• 📅 January 2022 is YE 43.7 in the RP.

I have returned


Everything Is Magical
Well, as title says, I’m back sort of

couple people have seen me in discord, just wanted to mention on the forums i am planning to slowly work my way back into semi regular activity in sarp probably starting with wiki stuff

so anyone who knew me from way back when let me know what your up to, gimme adds for stuff, i wanna know whats crackin!

Alex Hart

🎖️ Game Master
Glad to see you back, Club. I'm currently still around handling things as the FM of the New Dusk Conclave, which is near-ish to Neshaten space. Currently there's one plot being run out there, and its first arc is winding down. That's my spiel, how have you been?


Everything Is Magical
Thanks wes, will definitely let you know if there’s anything new im not familiar with and I’ll be sure to take a gander at the guide

Good to see you too alex, hope that plot’s going well and is jack still around with ndc?

rawolfe mate, you know im always kicking around somewhere