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YE 44.5

YE 44.5

To: Iemochi Independent Systems
From: Nitô Heisho Ahn Ha-neul (안 하늘)

The Star Army of Yamatai is interested in procuring 50 Eye III-class stealth craft for a military trial period. Please provide us with a price and an estimate of how soon you could deliver them.


Nitô Heisho Ahn Ha-neul (안 하늘)
Secretary for Central Fleet Depot, Materiel Acquisitions Division

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To: Nitô Heisho Ahn Ha-neul (안 하늘), Star Army Logistics, Central Uesureya, Planet Yamatai
From: Iemochi Applied Technology, a subsidiary of Iemochi Innovations & Sales

We are excited to hear from the Star Army once again! We hope the veteran rehabilitation programme is serving you well.

We can of course provide the 50 units of the Eye-IIIs for your trials.

The standing price without any additions is 48,000KS per, which includes basic stealth and sensor systems. Optional extras are as follows:
Enhanced sensor package (14,000 KS)
Aether-plasma inline thruster (2,000 KS)
Aether reactor (5,000 KS)
CDD/Fuel module (12,000 KS)

Mosquito Gun Pod (10,000 KS +Ammo cost)
Secondary Personnel pod (13,000 KS)
Oversize cargo pod (1,500 KS)

Depending on your use-case, these optional extras will be of great usage.

We recommend Aether reactors and thrusters, knowing how the Star Army prefers those methods of power and propulsion over different types. I imagine you will also opt for the enhanced sensor package and perhaps the additional CDD module.

In that case, it would be 48,000 + 14,000 + 12,000 + 2,000 + 5,000, or 81,000 KS, per unit using Aether with a higher top speed and diminished stealth capabilities.
It would be 48,000 + 14,000 + 12,000 or 74,000KS, per unit without Aether with a lower top speed and greater stealth capabilities.

50 units would be 4,050,000 KS with Aether, or 3,700,000 without.

We have produced many Eye-IIIs before over the years it has been in service, so we have 50 new units in our local storage which we can send over immediately.

Please let us know whether this would be an acceptable transaction.

Many thanks,
Aerinoi Genhich, CEO, Iemochi Applied Technology
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