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RP: Galactic Horizon [Horizon] A Certain String Of Events


Everything Is Magical
FM of Neshaten
Game Master
Horizon HQ building

As the occupants of the Galactic Horizon building continue their work longing for the next few hours to pass so they may finish their shift a short alarm blares through the relative silence of the offices and labs before finishing as quickly as it had started. In the CEO office on the 4th floor Kyrss and Riccard Black stood next to the window, trying to decide how to go about the current situation. For a strange chunk of space debris had just soared overhead and wiped out their comms array.

"I'll fetch a team and take the car, go check it out. If it's a chunk of metal we can use it for the composition testing for Project Skyhawk, see how damaged it is and if its viable as a primary material." Kryss spoke absently as she moved towards the door grabbed her coat as she went. In no time she had assembled two security guards and was heading towards the impact zone.




These were the noises that pierced her sensitive ears and pulled the black shroud of unconsciousness away from the lone lifeform that had rode the escape pod through the atmosphere and into an expensive looking communications array, she slowly lifted heavy eyelids only to see an annoying, red light showering the small cockpit with a red hue every time it blinked.

Her nose twitched a little as she lay there, trying to get her bearings, the scent of rocket fuel wafted toward it and kicked her into action as memories began to flood back in. Fuel and crashes never tended to mix well together, especially in an environment such as this where electrical fires were an almost absolute.

As the vehicle approached the wreck Kryss was able to makeout the shape and size along with what appeared to be the remnants of a propulsion system, with this in mind she pushed the small vehicle to the limit. "Alright you two, this is no longer a salvage op we may be dealing with life forms. That object we thought was a chunk of debri is actually more likely an escape pod or a very small personal ship so I'm counting on you to make sure if the potential occupant is hostile it's subdued immediately."

As they pulled up at the edge of the small crater Kryss slipped on a standard breathing mask connected to a small tank she donned in a fashion similar to a backpack before leaving the vehicle and moving down the slope towards the smoking wreckage.

Sure enough there it was, the acrid stench of burning plastic.

Anaska groggily attempted to haul herself to her feet, but let out a yelp of pain as she realised an issue, her tibia felt like it was in two pieces and there was a twisted hunk of metal pinning it to the floor. Thankfully besides a few bruises, scrapes and a numb tail everything else appeared to be fine, but if she didn't do something then that wouldn't be the case for long.

A quick scan of the pod revealed the usual, screens, dials, an emergency multi tool and two seats... Anaska's eyes quickly darted back to the bright orange tool on the wall, it resembled a crowbar with a piercing point and a plasma cutter on one end as well as a prying tip on the other, but it was half way across the pod and definitely out of her grasp.

"Think girl, think.." she thought aloud to herself, then an idea fizzled to life, she reached down and began unbuckling the belt of her jumpsuit...

Kryss reached the pod and checked over the exterior, it seemed as though the hull hadn't been breached but there was definitely something burning, motioning to the security officer closest to the vehicle he brought over a scanner and began to check through the different functions.

"There is one registered lifeform, organic with a heartbeat no robots or cybernetics either. How should we proceed?" He asked Kryss who had been checking the entry point with no luck opening it. "An unaugmented organic huh, grab that thing we keep in the car, the um... hole punch thats it." She replied rapping her knuckles against the door checking how thick the metal was.




This was the third time Anaska has swung her belt in an attempt to make it catch on the emergency tool so that she could pull it closer, she was getting closer but still to no avail.




The Buckle of the belt had finally caught on the hooked end of the tool, but suddenly her ears pivoted toward the door of the ship, more clangs could be heard albeit duller. Anaska's eye widened a little as she ran through her head what kind of monstrosity could be out there and so she began carefully dragging the tool across to herself, feeling safer once the rubber grip met the palm of her hand.

Her foot was still pinned however, and the plasma cutter looked too weak to cut through it before the leaking fuel was ignited and she was consumed in a mighty ball of fire.

She looked at her foot again and let out a loud gulp as an idea crossed her mind, adrenaline was flowing through her body so it shouldn't hurt as much... right?

The Hole Puncher as Kryss nicknamed it was brought over to the pod, in actual fact it was a handheld, not without some difficulty, industrial multi action kinetic tool and one of its functions and Kryss' favourite was a piercing spike to punch holes in hulls and containers. Charging up the device she positioned the barrel near the release mechanism, or where she guessed it was and pulled the trigger.

A strong metal spike about 40cm long and with diameter of 4cm shot out and with a loud bang punched a hole straight through the entry door, withdrawing the device the blonde put an eye to the hole and inspected the interior of the pod.

What the blonde would see was a Shukaren Daur female twisting her ankle at an unnatural angle, a grim look on her face and then a yelp of pain along with a loud popping sound as the ankle was dislocated.

Anaska had heard the loud noise of the ship being pierced and instead of stopping to watch it like some generic horror movie victim, she powered through the curiosity and instead dislocated her ankle to give herself freedom. The adrenaline sure was helping but holy crap it still hurt, her head was buzzing as she pulled herself backwards.

She then looked at the door and saw the eye poking through, it looked like it had enough intelligence behind it that it wasn't going to eat her but you could never be certain. So she hauled herself to her feet and supported her weight on a bank of broken navigational machines, wielding the multi tool like a weapon she called out in Tinacen "Please, if you have any way to help then please do-".

Her words were cut off suddenly as she slipped over in a puddle of hydraulic fluid and fell to the floor in a heap, with another yelp of pain.

Kryss watched the scene unfold with both curiosity and slight horror, the figure within was definitely intelligent and knew, a language, along with how to wield what looked like a tool. The ears and tail reminded her of some of the others she'd seen around S6 and wondered if this person was something similar.

With no way to communicate Kryss pulled her face away before Anaska would see what looked like a grappling hook would be fed into the hole and the claws extended catching within the pod as the cable was pulled tight. With the combined effort of the two security men and Kryss they managed to pry open the door before it was completely ripped off.

In a sudden panic Kryss ripped the guns from the security men and threw them away before putting her hands up and stepping back from the doorway telling the two to follow suit so as not to appear hostile. "Hey I'm not sure if you can hear me or even understand me, but we don't want to hurt you." Kryss spoke softly and slowly, even if her words were meaningless the tone should help to convey her message.

Anaska picked herself up again as the door was being ripped off, her fur was sticking up on end as if she was ready to fight yet her ears were drooped down over her head, all in all this had been an odd experience. The light from the outside world almost blinded her as she brought up an arm to shield them, dropping her weapon with a clang as she hissed a little.

She may not be the most knowledgeable person about this particular language that the lady spoke, but she knew a few words and the lady's body language didn't seem to be aggressive. "Nice... need.... Medical help, yes" she managed to awkwardly bumble out as she hobbled toward them.

"David help her out of there, Brin grab the car we need to get her back to HQ before anything else." Kryss barked at the two men who followed orders straight away, David offered a hand to the young lady and softly placed another on her back to help steady her while Brin quickly made his way up the slight crater wall and brought the car down.

At the bottom he opened the back door and helped David get her into the vehicle carefully, the two men sat in the front while Kryss hopped into the back to check over the girl more carefully, "We will help you, try not to use too much energy." She spoke softly as she checked for any cuts or blunt trauma.

1 Month Later

It had been a little over a month since Anaska had crashed onto a strange planet and narrowly escaped a firey death, a lot had happened during that month, working off her debt wasn't something her saviours asked of her yet she felt like she had to repay them somehow and while the language barrier had meant things were slow to start off, she quickly started to fit in as just another employee at Galactic Horizon, albeit a temporary one.

It was a little odd to her then that she down found herself sitting in a very professional looking office, having been called up to discuss something that was not disclosed to her before she got here.

"You uhh, you wished to see me?" the fox-lady asked, the words carrying a subtle Tinacen accent to them.

"That is correct." Riccard spoke sitting behind his desk with Kryss at his side before motioning for the Daur to take a seat, "Don't just stand in the doorway, come in and sit down it's nothing bad I promise you." The man smiled and gestured to a plush armchair opposite him.

Anaska's heart lifted when she heard that it was nothing bad, she made her way over to the seat and sat down, adjusting her positioning a few times before finally settling on how to sit.
"So then, what was it that you wanted to see me about? all good I hope?" she spoke to her bosses.

"Correct again Anaska." Kryss spoke this time sliding a sheet of paper across the table towards her, "We have been monitoring your progress since you started working to pay off the debt caused by your escape pod which frankly wasn't necessary however, it has proved to be more fruitful than just working off your personal debt."

Kryss smiled at her, "In fact we'd like to hire you permanently, the amount of skill you've shown is clearly a tribute to your time spent in your home and is something that's hard to find around here. With the development of our new production facility underway your physical knowledge will be most useful."

"Well I must say that I feel very humbled by those compliments and that offer" she spoke, her voice sounding livelier than usual.

"Would this job be something like an RnD lab technician or some-such? because truly, I am forever indebted to you and your Daughter, Mr Black, she pulled a stranger from wreckage and patched them up regardless of what damage they caused, and I fear I may not be alive today if it weren't for her so you have a lot to be proud of her" Anaska finished with a little nod to each of them, a sign of respect and gratitude.

"I am very proud of her yes, and saving your life has benefited all of us." Riccard spoke turning to look at Kryss who responded by ignoring his sentiment and continuing with the meeting, "Well actually I have a different place in mind, it's clear that having a more physical understanding of machines has put you above many of our current staff, I'd like to offer you the position of Division manager for heavy machinery design and fabrication seeing as how it is your place of expertise."

Anaska simply sat there for a moment with wide eyes, blinking a few times before exhaling, she finally spoke "Well... consider me uhh, doubly flattered... AND also very willing to accept this offer... I don't quite think the right words exist to show how thankful I am for all... all this".

Her body jerked forward so that she was sitting on the edge of the seat, her tail wagging and her ears pricked up as she very attentively read through the sheet of paper that had been slid across to her.

Kryss smiled once again, "That is the paperwork for your official in-statement, and in case you were wondering how well an instant hiring to Division Manager would go down with the other staff, they have all agreed you are the best for the position so you wont need to worry about any jealousy behind your back." Kryss reached into her bag and pulled out a PDA and slid it across too, on the back of the casing was Anaska's name and title etched into the casing, "As the manager you'll need this and also consider it as a welcome gift."

"Wow, here I was under the impression that you guys were inventors but all this secrecy makes you lot seem like spies or something" she said with a smile before scribbling her signature on the line at the bottom of the page, in Tinacen of course. She then sat there a little awkwardly, looking around.

"Is that seriously all that needs to be signed orrr...?"

"Well when we first took you in we had papers signed to make you a citizen and all the work to have you hired was done when you started, we can just chuck an extension on it and call it a special case. If there's anything else you want to know ask us and we'll be more than happy to help." Riccard replied standing from his desk and offering his hand to her, "And allow me to formally welcome you as the newest Division manager."

Anaska stood up to shake the offered hand

2 Weeks later

Suddenly a loud knocking sound at her door startled her from slumber, making her head shoot up from her desk and hit the lamp which stung a bit, she then bumped an empty coffee mug over onto the controls to her office's blinds, letting light burst through and burn her eyeballs "AAAhhh!" she yelled out as she scrambled for her glasses, putting the protective device over her eyes, the knocking at the door sounded again.

"Coming!.. I'm yawn coming" Anaska spoke as she rose and moved toward the door, nursing the back of her head.

Kryss tapped her foot impatiently outside the office door waiting for the Fox tech to emerge from her den where she on occasion had even slept. "I know you aren't the most active person during the day but we do need you to be ready on time for the occasional time we need you."

Anaksa's eyes lit up with realisation as the pink hue of embarrassment "Yes uh shit... gimme 10-ish seconds" she spoke before dissapearing back into her office, the whirring of a coffee machine cold be heard before a mug was slammed down onto the table. The fox reappeared at the doorway, visibly more energised now and almost buzzing. "Okay I'm good to go now, lets hop to it"

Kryss shook her head smiling, "Honestly if you weren't so brilliant I'd kick your ass for this, glad to see you're ready now so if you'll follow me I'll give the briefing." The blonde turned and headed down the hall to the lifts where one was already waiting to take them to the ground floor. "As you no doubt know, we've had an old project recently resurface designated Redback, the idea was for a small unmanned hover craft to be used as a drone scout for long distance recon."

Kryss waited until she was in the lift beside her before continuing as the doors slid shut, "I've had our top techs looking over the old design schematics and they've encountered numerous issues they can't find a way around without a complete redesign. As for what we need you to do, as our specialist in vehicles and heavy machines we'd like you to oversee the fabrication and testing of several of the major components."

"I mean I'm here to help in any way I can so lets get to it" She spoke just before the doors opened, a short walk later and they came upon the viewing area, Anaksa's brow furrowed a bit when she saw the vehicle.

"Eeeesh, don't you think the coaxial rotors are a little outdated? plus that limits it to places with a decent atmosphere.." she crossed one arm across her chest and balled her other hand under her chin as she thought.

"Say... does it have to be unmanned? because you could grab some budget from that and dump it into a better lift system... would widen up the market a bit and it'd be a whole lot more impressive" she finished, awaiting a reaction.

Kryss widened her eyes in surprise that the small fox girl had made such drastic recommendations just by looking at the prototype pieces, she shook her head smiling "Well this is why we keep you around, let's move in and take a better look and you can-" Kryss had been about to suggest that she write up a report but stopped as she thought back to the office. "On second thoughts, you call out the suggestions and I'll write the report, how does that sound?"

Normally Anaska would be saying she could do both, but her attention was more on the machinery than the words Kryss was saying. "Yeah sure, sounds good to me" she half heartedly replied before moving into the room where parts were laid out on almost every flat surface available.

It was almost like she was a child in a candy store, a gleeful look plastered across her features as she moved through the components, scooping anything she deemed redundant into her arms, moving with surprising haste considering how thoughtful she was being...

Anaska then looked back to Kryss, 'Right, the report' she thought to herself.

"Well uhh, these capacitors will need to be swapped out for something bigger, same with the transistors and also uhh, don't put this in the report but I found uhhh..." she stopped speaking and pulled a doughnut from the pile of things under her arm, trying to suppress a chuckle but deciding to get it out of the way, she let out a small giggle.

Kryss was scribbling down notes as the fox girl spoke before she looked up to see why Anaska had stopped, only to see her holding a doughnut and giggling. As unprofessional as it was for her Kryss tried to suppress a snigger of her own at the sight, "I wont put it in the report but I'll definitely be revoking VR privileges from whoever was responsible." continuing to try and avert her eyes and stop laughing.

"So Anaska, apart from the obvious changes what do you think of the overall concept and design, is it doable?"

Anaska awkwardly put all of the parts down on the one free table in the room, being careful to make sure nothing from the armful would fall onto the ground, she began speaking as she layer out each individual component neatly, "With a few changes to the overall design of it, yeah, I say It's definitely doable, and hell, it might even be a hit"

Her attention quickly shifted back to the table just in time to catch a capacitor before it rolled off the table, putting it between some other parts so that it was contained. "you're okay with me coming in and throwing the whole thing on it's head though, right? I mean I just want to make sure that I'm not offending anybody by coming in and changing their baby"

"Well it is your job to go over these things, and everyone here is one big family so improvements are beneficial to everyone and help them to do better in the future. They can learn a lot from you and that's something they are happy about." Kryss said absently jotting down more notes before snapping the book shut, "Well I must be on my way, have some other things to check up on so enjoy playing around with this as much as you like and send me and the other techs any design modifications you recommend."

Anaska nodded and got back to it, she looked through a viewing screen into the next room and tilted her head to the side at what she saw.. Moving over to the inter-room comms system, she began to speak into it. "Hi uhhh, I don't mean to be an annoyance but that focusing lens is in backwards...".

One of the people clad in a chem suit moved over to the laser array and looked at it closely, before throwing their clipboard to the floor in frustration, causing Anaska to quickly make the room-divider turn Opaque.

Yep.. seemed like an average family to her...