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I send greetings.


I am a fan of sci-fi and enjoy writing it, so I hope to roleplay here! I plan on making a robot or cyborg character, so info or advice on such characters is appreciated. Thanks, and glad to be a part of this!

Charmaylarg Dufrain

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Hey Hey! Welcome to the community~

Join us on the discord if ye feel like hanging out or need help~
Ye options for robots or cyborgs are the following:

Nepleslians have alot of cyborgs and are the biggest in setting around cyborg (Or cybernetic as its called by them) enhancement.

Minkin And Neko are technically bio androids tho dont give off the cyborg or robot aesthetic if thats what ye looking for.

Freespacers are big on automata (Big robot borgs) and kind of half cyborgs.

Jump on the discord at any time or feel free to message myself or anyone else that comments on here. Cause im sure you'll get ALOT of plot invites from just about every GM on the site. I run the 13th precinct which is a new-player friendly plot in the nepleslian faction about a SWAT style team of cops. As well as Die screaming which is a nepleslian military plot around... Trying not to die screaming~

I Co-run the nepleslian faction which has alot of those borgs and bots so feel free to message me any time with questions. And not that you can join as many plots for as many factions as you want to make characters for and some species (like nepleslians with cyborg bits) can play in other factions too since they can live in other factions orexchange to their military, etc.

Welcome to SARP!


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Welcome to SARP! It’s wonderful to have you here with us :) if you have any questions do ask us, this is a very open and friendly community that is eager to help you out:) we got many kind of stories so hop on in and we gladly help you further enjoy your stay with us.


So, I'm thinking along the lines of a Nepleslian or Freespacer cyborg, preferably one that works as a spy and is more machine than man. Nepleslian Intelligence Operative may be the best way to go. Btw, I'm trying to submit a character on the wiki but it doesn't work. Do I just submit here?


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Thanks for joining! I hope to read your RP posts soon! :)