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Worldbuilding Prompt How Are Cybernetic Implants Powered in Star Army?


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I saw this question recently on Reddit and thought that it's a great question for the minds of Star Army. In our shared universe of SARP, how are people with cybernetic implants like Hoshi Sanda (robot arm) providing them with enough power to do their thing? Most types of generators would have a major heat issue...so they have to change batteries every few hours?
That is a good question, and here's what GPT had to say

Chat GPT Reply
In the Star Army universe, cybernetic implants are powered through a combination of methods to ensure efficiency and functionality. One common method is the use of advanced energy storage technology, such as microfusion cells or highly efficient batteries. These power sources can provide a significant amount of power in a compact form, allowing for extended use without the need for frequent recharging.

Additionally, some cybernetic implants may incorporate energy harvesting technologies, such as converting kinetic energy from movement or thermal energy from the body into electrical power. This helps to supplement the main power source and extend the overall runtime of the implant.

In cases where heat dissipation is a concern, advanced thermal management systems are utilized to regulate and dissipate excess heat generated by the implant's power source. This ensures that the implant operates within safe temperature limits while still providing the necessary power for its functions.

Overall, the power systems used in cybernetic implants in the Star Army universe are designed to be reliable, efficient, and capable of meeting the energy demands of various implants without sacrificing user comfort or safety.

this also makes sense to me, as someone who plays Cyborgs.
We do already have things like wireless charging fields with stuff like CFS recharging NSBz, maybe something like that could exist but on a lower power scale? So every time you walk near one or sit down your cybernetics get topped up. Could have one on your bed that just fully recharges them wirelessly while you sleep

Ironically this tech sort of exists irl but it's very limited
I would agree that it depends. There are a few levels of intensity a plasma weapon has very different power requirements than a computer in your head. Overall, I feel that we have very compact energy generation and storage. What that means is that I suspect most of it is done with batteries that rarely need charging (at least years between charges) and it's done relatively quickly. For low power applications, it is possible they use the body to generate energy. For example, some pacemakers are powered by heartbeats. For high energy things such as say a plasma rifle in your arm, you probably need to 'reload' at some point after use.

Overall I think that running out of power in your implant is rarely a source of conflict. That said, there are characters such as Maradia and situations where running out of energy has been a source of conflict. So it's not something that never happens.
Advancer Enterprises relies on cellular respiration (powered the same way natural cells are, making and using ATP). So they have the drawback of making people hungrier as they need to eat more and their bodies needing to process added organic waste products. Have thought about making artificial mitochondria to address that better, which then got me thinking about artificial cyanobacteria. But that is not within the scope of the question.

If an implant is subjected to stress, it could possible be powered via material using the piezoelectric effect or maybe just the difference between the body temp and the outside atmosphere if it is an external implant.