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RP [Independent-plot] ISS Sobek

Sood Zadra UX-3 III
ISS Sobek

Quickly noting the performance quirks of Ellen's Starybryte-L alongside a reminder to lookup its dimensions after the meeting, Dom nodded in response. He'd have to make sure that his team took the off-centred mass into account when they secured the shuttle. It shouldn't be a problem, but the last thing anyone wanted was to deal with a rogue shuttle crashing around the cargo bay if they got the restraints wrong.

The cargomaster added the information on Mileena's Sky Fox to his notes before pausing in shock. That was not what he had expected. Especially from a young woman who was probably only half his age. Maybe she was teasing him and, after the slip of his tongue, that would indeed be deserved. On the other hand, the fox anthro might just be innocent enough not to know that she shouldn't just go giving out information like that to a virtual stranger. Dom decided to keep an eye on the cyborg, just in case his second assumption was right and someone tried to take advantage of the young woman.

His attention was quickly drawn to the Captain as she summoned him over and explained the situation. The human hummed to himself as he considered the various options Dom could think of off the top of his head. Given the Sobek was still docked on Sood Zadra, they should be able to acquire anything extra they would need before departing. If there was already a timetable to follow though, it might be best to implement a quick solution and use the travel time to put their heads together and design a more permanent solution.

"Hmm, might be easier to hit a scrapyard, grab an old escape pod or somesuch, bring it back and weld it to the deck. Fill it with water, add a pump for air, another for the water, a storage tank and some filters. Would only take a few hours to source and throw together, would be my guess." Dom shrugged. "I'm no engineer, mind you, but it should work. Then we could use the downtime during the cargo run to plan out a more suitable and permanent solution." He snorted. "As a lifelong spacer, I am somewhat allergic to the idea of randomly cutting holes in the ship."
ISS Sobek
Deck 4: Galley

Lenna takes note that Ellen offered to help with cleaning and nods saying to her and the other crew. " there are some daily chores for the maintenance of the craft so hearing that is good as we all need to do our part to keep this craft going. " Looking back over to what Nikicon was showing the Graxlet and then says " I Still do not know why we needed to close off that whole hallway, it was the only path from the stairs and elevators to the aft of the ship. "

Nikicon stops looks up head tilted to the side and then says "I forget why we needed to close it off also. But something really bad would have had to happen for us to have it all closed off."

Then as Holgi started to become active more and talk Lenna and Nikicon looked over toward her and Lenna smiles nodding some as the book was shown to her. the scribbles looked like something but it was not something that she knew and then said to Holgi. " The Sobek was not made for larger creatures in mind, but I am sure that we can find something for you to be comfortable in. It just might take some time. " She smiles softly as the sea drake moved closer Nikicon whimpers a little fearful of the sea drake but does not move much other than to cower a little and look more nervous.

As Dom moved over and suggested that they should get an escape pod or something like it and wield it into the ship for now and work out something more later. Nodding some and then says "I think that would be a good fix for now, but if Holgi is to remain on the crew we will need something more permanent than just an old pod filled with water like a fish aquarium for Holgi." Lenna thinks a little as she pounders the different solutions before them. " And yes I don't like to just cut holes into the craft willy nilly as that will weaken the ship more than it already is. "
"Whater is shock obsorber. It also be as used as coolant." Holgi's head rotated around the other way to face Dom, without moving their torso at all. That long tree-thick neck made it like the bespectacled head was floating on air, right into his personal space. Intentional intimidation? Just clumsy? The long teeth and pearlescent horns were menacing, but the expression was placid and a bit dopey. "...But... If that how you feel, Holgi will buy escape pod themselves... Holgi has very many money and is a respetchtabul doktor that many Kuvex does trust with they slaves!"

With a huff, they then turned around and left the confines of the chamber, intending on setting off into the back street junkyards of Sood Zadra whilst they still had the chance. It was oxygen-cold on this rock, and that meant donning a great deal of extra layers at the best of times. Big body meant it always took forever.

Wondered how rabbit-girl covered ears in this place, it was always hard for Holgi.

Great big strong pretty Kotema would probably let her borrow that lift-junk-truck so she could bring an escape pod back... Maybe she should be working for her instead of these humins?... No, Soon herself said this ship needed good doctor. Kuvex was pure in mind and smartest of all. Should listen to Miss Soon...
ISS Sobek, Sood Zadra
Deck 4 - Galley

Dom blinked, a poleaxed expression on his face at the sudden departure of the Silanbar. He looked at the Captain and First Officer, his hand rising to his mouth as he repeatedly attempted to say something, anything. He failed miserably and settled for a helpless shrug. "What did I say?" the humans's confusion filled his voice. "I was being friendly, right?" He'd have to follow up with Holgi later on, make sure he hadn't unintentionally given some kind of racial insult or slur. Dom really didn't want his squishy human self to be at odds with the person providing the medical care and/or food aboard the ship.

After a few more seconds, Dom shook off his confusion at the way the previous conversation went horribly sideways and looked once more to Lenna. "Well... If there's nothing else, Captain, I'd like to start work on clearing spaces in the cargo bay for the ships belonging to Miss Ellen and Miss Mileena."
Lenna nods some and then says "Water can also pass on the shock to something else and cause a lot more damage. But it can be used as a coolant in a pinch and is much better than air." Hearing that she was going to go get her a pod themselves and then moved out of the galley Lenna called after her "Holgi, there might be some a vehicle that you can move the pod on in the craft bays Find Sa'dor and ask him for one He is a feline bipedal in the cargo bay. " Unsure if she was heard she sighs some and then pulls out a compad and sends a message to Sa'dor about it just in case she did hear her. Then steps back into the galley as she asks. " If there is nothing more than let us get the Sobek ready to leave. Get your items finalized and in place. " The compad beeps as the AI of Sobek turns on a screen nearby and says " Captain Dr. Saito has just messaged saying that are in orbit and are requesting our landing pad. So that they can dock and get to work. " Lenna nods and smiles as she looks up " That is the last of the crew for the Voyage! "

Nikicon and Stan look up and then at each other as Stan asks " what the doctor was doing as they have one already. " Nikicon smiles and then says "Not a doctor for people this is a research person to help learn more about the Sobek. I am very happy that they are going to be here as there are a lot of things that need to be fixed and or upgraded." Nikicon moves off out of the galley and starts to whistle as she says " I'll be in engineering Captin, Come on Stan we need to make sure the fixes we did are holding and do not need to be adjusted again... I hope they know what a meason reactor is/does so it can be fixed!" Stan mumbles something as he walks from the galley and the lavender scent of the air can be enjoyed once more instead of unwashed flesh.
Mileena could only grin at Dom’s reaction to her previous statements. Truthfully, she was teasing, but she would be lying if she didn’t say that she was still new to the universe. Some things might be lost on her, that clone orientation back in Draco Eridanus didn’t include. Something she was not sure of yet. She turned as Dom’s attention went elsewhere, and blinked at Holgi’s behavior. She felt confused by it as much as anything else. But instead, the Fox Cyborg decided to focus her thoughts on getting her starship into the ship’s shuttle bay.

As she walked to the exit ramp leading out of the ship, Mileena felt a profound sense of glee, her dream was finally coming to fruition. She was serving on a vessel that served as a cargo hauler, sure she knew it was an armed cargo transport, but she was still excited. Her new booted feet clomped on the ramp as she walked down it, and then onto the solid ground of the ISS Sobek’s docking bay.

She turned to the big doors and walked to them which led her into the hall, which she walked down, as she headed towards her ship’s docking bay. “Oh! I’m gonna have to talk to the dockmaster, and tell them my ship is being moved to its new home. I’ll do it after” she murmured to herself as she entered her soon-to-be a former docking bay.
She entered her personal spaceship, turned it on, and piloted it towards the ISS Sobek. She then connected her ship to the Sobek’s with the help of Dom.. Eventually, after careful piloting, the Sky Fox was in its new berth beside the shuttles the Sobek had at its disposal

Once again Mileena left not only her ship, but the Sobek’s as well. She soon found the dock worker, employed by Lady Sood, and spoke to them. “Hey, I wanted to let you know, that now that I am a member of the ISS Sobek’s crew, I moved my ship to its shuttle bay, so I do not need Sood’s shuttle bay. How much do I owe you?” Mileena asked, thinking that despite her ship being docked only for an hour at most, she should still pay.
Sood Zadra UX-3 III
ISS Sobek
Galley => Hallways => Main Cargo Bay

The human cargomaster of the ISS Sobek left the galley, engrossed in the notes he had made and already attempted to verify the dimensions and standard mass of the shuttles belonging to Miss Ellen and Miss Mileena. It looked like it would actually be fairly easy to fit both the Sky Fox and Starbryte-L in the upper shuttle bay alongside the Racoon and Kuma that were already berthed there. That would leave the lower shuttle bay largely empty for the Yugumo shuttle that Dom had been told to expect at some point. Apparently the consultants it was carrying were somewhat adamant with regards to its security, so perhaps isolating it from the rest of the shuttles would be the smart thing to do - especially with Miss Ellen planning on using her Starbryte as living quarters.

At any rate, so far the numbers looked promising, so Dom dropped a message to the contacts he had for Miss Ellen and Miss Mileena, advising them to bring their shuttles in to be parked and secured in the upper shuttle bay. He also uploaded his plans to Captain Lenna and Miss Nikicon, assuming that if they agreed, they would instruct the Yugumo folks to plan on being docked in the lower shuttle bay. Dom thought about it and, after recalling their Gravlat engineer, also advised securing the lower shuttle bay to massively restrict access while the Yugumo folks were onboard but not present within. But, that was the Captain's call to make - Dom's was just to do as he was damn well told, preferably before he was actually damn well told to do whatever it was in the first place.

Arriving in the main cargo bay, he nodded, happy to see that most of the remaining preparation work was completed and the last of the supplies were being securely stored. Dom sighed, realising that he might as well get started on the waiting paperwork and making sure that everything was up to spec. The last thing they needed was the kind of hell a rightfully pissed off Captain would bring down on them if they pulled in to their next port of call and the cargo manifests and other records weren't ready for inspection. That way lay fines and even ,Dom had heard the horror stories, in some cases impoundment of the vessel itself.

No, unless someone needed him, like say Miss Ellen or Miss Mileena to aid with docking or Holgi returning - this was a necessary evil he would have to do battle with.
Sood Zadra UX-3 III
ISS Sobek
Outside => Main Cargo Bay


Oxygen-rich snow began to flood onto the landing pad again. The port sweepers cleared it up, but the billowing gusts of ozone smell couldn't be kept at bay. It didn't match the horizon of jagged and rusted skyscrappers at all, backed by the large squat dome of the Kuvexian's luxury district.... It looked like a giant golden egg in a nest of straw?...

Holgi returned about an hour later with a large, upright pill-shaped metal capsule balanced between two forklift robots. The capsule was teal-green in colouration with big vertical windows and a seam running vertically around the center, and exterior hydraullics to clamshell it open. The robots were gold-plated but also very similar to the Type 42 Yugumo model, quite likely knock-offs produced for the Kuvex market despite the 'Podnieś wszystko' branding.

Everything was covered in a thick layer of frost, including Holgi's dog-eared mittens and rabbit-eared knitted hat.

She huffed, waddling claws coming to a stop just a few meters from Dom, eyes tired and with a strange expression. They were both light years from home, surrounded by aliens. The industry and impeutus of captain Leena's work was inspiring, but it also came with the pang of homesickness.

"...It was no big deal. Lots of peeps sell this sort of thing? Lots of Silanbars for crews? Maybe tell Holgi where you want it put?" They made that befangled embarrassed look again, then gyratingly shook the snow from their back, a rippling wave from head to tail. They left out the bit where the shopkeeper was surprised to see a lizard buying one for themselves, as it normally came as a package. "Bought you some forkylifts too. The ship dun' have no ground vehicles. Now it does... Maybe tell Sa'dor for me?"

They didn't want to look for him. They didn't want to admit they didn't know what a 'feline' was.
Sood Zadra UX-3 III
ISS Sobek
Main Cargo Bay

Dom wouldn't like to admit to the non-insubstantial relief he felt upon the return of the Silanbar medic. If Holgi had decided not to return, the cargomaster would have felt entirely responsible for chasing away the Sobek's medical officer, however unintentional it might have been. Fortunately, it looked as though the draconic doctor had succeeded with its self-appointed quest, if the large capsule being hauled in by the robots was any example.

Not that they had been sat around waiting for long - in the elapsed hour, between Dom riding herd on his knuckle-draggers and the able assistance of the Tula cargo-handler Sa'dor, everything else had been stowed and locked down. That meant that they could turn their full attention to getting Holgi's temporary tank setup and ready for use. Dom, put his fingers to his mouth and whistled loudly.

"Sa'dor! Our doc is back with some new toys - grab..." the human took a quick look around, spying a couple of his people who looked like they could do with something to keep them busy, although Dom was sure they would believe otherwise. "Elgaz and Rogen there" he waved at the two mentioned, "and move the pod over to the space we cleared for it." Leaving the Tula to organise the move, Dom moved over to Holgi.

"Sorry if I upset you back in the galley, I was more than willing to go and get everything. But, while you were gone, I did gather up a bunch of other equipment we'll need and Stan loaned me a couple of items from the machine room. Come!" He waved the Silanbar over to the corner of the bay. "We'll secure the pod here and clamp it in place around the lower half before securing everything down tight." Dom waved to the different items as he described their use. "We'll use that heavy duty set of rolling stairs to give you access. Once the pod is in place, we'll weld a couple of struts to it and bolt the stairs to them." Next he pointed at the nearby bulkhead. "There's access through panelling here to air and water lines. Wasn't sure if you'd need constant circulation or just flush and refill between uses, but we've got some pumps and enough tubing to do the job either way." The human shrugged apologetically. "This'll be a total bodge job for now, but it should last us plenty long enough to come up with a better solution for your needs." He turned to look at Holgi. "So, what do you think?"
Sood Zadra UX-3 III
ISS Sobek
Main Cargo Bay

"...It has filter. But water gotta go in and out somehow. Yes. That's good." Holgi ducked under a ceiling crane and removed their fogged-up glasses, becoming insantly more sauropod in the gloom between shuttles and containers. It seemed like their voice was containing their emotions carefully, head darting towards the individual features as the husky quartermaster pointed them out. "...Hurm, Holgi can help you put this on, yes..."

A dull look in the eyes, a small pause- and then a look around to see if they were being overheard.

"...Yous getting a favour, Mistur Xando..." After a pause, the arrow-shaped head thumped sidelong into his chest. The reverberating whisper sent vibrations between them, like a cat's purring but much stronger. They'd... taken a break from acting human. "Holgi is loyal, and silanbars are going to do their job... You are understanding?... Holgi scare for look useless pet, so..."

Back to being upright. She put her glasses back on. She fixed the collar of her shirt. Befangled thing nodded twice, and flourished the tail a little.

"...Ask Holgi... for something practical, okaye?"

Mittens took something from their satchell and placed it in his hands. It was a chocolate bar.

Then she walked away.
Sood Zadra UX-3 III
ISS Sobek
Main Cargo Bay

To say Dom was a little nonplussed by Holgi's actions was perhaps something of an understatement. Here he had thought he had offered some unintentional insult to the draconid and yet somehow, he had pleased the Silanbar and gained a chocolate bar and some kind of favour from Holgi? Yeah, safe to say confusion and mild disbelief were running rampant. Deciding to do the sensible, adult thing, Dom just pushed aside the emotional quagmire to deal with later, making a mental note to see if he could research anything about the Silanbar. Just in case by refusing the bar he hadn't accidentally initiated some kind of mating ritual or adoption ceremony. The experienced spacer had heard of stranger taking place out in the black.

"Um, boss?" Dom was intensely grateful for the distraction, although the combination of Sa'dor's distasteful expression and his suddenly-assaulted olfactory system informed him of the likely cause of the interruption. The human turned his head, and, much as expected the ship's resident Graxlat had entered the cargo bay. One fringe benefit of many long years spent working the spacelanes was that you learned to deal with a whole variety of less-than-pleasant smells, although Dom would regretfully admit that the particularly-odoriferous Graxlat would put just about any other unpleasant olfactory experience to shame. Between the much-loathed smell of lavender that pervaded the Sobek and the painfully piquant Eau-de-Graxlat, Dom was quickly considering investing in some kind of long-term nose plugs.

The technician approached the small group as the capsule-pod was wrestled into the desired position. "Yes, yes, yes, Stan can work with this!" The rapid-fire excitable speech flowed almost too quickly to follow and the Graxlat waved the dark toolbag it was holding that clearly had 'Yugumo' emblazoned on the side. "Stan has bestest tools, yes! Latest and greatest of Yugumo! See, Plasma Tool! For the cutting and the welding! Yes, yes, yes!" Dom blinked as his brain tried to parse the technician's words. He'd just about figured it out in the time it took Stan to retrieve a backpack from inside the Yugumo toolbag and strap itself into it.

Understanding finally dawned and the human swallowed, not entirely comfortable with the thought of the excitable Graxlat wielding a high-energy plasma torch. Stan surprised the human though when it very competently navigated the volumetric controls and Dom allowed that maybe there was a good reason for the Graxlat to be the Sobek's lead engineer. With a shrug, and hoping that he wasn't wrong and about to be accidentally dismembered, the cargomaster turned to his apprehensive team.

"Alright, Elgaz, Rogen, keep the forklifts in place until we get the clamps locked for Stan to fix. Sa'dor, with me." With his orders relayed, Dom moved in. The clamps they had were a couple of generations old, designed to be used as a set of three, set equidistantly around a cylindrical object. Personally, the human wasn't exactly enamoured of their ability to remain locked in place should the ship start manoeuvring wildly, hence the need to weld them in place. It didn't take long at all to set the clamps though and Dom was once again surprised at the efficiency and professionality with which Stan worked the plasma torch. He decided to be more generous with his personal estimations of the Graxlat's ability in the future.

Once the clamps were welded to Stan's satisfaction, the forklifts were pulled away and stowed by Dom's minions under the more reliable Sa'dor's directions. Meanwhile Stan, with some assistance from Dom, welded some spare metal stock to the outside of the capsule. These in turn received the heavy-duty rolling stairs. With the first phase complete, they moved on to the next task and began hauling up the deckplates in a line to the bulkhead Dom had earlier pointed out to Holgi. By the time the others returned, it was just in time to pitch in with the routing of electrical, water and atmospheric lines from the hookups behind the bulkhead, through the floor and up to the pod. While the cargo handling team took care of that, Stan had clambered in to the capsule itself to handle the 'delicate, delicate, yes yes!' work needed to allow Holgi to control the conditions within.

With the decking back in place and bulkheads sealed once more, the group reconvened and began installing the necessary pumps, meters, valves and controls under the watchful eyes of the hyperactive technician. Finally, all that was left was to connect the feeds to the capsule's internals, luckily a process that was fairly straightforward, and to prime the system. Which, at the hammering, clunking noises the pumps initially gave off was quite worrying to the group, for all that Stan looked quite merry and pleased with itself. After several long, worried seconds though, fluids flowed and the noises receded to what seemed to Dom's ears to be normal operational levels. At any rate, the Graxlat seemed to approve and, after a couple of test fills-and-flushes pronounced the project complete.

"Yes, yes, yes! See, Graxlat is having the knowings and the doings! Stan wins again! Yes!" The diminutive alien hugged the toolbag to it's chest before cackling and running off, leaving an equally relieved, exhausted and confused group behind. Dom turned and looked at Sa'dor and the others, opened his mouth to speak but thought better of it and shook his head instead.

"So yeah, that happened..." The human hoped he didn't look as nonplussed as he felt. "Um, I think we should let the pod air out a little before we fetch Holgi to make sure it passes muster. Dom tilted his head. "Graxlat... Huh."
Sood Zadra UX-3 III
Sood Zadra Spaceport
Near planet interface

The YCS Kyūkōka slows some as it begins to enter the planetary interface and starts to head toward the spaceport, A male Minkin smiles and contcts the Spaceport, "Sood Zadra, this is YCS Kyūkōka requesting clearance to join the ISS Sobek currently docked at your spaceport. We are expected by Captain Fuji, Lenna, and crew." Then he leans back as he looks around to the remaining team that are around him he says "I hope this does not take too long and we are able to join back up with the ISS Sobek, and Jaek who is already on board. Remember we are acting crew as with working on the ancient craft. There are going to be systems that are very old, and barely operational. The captain has reached out to us to help bring the craft up to date as with try to recreate a lost tech of some unique armor on it. It is a miss-mesh of tech and years of band-ads that have been scrapped together. Keep an eye out for systems and tech that can be replaced, or upgraded, and write them down for approval. " Yes, sir came the response as the ship exited the fire of orbital descent and entered the air above Sood Zadra the spaceport coming into view as with the settlement from the snow blindness of UX-3 III.

Meanwhile on ISS Sobek
Lenna's compad beeps once more as she looks at it and there is a controller from the spaceport on the screen. " Oh hello there, this is the ISS Sobek Captain Fuji speaking how can I help you?" the Kuvexian air traffic controller returns, "We have a YCS Kyūkōka requesting vectors to your ship. Are they expected and shall I route them to the ISS Sobek?" Lenna nods and then says " Yes yes they are expected and the final crew that we are waiting for. Also, I would like to request pre-clearance for departure once we have them onboard and settled. Will contact for Final clearance when ready to lift off." The Kuvexian air traffic controller nods some and then says "We will process the request and await the final call." The image of the controller fades to back.

Lenna sends a coms request to Domidar her master cargo handler and lets him know. " Hey Dom just letting you know that Dr. Shinji is on final to the Sobek and awaiting clearance to approach and dock, They are in a Taka-class shuttle, the spaceport contacted me for final checks and I am sure they would like you to contact them to be docked. It is best if they use the shuttle bay doors since the cargo hold is already carrying cargo. I'll leave it up to you if it's going into the dorsal or ventral shuttle bay." Lenna awaits the answer before moving to place the coms pad away and then heads off to the dorsal bridge to ready the Sobek for lift-off.

Back to YCS Kyūkōka

The coms beep once more and Shinji moves to open coms and sees a Kuvexian air traffic controller once more. "This is Captain Shinji of the YCS Kyūkōka, awaiting clearance to dock with ISS Sobek." The waiting ATC does not show any emotion as he responds smartly " YCS Kyūkōka, You are cleared to dock with the ISS Sobek, Please contact on channel 54332 for docking, Welcome to Sood Zadra." the coms drop after the welcoming and Shinji smiles and then says " We have been approved to our destination." He smiles and then opens channel 54332 to get ahold of the ISS Sobek.
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Sood Zadra UX-3 III
Sood Zadra Spaceport
Mileena was silent as she walked towards the Dockworker employee of the spaceport, and when she found them. She caught their attention and spoke. “Hey, I wanted to let you know, that now that I am a member of the ISS Sobek’s crew, I moved my ship to its shuttle bay, so I do not need Sood’s shuttle bay. How much do I owe you?” Mileena asked, thinking that despite her ship being docked only for an hour at most, she should still pay. The dock worker looked over at the fox, which they didn’t know was a Cyborg, then simply shoved a pad, that detailed everything Mileena needed to know, and Mileena payed for it with the last of her money that she had her hands on. “Thanks” she told them simply, and turned unless stopped.
Cargo -> "Room" -> Galley

Having reviewed all the crew's medical records, and then having walked through the snow for several hours, Holgi was quite tired after their 'heart to heart' with Dom. She chose to find a place to take a nap whilst the others were making further preparation, and in exploring the crew decks found some door called...


Well, they didn't know what it was called. They couldn't read trade. Fixing their glasses only made it worse.

But it had lots and lots of pictures of the exact same nekovakejer girl with black hair?... And some really large pit in the middle, filled with soft red rectangles and a big cape that was really fluffy feeling inside... Big enough to fit five of those girls!

What was this room for!?

Angry, distrustful, confused, Holgi trotted around on the quilt in five complete rotations, agitatedly getting very comfortable and immediately falling into a very annoyed sleep. They filled up the entire thing. Snow melted and made it soggy. And she farted in it.

Okay, it was kind of nice now.

She dreamt of tasty fish, and being told they were smart by captain Lenna. Everybody clapped and gave them those nice crispy cheese potato things. They got to sit in the important chair.


Awake again. The crew was bustling a bit more, something about new arrivals on the intercom.

Holgi opened their mouth wide enough to swallow a man's arm, extending their tongue and making a tremendous SKRONKing yawn, before licking their fangs, and going back to looking exactly as tired as they had been before.

Hungry. Dehydrated. Looked in the mirror, and found out their hair was a mess. There were way too many hair brushes around, so they just used one of those, de-knotting their mane from head to tail.

Went to the galley next. Walked right into the kitchen, found the automatic coffee machine.

Warm drink was a great invention. She liked that bit about humans. The brown sauce was strong and made them less brainlost.

Started cracking eggs into a pan, milk from something called a ≤ö┴. Cheese. Cheese. Cheese. Small bits of plant. The small strips of reddish meat. Heat. Heat. Smell.

Fogged up glasses. Didn't matter. Stood in the smell. Kinda happy.~

Maybe if somebody else came along, Holgi would let them have some too.
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Sood Zadra UX-3 III​

Sood Zadra spaceport​

The dock worker looked over the pad and then blinked some as Mileena tried to pay as she turned to leave she was stopped by a voice. "Wait, that was not a bill it was paid for in full already. It was prearranged for all incoming crew of the ISS Sobek, Have a nice day." They then turned after grumbling having to be nice and walked off to keep working.

Approaching Sood Zadra Spaceport​

YCS Kyūkōka​

After changing to channel 54332, Dr. Shinji keys up, "ISS Sobek this is Dr Shinji onboard the YCS Kyūkōka, we are on final approach to your location shall we line up for your ventral or dorsal Hanger?" Then keeps heading toward the large vertical craft that is docked in the spaceport.

ISS Sobek​

Engineering section​

Nikicon and Stan are busy in the engineering room Nikicon was half stuck underneath something as Stan was talking the hare through something. " No no you need to adjust that more to the hotter side for more efficiency, yes yes the hotter the better!" Nikicon then says softly " But if it is any hotter then it will start to degrade and burn itself up faster. " Stan's response " mhmm then you have crappy part, they used to be able to handle lots more power than what you're putting into it." There was a pop, a zap and Nikicon jumped " GHAAAA!" Falls still and whimpers some " fuck !!" Stan looks over at Nikicon and asks "Ok, yes yes?" Nikicon mutters some and moves to get out from the console and sighs " yea, but we need to replace it now. " as she holds up the large device in her hands Stan sighs and walks over to a large toolbox and grabs another one as he tosses it to Nikicon. "here, take you this one!" Nikicon meeps dropping the bad part and catching the new one sliding back underneath as she installs the new one. " Ok turn this one up then?" Stan nods saying "Yes yes turn it up about 50% higher than old one."

ISS Sobek​

Dorsal bridge​

Lenna moved into the dorsal bridge of the Sobek and saw that it was for the most part already online and ready as Sobek greets her on a nearby screen. " I have got all systems ready that were able to be ready for departing." Lenna nods and then says "Thank you Sobek, I can take it from here. " Lenna moves over toward the captain's chair and inputs in the final clearances to get the drives online and clear the locks on the craft as she smiles settling into the chair as she. takes note of a surge, and then the drive circuits die. "Nikicon Stan is everything ok in engineering?" Stan responds "Yes yes Kap tin, was doing maintenance and something broke fixing now!" Nikicon responds "Yep an old component blew in my face, But everything is ok including me!" Lenna sighs softly and then says "Just be careful ok Nikicon!"
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Sood Zadra UX-3 III​

Sood Zadra spaceport​

Mileena chirped when the dockworker spoke to her, clarifying that what she was handed wasn’t the bill and that Lenna and Nikicon had already paid for docking. She thought that was nice of them, and was about to turn. “ahh, I see-yip!” she said as she did so, before she heard the dockworker grumbling that sounded like he was grumbling about being nice. She simply made a fox sound and turned before she hurried back to the ship.

Engineering Section
Now back on the ship, she was unsure where to go next, so she decided to make herself useful, and headed to the Engineering Section of the ship. This was where she found Nikicon and Stan. “hello, may I help with anything?” she asked them.
Cafeteria -> Bridge

As Holgi aligator-walked up to the bridge, finding it easier to balance the plastic capsule of hot food on her back, she was suddenly overcome with the notion that the interior of the ship was far more 'natural' feeling than any of the others she had been on... Wide, low tubular corridors of alien design, festooned with exposed honeycomb substructure and hanging wires. A small vibration as the systems waxed an weigned, like the current of a stream in the near distance. The overpowered ventilation system brought the smell of real moss to their nose, a gusting earthy moisture to their skin. Bristle of loose deckplates jostled like cobblestones under her webbed claws...

Probably because it was haphazardly maintained by a dozen differant owners. Yammer ships were more like frozen, clean, fake-feeling things.

Would captain Lenna ruin it?...


Arrived at the top deck still on all fours, pulling up alongside the command throne with an open tray of steaming bacon omlette parcels, fresh coffee and orange juice...

"Crew been working hard long time. Kyaptan should enforce breaks and food." The nurse-creature still stood too tall to be a living room table, but coiled their head downwards and backwards to face Lenna, in a way that weirdly made it seem to levitate at stomach height. "No good getting foggy-headed, will make mistake. Mistake is more work, is."

Practically on schedule, the lights momentarily dimmed under another power surge, and vocalisations from the engine room bugged out whilst the coms system rebooted.

"Did wants nurse-Holgi go down there, and be eyes on?... Seems very dan-geris..."