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[IIS] New Dusk Conclave Proposal


Well-Known Member
RP Date
YE 40
To: New Dusk Conclave Council
From: Iemochi Chiyo, CEO, Iemochi Innovations & Sales


We here at IIS recently saw your advertisement for corporations to become involved in your nation.

IIS currently has trade deals with nearly all nations in the Kikyo Sector and are in talks with more.

We would be delighted to assist where we can and help the Conclave grow.

If you are amicable, I will dispatch a representative immediately to discuss opening a new company on Sirris VI.

Kind Regards
Iemochi Chiyo


Jack Pine

Staff Member
FM of S6
Game Master
To: Iemochi Chiyo, CEO, Iemochi Innovations & Sales
From: EVE 3971-Communication Management AI

I have been directed to point out that we are not looking for a 3rd party run business. The founders have had bad relations and dealings with such companies in the past. Therefore we would prefer that the company be purely based locally, as to limit outside persuasion.

Please do not take this choice wrongly as we are only wary. Even given our organizations' good relations in the past, we are being particularly careful with building this new government. That being said, we are still more then delighted to have your help, and business dealings with you in our developing economy.

We here can arrange a meeting immediately, if you do wish to still lend your support. Harboring continued good relations as in the days of Section 6, would be wonderful.



Well-Known Member
To: EVE 3971-Communication Management AI
From: Iemochi Chiyo, CEO, Iemochi Innovations & Sales

It appears that my sister, Iemochi Yakena, will attend the meeting. She seems to have taken an interest outside of IIS business. Contact her in future concerning this matter, I'm sure in future IIS will be in touch about business deals.

Kind Regards
Iemochi Chiyo