing to put your phone away in the locker and just be....offline. A bit of a me-time moment. My new interest is the roman re-enactment where I change my clothing and be a roman of the first century, its great (and cold...around these times lol) to be a soldier and get kids asking you questions.


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My hobbies have always revolved around the life I am leading at the moment, save for two.

The two that have always been with me are drawing and writing. I remember some of my first world building times along with the first story I dreamt up and never wrote and the first chapter I wrote of a different story. I can still visualize it all with such fond memories. As a teen I would write down everything, even at parties and especially when I was alone with my thoughts. I kept all of those things and ended up putting a lot of the short phrases and short stories in some of my books. I am still working on my fourth book, it's the slowest of them all by years but I'm not really worried. It's something so innate in how I live and breath. If I couldn't do anything for the rest of my life but look around and write, I'd be happy enough to keep at that.

Now I do it mostly here on SARP, which has its benefits and its downsides. It's a lot different than writing alone or writing in the corner in between joking and laughing in real life. There is so much- a bigger narrative to work towards, a setting to work within, and many people writing alongside me. I think some of the artistic freedom can be lost in doing in this way but SARP has taught me I really like rules and guidelines to work within, so that the exact path forward isn't always clear but there are obvious choices. Sometimes I look back on my books and think how messy they are. I would say that about some side threads, a dare party, and the third Kaiyo mission, but the writing here is so much more refined and put together. I'm not saying it's better either way, don't quote me on that- it's just clean fun writing here.

Second, I draw.

Hahaha I wrote so much on writing that I need to go do that or draw like I was planning and can't write much more. Those are my passions, tbh. My hobbies are dependent on what I can do at the time. Gardening, bicycling, cooking, swimming, running, photographing moss, exploring cities, sleeping, forest bathing- all hobbies, I suppose. I've actually been gardening, taking macro photos, and cooking since I was a kid but it seems more concise putting them into these categories lol

Cool thread, got me reflecting in the best of ways :]


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Happy to see people replied :)

First off @IQ mate please do edit those pictures in would love to see it. Also I love metal (I might like a weird spectrum of metal but I do love it) and it's awesome to hear your in a band. Have you and your band performed at all out of curiosity? Also please keep working on your songs and if you get some out on the web let me know, i'm always for new music and honestly I always have a hard time finding more.

Second Airsoft is fun and some of the items you can get are just wicked. A mate brought me out a few times and it was thrilling though my other hobbies tend to get in the way for tiem but its fun. I really liked this steel HK416 he got and was just bloody fun to shoot. How does the G36 feel ? How's the Iron Sights on it or do you run a attachment for it?

@RaWolfe mate you have so much here that is just awesome. I did a little photography in school just as a side class and I can understand abit of those natural moments instead of staged. It's those little moment in life and to capture that is awesome. I saw you post one picture and to me I just loved it and it was just nice seeing it. For those reading this that haven't check out Wolf's Photographic Art it Rawolfe's thread and has a awesome Roman reenactment picture in there.

I hope you post more if your up for it cause I love historical reenactments and also seeing proper period pieces or even some the creativeity is just fun to see.

Also have a hiking spots to recommend? My personally favorite areas are out in Vancouver or by Lake Louis in Alberta Canada. getting those mountain hikes and just being in the air alone makes you just feel better is my personal experience. Also Lake Louis is just amazing any time of the year, right now they have full ice sculptures going and it's a great time to skate.

@Ametheliana glad it got you reflecting :) Also some neat facts to learn about my Sensei. Also Love that fact your still have those books. I remember losing so many of my narrative notes and I really wish I had them. To hear you still having those also makes me jelly in a good way since I think it would be fun looking back on those. I also can understand the guidelines and rules since it helps direct you in your creations. I know for me it can take abit to adjust from format to format but once you settle it that's when you really flourish in a setting.

I also love your paintings my favorites are of the Eden, Hoshi duty and off duty ones. For me I like seeing this different view's of the characters since its also fun Rping with them. Also hope you keep posting them cause its fun to see and I love when people create art.

Also sorry for my ramblings had a long work day and this thread is giving me my recharge :)