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RP: Galactic Horizon [Horizon] Business on the Rocks


Everything Is Magical
Galactic Horizon HQ

Kryss sat in an office on the 4th floor of the Horizon building waiting for her two guests to arrive, it was well past closing hours for the business side of Horizon and most of the others had left already. The head liaison and assistant CEO had invited her trusted division head Anaska and had sent an invitation to IIS for some after hours discussion.

A polite rapping at the door signaled the arrival of one of the guests, who gingerly keyed the knob and took a peek inside. "Ah, I was hoping I'd got the right room! It's good to see you again Miss Black." The ever-optimistic voice was complemented by a familiar face, that of Mister deDanillo, the very person from IIS Kryss had last spoken to. He seemed to be sporting quite the eager smile, gesturing politely to the various seats, "Where do you want me?"

"You're the guest, you get the luxury of picking a seat" Anaska cheerily piped in from behind him, having seemingly poofed into existence and a lot more energetic than she would be if this was during the day. In truth she was hoping to have gotten here before the IIS representative but alas, somebody had some questions for her on their way out for the day and one thing lead to another, but she was here on time and that was what mattered.

"Indeed, choose any you desire and get comfy we may be here a while and the bar is stocked." Kryss said flashing a grin as she rose from her seat and moved to shake both their hands. "Thank you both for coming none the less, I would have been spending the evening doing papers if not for this less than professional meeting."

deDanillo blinked in surprise at the visitor, offering her a little smile of greeting. "Excellent! Will do." The well-dressed man stepped a pace or two to where Kryss had stood, grasping her hand firmly but not too hard as they shook. "You have a bar?" He seemed pretty eager. Stepping back, he swept over to the second-nearest seat, being the gentleman and allowing Anaska the closer seat. In fact, as he made his way over he pulled it back for her a little, obviously with the intent of seating her.

Anaska shook Kryss' hand and went to sit down, the polite gesture from deDanillo was not lost on her, "Quite the gentleman aren't we" she spoke with a thankful nod and a smile before she began squirming around in the chair to get comfortable. "I'm not much for drinking so I think I may pass on that, thankyou"

With the petite Shukaren Daur seated, deDanillo offered a light chuckle, unbuttoning his blazer as he took his own seat. "I do try, it's sort of instinctive." The Yamataian laced his fingers expertly, leaning forwards a little onto the desk. "Oooh, I could go for a bourbon if you have any. If not, water is great." He gave Kryss a bit of a sly wink, a far cry from his professionalism last they had seen each other.

Kryss nodded at each of them, "Alrighty one bourbon coming up, as for you Anaska I'll be dammed if we don't get some fire in you at some point tonight but for the time being I'll let you off the hook." Kryss poured the drink and passed it to deDanillo before making herself a Brandy and taking a seat, "So despite the lack of usual professionalism we are in fact here to discuss the latest design concept which Anaska here has been overseeing for the past while and helping to keep on track and plausible." The blonde tapped a few keys on her desk causing a small holo projector to sprout from the table and display the rough design and specs.

The sub-division head of heavy machinery rose from her seat and made her way over to the display. "So Mr DeDanillo was it? how well versed with this are you" she asked, the Tinacen accent distinct in her voice.

Markus rubbed the back of his head a little, giving a bit of a apologetic look to the foxgirl. "Ahh.. I'm more on the management side of things than than engineering, though I know a little more than the basics." He returned his hands to their neutral pose, "I'll ask any questions as we go along, if that's okay?"

"That's all well and good" Anaska said before clearing her throat, only now realising how out of place her usual lab clothes looked when compared to the two suited individuals in the room. "Well the whole thing has been through a few revisions, but in it's current form the Redback is a light scouting vehicle powered by easily chargeable twin batteries, it carries itself upon hover skids which can fold down to act as legs if the situation requires it to" she paused for a second and thought back to a different time, when the plan was to use coaxial rotors before she went back to pointing at various parts of the hologram.

"The afterburners can provide it with short bursts of speed in either mode and also function as powerful breaks when you need to stop at a moment's notice, the user interface is easily accessible for anybody whether it be new staff you are getting trained or veterans in the field." Anaska's tail began to swat around a little bit, absentmindedly, as she continued to speak.

"All in all it's a great little, nifty scouting vehicle for almost any environment, now, do you have any questions? anything at all" she queried as she re-adjusted her glasses nervously, she might take that drink now.

"Mhm." Markus nodded along in understanding, pulling one of his shirtsleeves a bit further free of the seam of his blazer's arms. "Ingenious, I love the way you've given the design a selection of movement modes. What do the afterburners run on?" The IIS rep asked out of genuine scientific curiosity, tilting his head a fraction to one side.

Anaska blinked a few times, that was one of the few questions she didn't prepare herself for. Panicking a little but keeping a calm look on her exterior, she went to the hologram and pulled up the thruster system, quickly reading it before turning back around.

"A good question, they run off fusion cores so no nasty emissions, the whole thing is electronic" The fox girl finally answered, feeling as if she had dodged a bullet.

"I see. What sort of punishment can it take, if I may ask? I'm sure it's impressive knowing you guys." He smiled reassuringly, eluding to the stack of reports Kryss had seen during their first meeting.

"As much as you can give it." Kryss snickered under her breath starting to feel the effects of her brandy and not being able to help herself

The well-groomed man gave Kryss a knowing look and a smile at the comment, taking a big sip of his drink as to share in the atmosphere. "What if I hit it with a reeeeeally big hammer?"

Anaska frowned a little at those around her, she felt out of place and so moved across to the bar while she spoke. "Well, that depends on how big the hammer is really, how big were you thinking?", she asked before disappearing behind the bar.

Kryss smiled at the comment before shaking her head seeing the little fox disappear behind the counter, "To answer seriously, it's built for speed and mobility not really for fighting so the resistance and durability are low to decrease weight. However it isn't so weak as to collapse from a few shots and from the few tests on various alloys and materials we've conducted it will effectively protect the pilot in a crash of 100km/h or less with the worst results being several fractures and minor concussion."

"I gotcha, that's pretty neat. Nice work!" He grinned wide, taking another appreciative sip of his glass, leaning back slightly in his seat to glimpse Anaska as she vanished - or perhaps he was looking at something else. "Okay, what can I help you with? This is all very impressive."

"I trust you won't have forgotten our meeting some time ago, much like we discussed then we need a place to build them efficiently and may need some help in acquiring the resources to build said machines. Anaska here will be in charge of overseeing the production as well being responsible for half of the design modifications so trust you'll put her up somewhere nice on that floating city of yours?"

Anaska's head popped up from behind the counter, her face had a slight air of... joy to it. "S-somebody say my name?" she said with a giggle before walking out from behind the bar with a slight sway to each step and a half empty beer bottle in her hand, she never had been a heavy weight

Markus seemed delighted at this prospect, leaning back and making a sweeping welcoming gesture. "Of course! We can help as much as you need, Empress knows we have enough shipyards spare we can set to construct these Redbacks." It was at this moment he spotted Anaska waltzing back towards them, a playful light taking his eyes for a second. "You alright there? Seems like you'll be bunking at my house for a while." Of course, he meant the 30 million population station he lived on but was poking the foxgirl to see how she reacted, a smirk pulling at the corners of his mouth.

Anaska wandered back over to her seat and tumbled over the arm rest to get into it, putting her legs up on the other side and wrapping her tail around her torso. "I mean sure... as long as there is something for me to lay on" she managed to bumble out through the haze. "I have a tendency to lay on things" she continued, referencing her constant naps she took, but only Kryss would know that..

"Lay on things?" deDanillo chuckled in amusement, it should really have been obvious a girl like her would be into naps, he thought. "Well, I'm sure we can arrange something. We'll have to get you a cute little IIS jumpsuit if you're staying for a while."

"Ahem" Kryss cleared her throat smirking at the two knowing exactly what Mr deDanillo was eluding to, "As much as I'm glad you're getting along lets not forget what we are here for for the current moment hmm?"

The holo model of the Redback disappeared and was replaced by something else, "This is a little side project my father, Riccard the CEO and myself have been working on occasionally. We have no name for it yet nor the equipment or staff to properly design it." The image in question was a set of several small devices with the heading, Medi-Tech.

Although she looked slightly drunk it was more of an appearance act as she spoke seriously and changed into a neutral expression, "We have contacted several specialists including Beaumont, an ex S6 employee who is well versed in medical technology and are waiting for them to arrive so that we can make them viable as civilian aid tools, most likely emergency service and potentially military use."

"Section 6? Oh, now that is interesting." He nodded, making an affirmative noise as he did. "Well, this is something my area of the company doesn't normally get involved in. However, one of the company's subsidiaries does lots of good with healthcare."

Markus tapped his chin for a moment, as if recalling something. "I believe they help Nekovakjira reintegrate into society as well but their main business is private healthcare." A little tap on the rim of his glass, "I can get in touch with them if you want to open this to market when it's ready..?"

Kryss nodded, "I expect we'll be in contact with your various divisions and reps soon enough, for now they're merely a side project waiting for the right help to put it together, much like the Redback when this little one fell from the sky." She said patting Anaska on the head lightly grinning at her recalling the day months ago.

Anaska had a look on her face as if she was both deep in thought and distant, until her boss came up and patted her on the head. Her ears dropped and her breathing became shallow, rapid puffs of excitement. "yes yes, that's the *hic* spot, right there *hic*" she spoke, her leg tapping against the chair she was sitting on.

Markus seemed to be having a little bit of a breakdown of his mental faculties, seeming to watch in awe as the cuteness unfolded. The tiniest hint of crimson liquid becoming visible on the end of his nose, to which he quickly retrieved a hanky from a pocket and tried to pretend he was blowing it. "Uhh- Oh, mhm. Whatever you need, we treat our friends well." It seemed like he had something else to say but ended up being apparently mesmerized by the rhythmic thumping of Anaska's foot on the table.

The petting of her head eventually ceased and Anaska went back to being just uninebriated instead of uninebriated and under the influence of affection. "So uhh, I'm *hic* glad we're all getting along so grandly, this is the best business meeting I've had in all my short time being here" she spoke before trying to remember what she had been thinking about prior her being assaulted by her boss' barrage.

Kryss waved her hand around lazily, "Of course my dear Anaska this is waaaay more fun than normal meetings, usually they don't let you in the alcohol cupboard till afterwards and I'd probably be seen as some sort of pimp for patting you." Finishing her glass the blonde stretched checking the time, "Wow this went a little longer than I expected but no harm done, I think we covered all the important bits. Which regrettably we will need to go and writeup tomorrow or some other time but for now..." Kryss looked over at Anaska, "It's probably best if you get some sleep, you'll need energy for dealing with that hangover tomorrow and I should excuse myself as well, gotta restock this before Riccard finds out we raided his stash."

"Of cour- Uhh.." Markus chuckled, giving Kryss a knowing wink as he raised himself up from the plush seat. "I won't tell. It was great seeing you again Miss Black, I've really enjoyed being invited here." The man adjusted his tie for a moment, then offered a parting hand for her to shake if she wished. "Give my regards to the provider of this fine drink, hmm?"

Taking a second to glance at the petite Shukaren Daur once more, the well-dressed rep gave her a wink as well, with several deeper undertones hidden within. "I'm sure I'll be seeing you at some point, honey and water is a great hangover cure by the way." His smile was playful to say the least.

"Thankyou for that, Mr DeDan-ohshit" she began getting up to thank him, but somehow ended up stumbling (not at all due to her blood-alcohol level) over onto the floor, face first.

"I'm fiiiiiiine I'm fine" she said, her cheeks beginning to redden from embarrassment.

Kryss laughed at the abrupt falling over of the little fox and shook her head once more, "C'mon you, lets get you into a bed somewhere, you are not going home like this." The assistant CEO crouched down and gathered up the collapsed Daur slinging her arms over her own shoulders so she could get a grip.

Markus retracted the offered hand, realising there was probably more pressing matters than a shake, given the little fox that had sprawled herself across the floor. "Oh dear.." He chuckled, helping Kryss with discretion as best he could.

"I'll show myself out, I hope you'll be in touch about details and.. good night, I suppose." The suited man gave a little wave as he made his way out of the meeting room first, as to not get in the way of the important duty of fox-settling. This was definitely his favorite meeting in a long while.

Anaska had dozed off somewhere in the process and light snoring noises could be heard as she was carted away to somewhere comfy.