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Closed Improve Canon Flow to Favor RP

These suggestions have been dropped by the suggestor or rejected by staff.


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Currently most of the stuff getting added to the SARPiverse looks like this:
  • Pages added to the wiki --> RP using stuff in those pages (maybe)
What I'd like to see try is
  • RP events and items --> If we like the result, add them to the wiki
  • Currently there's a heavy focus on the wiki and I'd like to shift focus more toward to RP.
  • A lot of wiki pages are being added that don't seem to be used in RP.
  • Require links to RP appearances in submissions - put the RP first
  • (Optional) Mark threads as canon in return for a summary of the events that happened in them (which can be an event page or used to make an event page or history section updates)
  • More RP posts
  • Less pointless wiki work and submission review work
  • Members can see real examples how a setting element is used at the time of submission
  • Community is more informed about what is happening in RP
  • Sometimes the stuff people have appear in RPs won't make it to canon (not necessarily bad) or will be altered to fit the setting when it's translated to the wiki
If you like the idea of us only accepting wiki stuff that's actually appeared in the RP, please vote for this idea.
This suggestion has been closed. Votes are no longer accepted.


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FM of Elysia
Personally, I do like this idea, but it carries a large risk:

Somebody decides to do RP with a new weapon, vehicle, etc. and then adds it to the wiki. Unfortunately, that person has a poor sense of scale or balance, and adjustments need to be made. The person, despite being made aware of this, tries to force their creation as-is into canon, causing a lot of stress and problems (and sometimes resulting in the person leaving the community).

I like the idea of RP being the driving force behind the wiki (instead of the other way around, as you've pointed out) - I am, however, worried that this could open up some large potential risks.

Of minor note: Some articles may not appear in RP but can be helpful worldbuilding - the page on Elysian marriage traditions and details, for example. It might be worthwhile to create a precedent or deliberate exemption system for certain articles.


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I don't think that's any different than people submitting overpowered stuff already goes, haha. At least this way, the RP still happens. Even in cases where the thing didn't become canon, they had their fun RPing with it.


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The reason things are usually approval-use rather than use-approval on any forum, is because very few people like making a thread revolving around something that then gets denied. Explaining why this thing doesn't work like it previously did or why it doesn't exist at all is an extraneous thing that could discourage creativity and make people less inclined to want to do new things.


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I'm all for more RP. I feel like there's been a dry spell lately for RP. And I do see the merits of changing to this style. I know personally I was planning to add something to the wiki myself but the more I thought about it the less creative juices flowed. So in my mind I thought I would slowly add them in some of my RP because then it felt more natural to me.

However, I do think arbitrated and wan make some valid points.


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Anything that encourages people to dive into RP is a great idea. Then again, note that the people chiming in on this thread are people who have been pretty active in RP anyway. I’d like to hear from someone who hasn’t been RPing, but who might be convinced to do so with the right circumstances.

Alex Hart

I feel like people already introduce stuff in RP before wikifying it in a not inconsiderable number of cases, but like Wan mentioned, I do see an issue with things appearing in RP, and then being changed for balance reasons during wikification and people could get bent out of shape over that.

The wiki->RP flow that things generally take keeps RP generally consistent with the wiki, and the wiki consistent with RP.
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It looks like this suggestion isn't very popular. Thanks for voting and the feedback everyone!