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I’m coming back...


... that is to say if you guys will still have me.

I’m a returning member from a while ago with a Separa’Shan character named Corsalyn.
It’s been a while but I’m hoping I can get started back up and continue to rp on this wonderful site.

Jack Pine

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Always ready to accept returning members with open arms, we understand life and other things happen, so no sweat. I hope to get a chance to write with ya, also let any of our staff team know if you need any help, or have any questions.


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Thanks for returning and welcome back! :)


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If you want help filling in the gaps, I can let you know that after mission 16, Corsalyn spent four months in transit back to the Kikyo Sector/Yamatai from the YSS Kaiyo II's position. You can of course make up whatever else, but that is kind of the bare bones details I can give from a GM standpoint.
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