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Important Privacy Note - "Real Name" Field on the Wiki

Hey Star Army!

I wanted to address an important privacy issue that has turned up a couple times. When you register a wiki account on Star Army there's an option for your display name that's called Real Name, which is the default language that the software uses for that field. The Real Name field is used mainly for credit and copyright ownership purposes (as in who does this work belong to).

Because a lot of people are uncomfortable putting their real name out there, yet have put it in that box on the wiki, I've tried to avoid using it on the wiki whereever possible, opting to display people's usernames instead whenever I can. But the issue is that this was never intended to be a private field and is still visible in certain places on the wiki (and metadata).

When I was experimenting with the new structured data plugin for example I found that if I made a "user" field it would display full names in the user search results. So I changed it to a page field (which provides user: wiki page results) to protect privacy. In the future I'm going to edit the wiki to say "Display Name" instead of "Real Name" to avoid confusion.

TL: DR If you prefer to participate under a pseudonym like just your username, please do not put your real name into the wiki's Real Name field

You can update your wiki profile here:

If you need assistance in changing old instances of your name in parts of the wiki contact me direct via forum PM.


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Just bumping this thread because it looks like the wiki updates bot for the Discord seems to use the "real name" field. As a reminder, you don't have to put your real name in that field. You can just put your username if you prefer. If I can change this to use just the username I'll do that.