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Feb 5, 2005
British Columbia, Canada
Hey everyone!

I wanted to give a quick tutorial as there was some confusion about how this forum works.

The Suggestion Tag​

When a suggestion is made it has the Suggestion tag. Inside of the post will be the suggestion, for example:


Upvoting and Downvoting​

If you like the suggestion, you can upvote it. If you dislike the suggestion you can downvote it. Upvoting is controlled from this part at the side of the post:

On mobile (narrow width) views the voting is immediately below the post instead of on the side.

Implemented and Closed​

The Implemented tag means that the suggestion or idea has been implemented by the site's staff. Suggestions and ideas that have been closed will have the Closed tag.

Making Suggestions​

Anyone can make a suggestion. It is good to give as much information about your suggestion as possible. The suggestion should be clear and concise so other players can upvote or downvote it. Remember, the community will give feedback on your suggestion through replies and their decision to upvote or downvote.

  • Things that are for discussion should be put in the setting discussion forum instead.
  • Avoid making suggestions that are clearly against the site rules.
  • Avoid misuse of this section; for example, downvoting ideas based on who suggested them rather than their content.