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Approved Submission [Horizon/Akemis] Jadeite Gunship


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  1. I agree
Here we go my first attempt at a starship, I expect to encounter several issues with this based on my own inexperience so reviewers don't hold back! Particular areas I'd like double checked is speed and damage, including number of weapons and if the ones im using are acceptable so.
ping @Ametheliana for accepting this ship design which is long overdue
ping @Kai for checking the couple of origin weapons are ok to use
ping @Zack or Jack Pine for FM approval
and another thing to note, at the precise time of submitting this article the Falcon Drive has not yet been approved however it was essentially approved onces right before i had to scale back the speed so im going off the assumption it will be approved by wes once more very soon and i dont expect this ship to be approved before that happens anyway.

There is new art provided by Ame which was commissioned from Banzz

Also gonna tag @FrostJaeger and @Alex Hart since I know those dudes are DRv3 handy in case I'm missing something ^^
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The Heavy Laser Turret is perfectly fine to use, just be aware of the intended DR changes as it's being revamped and currently still under review.

The GIPC is also fine, just be aware that the article is obsolete and that it's due for replacement soon.


Everything Is Magical
In the thread opening post i said, art commission by ame from banzz

And kai could you suggest anything to replace the gipc?


Everything Is Magical
As a matter of fact I do mind >:U

So do you mean like, link an article? or did I miss the section entirely, im lazy and at school so cant be bothered checking wiki ;3
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