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RP [Independent-plot] ISS Sobek

After helping Mileena carry Nikicon from the tight passage of the maintenance tunnel that she was working in and just making sure that the Snowshoe hare was breathing Dr Shinji looked over to Mileena and said that she was alive and was just out. Then after Holgi entered he stepped back and moved to go to his team members getting a report from each one on what the shape of the Ship was that they were inside. Getting a lot of garbled results and misleading readings from a lot of the tools they are using from the age of the craft they find themselves in he sighs some. "ok find the oldest records of the ship that identify the make and class of it and start to work on finding as much information that you can on it. Glancing over to Hogli, Miliina, and Nikicon as the two carry her from the engineering room and away from there he looks to Stan and asks " Does she get hurt a lot?" Stand shakes his head and says "new to crew, bunny do job good keeping Sobek running, smart bunny! " Then moves back to the passage and goes to look at things. " But knee kon young, and not well learned, mistakes happen pays for them she does. " comes Stans voice from the passage as the ship makes the jump into hyperspace.

More reading comes from the tools of the Yugumo Corp group and they record all the data that they can even if it makes a lot of sense to them now. Mardry works on the computer system seeking information that they are seeking on the make and class of the ship they are in and even what company made it. Tracing through years and even decades of reports, and history of the ship that she finds herself on now. Making little progress as they work into the late hours. Each member of the Research team taking down notes on certain systems of the Sobek all trying to find ways to fix, improve, and find all the damage from the passage of time as with to the aging powerplant that has been bandaged time and time again.
As Mileena's gaze briefly flickered towards Holgi as the Silabar began speaking, her greenish eyes flickering with uncertainty. She wasn't sure if Holgi was addressing her directly or speaking in general, but she opted to remain silent, choosing instead to convey her trust and admiration through her actions.

With a subtle nod of approval towards Holgi, Mileena refrained from interjecting, understanding that her input might not be necessary at this moment. As an engineer, she recognized the importance of Holgi's words regarding the issues plaguing the Engineering section of the ship. As Holgi delved into the intricacies of the ship's technical challenges, Mileena's response was swift and pragmatic. . "True, would be real bad, if we don't," Acknowledging the severity of the situation, she concurred with a sense of urgency tinged with caution. Her words carried a weight of responsibility, recognizing the potential hazards, such as the looming threat of carbon monoxide poisoning, that lurked within the confines of their workspace.

With a decisive pivot, Mileena turned to leave, her agile form moving with purpose. Despite her inclination to assist, she understood that her expertise was best utilized in addressing the imminent threats within the Engineering section. With determination etched into her features, Mileena set off to tackle the challenges ahead, her commitment to the safety of the ship and its crew unwavering.

As Mileena briskly made her way through the bustling corridors of the ship, her keen ears caught the sound of familiar voices mingling in conversation. Among them was Stan, a fellow crew member whose distinctive tone resonated with a blend of familiarity and urgency. Stan's voice carried snippets of discussion about Nikicon, piquing Mileena's curiosity momentarily. However, her attention remained steadfast on her objective—to return to the Engineering Section and address the pressing issues plaguing the ship. Despite the intrigue sparked by Stan's conversation, Mileena's focus was unwavering as she mentally prioritized the tasks at hand.

Amidst the chatter, she heard the distinct voice of Doctor Shinji, the ship's esteemed scientist, engaging in a discussion about the Snowshoe Hare Anthro. Mileena briefly registered the exchange, recognizing the significance of the conversation within the context of the ship's diverse crew and the scientific inquiries that often occupied their minds.

Yet, her determination to rectify the problems in the Engineering Section propelled her forward, overriding any lingering curiosity about the ongoing dialogue. With each purposeful step, Mileena reaffirmed her commitment to the safety and functionality of the ship, her resolve unyielding despite the distractions that surrounded her. As she approached the entrance to the Engineering Section, Mileena steeled herself for the challenges that awaited within. With a deep breath to steady her nerves, she pushed open the door, ready to confront whatever obstacles lay in her path with the expertise and determination befitting of a skilled engineer.
Somewhere in hyperspace
ISS Sobek
Dorsal bridge.

Lenna glanced over at the comms from Holgi and nodded, sending a response down to ask what had happened to Nikicon and if there was anything needed to help her out. She would have gone to her aid herself, but she felt it was best to stay on the bridge while in hyperspace. It would be a few more hours, but she never left the bridge while underway. The red-skinned alien's fingers moved deftly over the console as she made adjustments, however minor, to the ship's hyperspace drive and power systems, shifting power from system to system as needed to help steer and power the hyperspace drive through the multitude of small faults and surges that occurred as the aging craft jumped.

ISS Sobek
Engineering section.

Deep in the engine tunnel nearby, random sparks flew occasionally as Dr. Shinji looked on with Stan nearby, blocking access to the area. Dr. Shinji asked Stan if this was normal for the Sobek, and Stan nodded, stating that it wasn't safe to be in there due to the numerous sparks flying and that attempting to repair a short circuit by entering the area was not a good idea. Nikicon had already learned that lesson long ago, it was best to let the hyperdrive do its thing and repair it afterward.

Dr. Shinji shook his head, saying that was not good practice and not a way to run a starship. Stan simply shrugged his shoulders and replied that it was how they were forced to operate with the Sobek. "That's not good for business," he said. "We'll need to see about changing that and getting the Sobek back to running at 100% and not having to put on this show while underway." "That would be for the best, Doc," Stan said, "but it is what it is." He moved over to look at some consoles, adjusting a few things here and there as he went. Suddenly, a loud pop echoed through the engineering section, and everything went dark. The hyperspace drive remained at power but quickly came back online. Stan sighed, knowing that something had shorted out and would require a replacement part. He moved over to investigate the dark passageway that ran alongside the hyperspace drive.

ISS Sobek
Medical bay.

Nikicon's eyes flickered open as she began to regain consciousness. Her body was now covered in gauze and ointment placed by Ship Doctor Holgi. "Where am I?" Nikicon asked softly, her voice barely above a whisper. "What happened?"
Medical Bay

"Shocked by the ship. Some burn. But you okay." Holgi glanced over, but was a bit occupied by the biological sensor screens, concerned that Nikicon might have an allergic reaction to the painkillers. Her medical history was pretty incomplete, and it was worth remembering the rabbit was about as human as the nurse dragon was. There was no sign of heart arrhythmia or brain damage, anyway. "Please no move about too much. Only been about ten minutes. Your blood-skin need time to go solid."

"You may feel tingling next few weeks. Itching, sometimes. Holgi will give you cream." A placid, calming tone. They sat down and kept their distance, fixing their glasses, trying not to cause the same level of fear she apparently projected earlier. "Mee-leena taking a look at ship. Fixing hanging parts. Covering the danger. It's all fine. You can go rest in sleep-room, if want."

Captain Leena received a formal written report about the incident and the dangers involved, as well as Nikicon's current status. They reccommended at least a week's recovery, though they doubted that the ship would be allowed to operate without it's cheif engineer that long.
ISS Sobek
Engineering section.

The Fox Anthro, Mileena, strode through the Engineering Section of the starship ISS Sobek, her sharp mind already abuzz with thoughts that echoed some of Dr. Shinji's recent musings. She knew that certain aspects of the aging vessel needed attention—upgrades or even complete replacements of outdated technology. The ISS Sobek, despite its storied past and robust construction, showed signs of wear and tear that could no longer be ignored.

Her large, expressive ears twitched as she navigated through the maze of machinery and control panels. Every hum, click, and beep of the ship's systems conveyed valuable information to her attuned senses. As she assessed the various components, her thoughts kept returning to a possible solution that she had been reluctant to voice.

The idea of traveling to her hometown on Station Omacron loomed in her mind. It was a place rich with resources and advanced technology that could potentially bring the ISS Sobek up to date. She had grown up there (technically), immersed in the cutting-edge engineering environment that Omacron was renowned for. If any place could provide the necessary upgrades, it was Omacron. However, Mileena hesitated to suggest this course of action. Her departure from Omacron had been driven by a deep need to escape—to carve out her own path away from the constraints and expectations of her past. Returning there felt like a step backward, a potential trap that could pull her back into a life she had strived to leave behind.

Despite her reservations, the pragmatic side of Mileena acknowledged the advantages. The advanced technology and resources available at Omacron could be crucial in overhauling the ship’s aging systems. But the emotional weight of her history there was a significant barrier. Determined to push these conflicting thoughts aside for now, Mileena focused on the immediate task at hand. She moved with practiced efficiency, diagnosing issues and applying her technical skills to stabilize the Engineering Section. There were coolant leaks to seal, power conduits to realign, and diagnostic programs to run.

Her mind kept wandering back to the idea of Omacron, weighing the pros and cons. She knew she would have to make a decision soon. For now, she concentrated on making the ISS Sobek as safe and functional as possible with the tools and materials at hand, leaving the bigger decisions for a later time. As she worked, Mileena couldn’t help but feel a pang of nostalgia mixed with trepidation. The path forward was uncertain, but her dedication to her crew and the mission was unwavering. Whatever it took, she would ensure the ISS Sobek continued to sail through the stars, a testament to both its storied past and its potential for the future.
Somewhere in hyperspace
ISS Sobek
Medical bay

Nikicon looked over at Holgi as she spoke, then down at herself to see if she was still covered in fur. She sighed and asked, "Were most of the burns along a grounding wire I installed into my suit, or were you able to tell?" Nikicon remained still except for her chest rising and falling, and the twitch of an ear. "The Sobek has been very faulty lately, and I've been getting shocked a little more as I work on him. I hope that the team from Yugumo Corporation will be able to fix the Sobek."

Hearing Holgi move over and sit down, polishing her glasses, Nikicon then nods. The snowshoe hare does not look to be stressed out by her presence at the moment and nods some. "I'll rest for a day or two, but I really need to be in there helping the team. I'll not do anything heavy; I'll have someone else do it. I just want to be there to let them know what I've done to keep the ship going, and what is broken. Will that be acceptable, Doc?" Leaning back and looking up she sighs deeply, before looking over and smiling warmly, "Thanks, Holgi, for taking care of me."

ISS Sobek
Dorsal Bridge

Lenna read over the report from Holgi and nodded as she read. She took notice that Nikicon would need to rest to recover from what looked to be a severe shock. Lenna nodded again and said, "Looks like Sobek shocked the hell out of Nikicon once more. This is not getting good; we need to fix this ship and not keep hoping it will make it to the next destination. But we can't stop and have it overhauled at any old shipyard, and I don't want to give it up for another ship as this is a perfect armed transport." Lenna looked over at Zeck and then said, "Do you have any thoughts?"

Zeck looked at the console for a while, her fingers dancing over the screen and keys as she made adjustments and calibrations on the ship. She then slowed and tilted her head to look back at Lenna, saying, "I'm not sure, Ship is not in a database, and the same with the tech that's on it. Nikicon has done a lot of good in keeping the Sobek running, but we might need to think about the worst-case scenario."

Lenna nodded and said, "I'll put the ship into a shipyard for an overhaul before I get a new one. I mean, I would already have it in one if it wasn't for the cost that it will take to have it done, as with all the upgrades that are needed. I don't even want to think about the cost that's going to be needed to have such a thing done to the Sobek."

ISS Sobek
Engineering Room

The group from Yugumo moved about the room as they read devices and took in readings, the power dropping twice more before the call from the bridge came up. Stan nodded and then moved to get ready to enable the drives once more to push the Sobek to the station they were heading to.

Dropping from hyperspace was uneventful as the drive powers down without a fireworks show, and then drives kicked in once more and began to operate as they should, power levels appeared to be going well, except for the lower-than-normal levels due to the damaged main reactor. But that was holding steady for now.

HX-17 System
ISS Sobek

In the darkness of space, a blue line appeared, then started to open, growing taller as a blue window started to form in the darkness. The blue window started to move backward as a craft started to emerge from the blueness of the odd window. Once the entire craft emerged, that window stopped and then started to close. Once it shut down, it faded away just as quickly as it appeared. The old craft's aft lights up as powerful yet old drives fired and started to push the old craft forward. In the distance, was a space station that appeared to be where the old craft was heading towards.
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Mileena soon moved from her current workstation, her tail swaying gracefully behind her with each step. Navigating the crowded Engineering Section required a delicate balance, and she periodically reached back with a practiced motion to ensure her tail didn't bump into any crew members or get stepped on. Her movements were fluid and precise, a testament to her experience working in close quarters.

As she continued her tasks, Mileena's eyes caught a glimpse of the vast expanse outside the ship through a nearby viewport. The stars had shifted, and she realized that the ISS Sobek had exited Hyperspace. The familiar constellations and the tranquil darkness of space greeted her, offering a brief but welcome moment of serenity amidst the hustle of her engineering duties.

She allowed herself a brief pause to admire the view, the quiet beauty of space serving as a reminder of the larger mission and the endless possibilities that lay ahead. This moment of reflection was short-lived, as her sense of duty quickly pulled her back to the task at hand.

Checking her work one last time, Mileena ensured that all systems were stable and that any critical repairs were complete. Satisfied with her efforts, she decided it was time to take a well-deserved break. Her stomach growled softly, reminding her that she hadn't eaten in hours. With a final glance around the Engineering Section, she made her way towards the exit, weaving through the organized chaos of machinery and personnel. Her steps were light but purposeful, driven by a mix of hunger and the need to recharge.

Leaving the Engineering Section, Mileena navigated the familiar corridors of the ISS Sobek, her thoughts momentarily shifting from technical schematics and repair protocols to the simple pleasures of a meal and a drink. The aroma of food grew stronger as she approached the mess hall, promising a reprieve from the rigorous demands of her role.

Entering the mess hall, Mileena scanned the room, noting the presence of other crew members relaxing and sharing stories of their day. She selected a quiet corner and grabbed a tray, filling it with a balanced selection of food and a refreshing drink. Sitting down, she allowed herself to relax, her mind still buzzing with thoughts of Omacron and the potential upgrades for the ISS Sobek, but for now, she focused on the moment, enjoying the simple satisfaction of a meal after a hard day's work.

Mercury's face and chest ached, organic concerns threatening to destabilize the delicate work she was performing in her mind's digital eye. The only thing that could save her body from cell degradation was expensive gene therapy and surgery, and so here she was, accepting technical work on some criminal-affiliated freighter from gods knew where...

It sucked having to work with this kind of headache. But constructing a codec to translate an alien AI's root structure, that was child's play to real, bonna fide Voidborn, right?

Slowly, surely, the pieces slotted into place, and she began to see the picture... An angry combat AI, repaired and twisted a thousand times... Growing angrier and angrier about the state of its own 'body'...

Mess Hall

Mileena thought they were going to get a peaceful dinner and a sit down, but their spot was taken up by somebody truly strange instead.

Cross-legged as if praying, a small pale humanoid was perched upon the metal bench. Eyes closed, face obscured by a metal cowl, they had dozens of cords and cables connected directly to their skull, snaking in and out of a plume of glimmering silver hair. Keyboards, data terminals, even old fashioned printers, twitching and beeping with a musical clatter, further wired into a missing panel on the red-chipped wall.

Turning and opening their fetchingly mismatched green-red eyes, the occult technician regarded the fox girl with a pleasant, docile gaze, as if waking from a mirthful dream where they were both best friends.


"...Oh... I've never seen you in meatspace before, Miss Mileena... I didn't realize you were a cyborg too? That's interesting..." Their infra-red gaze split the secret wide open, though the girl was clearly hoping to gain a little kinship from the fact. Their voice was raspy because of the mask, but somehow also wispy, polite and cherishing. "...I am glad to hear that Nikicon is alright... However, I fear that approaching this problem purely from a mechanical standpoint, may be where she was going wrong..."

Another couple of keystrokes. A questioning look upwards... The relays thudded again, and the lights flickered...

On the bridge, the pilot suddenly found the controls much more responsive. They could reorient themselves much more easily, and get to the station faster now.

"...Oh, I am sorry... My name is... Mercury Three Three... Technical support team member A-three-six..." She extended a metal gauntlet to shake hands, dainty in posture with the palm downwards, despite the boxy joints and literal spiked knuckledusters built in. "It is my... very great pleasure... to meet you...~..."

((Edit; )) Medical Bay

"The wire?..." Holgi considered, rooting though Nikicon's discarded clothes, still sitting on a side trolley. They found that the safegaurd had actually burnt it's way half out of the suit, probably saving the rabbit from the worst of the damage, in hindsight. "Did... You actually know what... Electric-pace that was?... Still dangerous..."

"Two weeks- Ob-ser-va-tion!" The dragon decided to add, deciding that the captain would probably order that sort of action, even if the nurse asked the engineer to rest. The ship was in a bad way, and it was important to get over that, or they'd all have problems. "Any brain-spasm, any heart-thudding, you report, hurm? Nurse Holgi does not want see more hurt."
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HX-17 System
ISS Sobek
Dorsal Bridge

Lenna got the report from the doctor and then nodded sending back a message that she would like to speak to Nikicon when she was released from Medbay. Looking up at Zeck she says "Looks like Nikicon will be out of action for working in Engineering for a little while to heal. Didn't we hire some other people that might be able to work on the craft?" Zeck nods and then says "Yes I think we did have a few that were hired on. On that topic, a few reverse thrusters have been enabled and we are starting to slow at a more manageable pace, I've increased our approach speed to compensate " Lenna nods and then says "Keep it on the easy side just in case it goes out once more. " Zeck nods and then says " Don't worry I've not pointed directly at Detritus station so if it goes out we will slide right past it." Lenna nods and then says "Ok good." Lenna flips on the coms and then stays "Good day Detritus station this is ISS Sobek on approach requesting docking clearance, Captain Fuji speaking. "

There was a moment of delay as Lenna waited for a response. Hearing the response from the station Lenna nods to herself and nods to Zeck as she smiles "You heard that 2500meters slow to docking speeds. " Zeck nods and then says "I see traffic approaching and will maneuver to avoid." Lenna nods some and then says "Steady as he goes Zeck, and dock once we are there."

ISS Sobek
Medical bay

Nikicon nods some and then says "That is why it was in there, in case I became a short to ground. Since I am forced to work on the craft with power on, It's not how I want to fix the craft. But we are doing our best with what we have. " looking down at herself as she was wearing nothing for clothing over her furry form as she sighed. Groans softly as she moves to sit up and puts her feet and paws on the floor. " Otherwise I am good to go right doc?" the hare smiles weakly as she attempts to stand up unless Hogi stops her. She seems to be steady, but wobblies a little. "Yes yes If I feel any of them I will stop and come back here, or call you ASAP!"

HX-17 System
Detritus staition

The frigate is approaching Detritus station, the aft thrusters powering down and maneuvering thrusters fire randomly all over to keep the craft on target and slow down some and there are quite a few craft approaching or leaving the station. "ISS Sobek, Captain Fuji, Approach station align and dock at port X15, please observe docking speed within 2500meter. Outbound traffic will pass within 5000 meters of ISS Sobek, they have the right of way please yield if needed."
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HX-17 System
Detritus Station

D3 was scooting around in a small market like area in the Station, delivering packages for people in the market like are, it was one of the little odd jobs she did to earn a bit of money as she still had no stable employment but there was always people looking to pay for some simple leg work especially in a port. Currently she was carrying an armful of packages and scooting by the small shops that some people set up in the station for business dropping off the parcel for them, the contents of the parcels she had no clue about all she knew was she was getting money in exchange and she was asked to do the job.

With each parcel delivered she earned just a but more money, and she was expecting a payment from having helped the station itself with a few situations where her modified ship had been handy, though they were holding her payment till she decided to leave in case they needed to use her services again, and that made sense to D3, why pay now when they could pay after the job is fully done and you know you won't be able to use the service again?

Regardless she finished her deliveries when a worker of the station walked up to her "D3 We have a ship coming in record and scans shows it's a bit of a junker... we need you ready to head out if they need assistance with docking. Can we assume the same charge as with the other situations?"

D3 looked up at the man and nodded rapidly at the question before giving a thumbs up, the man unable to help himself and he smiled back "thanks D3 ships Ident is already sent to your ship" he then headed off as D3 scooted away to the hanger to prepare her ship.

Getting to the hangar she got into her Modified Wayfarer-Class Shuttle, and started to power it up and get ready for clearance if she is indeed needed to help the ship dock.
HX-17 System
ISS Sobek
Mess Hall

Mileena blinked in surprise when she saw her usual spot in the mess hall occupied by someone else. The newcomer appeared to be a cyborg, their mechanical augmentations catching the light in a way that made them stand out even among the diverse crew of the ISS Sobek. As she observed more closely, Mileena realized that the individual was voidborn—a member of the freespacers faction. She had heard stories about how the freespacers had been nearly eradicated by the Yamatai Star Empire, but clearly, there were survivors.

With her curiosity piqued, Mileena approached and decided to sit across from the voidborn cyborg. She studied the intricate cybernetic enhancements and considered the unique capabilities they might possess.

"Miss Mileena, I've never been called that before," she remarked with a hint of amusement in her calm tone, noting the formal address that felt oddly out of place in the casual setting of the mess hall. "And you can see my cybernetic parts, so your optics have infrared capability then, or perhaps more." She settled into her seat, her curiosity evident as she continued to analyze the voidborn cyborg's enhancements. Mileena's mind briefly wandered to the potential applications of such technology in her engineering work. Despite the many questions swirling in her head, she maintained a composed demeanor, focusing on the meal before her and the intriguing conversation that had just begun.

Mileena lifted her furry hand to shake the cyborg's own, noting the intricate design and functionality of the cybernetic limb. "I'm pleased to meet you as well," she said, her voice warm and welcoming. "I'm glad that we can get someone like you to help us." She gave Mercury Three Three a genuine smile, appreciating the addition of such a skilled technical support team member to the crew. "Your expertise will be invaluable here," she continued, her tone reflecting both respect and optimism. "There's always something in need of fixing or upgrading on the ISS Sobek, and having someone with your capabilities is a great asset."

Mileena's eyes briefly flicked to Mercury's cybernetic enhancements again, her curiosity piqued. "Your modifications are impressive," she noted, her voice filled with admiration. "I can only imagine the kind of advanced systems you're capable of working with. It'll be interesting to see what we can achieve together." She leaned back slightly, still maintaining eye contact with Mercury. "It's always a challenge to keep an older vessel like this running smoothly, but with your help, I have no doubt we'll be able to overcome any obstacles we encounter."

Mileena felt a renewed sense of hope and determination. "I'm looking forward to collaborating with you. There's so much we can learn from each other, and I believe we'll make a great team."
HX-17 System
ISS Sobek
Dorsal Bridge

Lenna smiled as they were closing in on the station, and then hearing that there was aid they might need. The message was a little odd, though. The help ship or tug had the means to receive audio but not send it. This made Lenna raise an eyebrow at the meaning that would do. She shook her head slightly and knew that her ship was more than capable of sending and receiving audio and video communications, so they would try to send a video with audio to the helper ship. "They have a tug ship if the Sobek decides to act up on us. Flip the ship around and prepare to slow down and dock. If everything goes as planned, they won't need to help us dock."

Zek nodded and then said, "Calibrations look good, and the Sobek can slow to docking speed without a flip and burn, as we have 90% retro thrust now. Thruster power has been rerouting itself for some time now, and more and more maneuvering thrusters are coming online." The red-skinned alien woman would say then looked back, "I've had nothing to do with it, though."

Lenna nodded slightly and then said, "That's interesting; I'll have Sobek go over the systems and see who was enabling them. It might be the tech team that we took on board before leaving; they have been here for quite some time now and may have started repairs ahead of schedule.

HX-17 System
ISS Sobek
Medical bay

Standing up slowly, Nikicon nodded, looking back at Holgi, and said, "Yes, it was a gamble. But it was better getting a few burns and all over getting fired." The hare nodded her head up and down a few times before moving over to gently place a hand on her arm. "Thanks; I'm sorry how I act around you, but I'm very skittish still." Nikicon smiled warmly and then moved her fingertip lingering a little before falling off that arm. And then with a nod, she turned and headed for the door. "I better go get something on other than my fur; I promise I won't overwork myself!" Slipping out the door into the hallway she started to whistle while walking toward her quarters.

HX-17 System
Detritus Station

The frigate called ISS Sobek moves closer to the station, and the retro thrusters fire slowing the large yet small craft down. Several of the reverse thrusters barely fire, and some flicker on and off. However, the massive once gunship now armed cargo ship slows to a stop aside a docking arm and starts to dock. With a thud, the craft softly docks, then several thuds and the craft shifts some as the hard dock is completed. The ISS Sobek has finished docking, and the thrusters all shut off.

HX-17 System
ISS Sobek
Dorsal Bridge

Zek looked up as the hard thuds echoed from the docking to the station and said, "Docking complete, Captain." Lenna smiled and said, "Okay good; how were the thrusters? It seems it took a little longer than if we were to flip and burn dock." Zek nodded slightly and then said, "They performed sub-optimal but did the job." Lenna nodded and then said, "Let's stick with the flip-and-burn method and use them only for emergencies if needed." Zek nodded again, and Lenna moved to flip on the ship speakers before saying, "Crew, we are docked to Detritus Station; we plan to undock in 4 hours provided the cargo is fully loaded. Feel free to go aboard the station but please be back in 3 hours or contact me or ship AI Sobek. Nikicon to the bridge when able please."
HX-17 System
Detritus Station

D3 was sitting in her ship ready to head out at a moments notice, though as time passed she got a communication from the Dock master "Stand off ready status D3 The Ship in question seems to be coming in on its own seems they got a rework or something. We will pay your holding Ready fee still as we detailed before, Though they are a cargo ship so if you want to see if they want help unloading anything we still have you on record as a temporary dockworker"

D3 Nodded and gave a thumbs up as she powered down her ship and scooted out, looking at the ship that just docked in the same bay as her own she blinked up at it and turned her head sideways as studied it, blinking a bit more before seeing it was readying to let people or cargo out so she headed over to it. The design of it was strange to say the least at least for this sector from what her exploring had shown her thus far, ether it was a massive departure from normal design trends, or it was from out of sector. Regardless she headed over to the ship and waited for the loading doors to open as she looked up at the ship.

Granted anyone looking out of docking cameras would see the smoll female standing there looking up at the ship and waiting almost seemingly expectantly to be helpful, as she waited she bounced on her heels a bit as she looked over the hull some more before she remembered that they would likely not know her position and so she took out her communication pad that she got from Thad when he was helping her repair her ship back on planet when she first got it and she put a message on it before turning it around for them to see when they stepped out. The Message read "Dock helper, Here to help" as she stood there and waited.
HX-17 System
ISS Sobek

Mileena continued to sit there, contemplating the expertise that Mercury could bring to the ISS Sobek as she ate her food. The delicious meat, fruit, and vegetables on her plate provided a comforting backdrop to her thoughts. Each bite was savored, the flavors a pleasant distraction from the constant whirl of technical considerations and strategic planning.

Her mind wandered to the prospect of integrating more cybernetics into her own body. The idea had crossed her mind before, especially when she saw the advanced enhancements of others like Mercury. The potential for increased efficiency and capability was tempting, yet Mileena valued her natural form and the unique advantages it provided. She ultimately decided against it, preferring to rely on her skills and experience as they were.

As she finished her meal, Mileena felt a sense of satisfaction both from the food and the productive conversation she had with Mercury. The ship's needs were many, and the addition of a skilled technical support team member like Mercury was a significant step forward.

"Alright, off to find something to do," she said with a stretch, her fur-covered arms reaching upwards as she rose from her seat. Her muscles felt pleasantly relaxed after the brief respite, and she felt ready to tackle whatever tasks awaited her. “If you’d like, Mercury we could find something to collaborate together on.”

Mileena left the mess hall with a renewed sense of purpose. There were always systems to check, repairs to make, and improvements to plan. With Mercury's arrival, she felt more confident than ever in the ISS Sobek's ability to continue its journey through the stars. She walked down the corridor, her mind already racing with ideas on how to utilize the new team member's expertise to enhance the ship's performance and ensure the crew's safety.
ISS Sobek
Medical bay

"Be good, Nikicon." Holgi made a beleaguered smile and bobbed their head up and down, apparently as a form of comforting wave. After the small rabbit left, their dinosaur-like head still snaked into the corridor after them for several spaces, before running out of neck, and left awkwardly floating outside the doorway with a taciturn expression. "You feel bad... Holgi door open any time."

She was a little worried. Having bad medical records on their species meant *anything* could really happen upon exposure to human drugs. Would just have to keep an eye on the small furry engineer.

The captain seemed to be calling her back to action already...

ISS Sobek
Galley Corridor

Mercury's spacey nature went beyond mere species name. It seemed like they were looking through Mileena as much as they were paying attention to the conversation in real life. And then there was their outward data feeds, reaching through the ship's systems- and out there, into the void beyond...

"...You operate under the capitalist nepleslian system of rank and order, no?" The metallic doll asked the fox, as if not simply demanding collaboration was an alien concept. "...By that I mean... You have higher cultural ranking in this ship. I shall of course provide you with mechanical or digital operations support, to the best of my capabilities..."

A short pause, shifting up onto their mechanical boots, and then clodding down onto the floor. Barely close to four and a half foot tall, the voidborn now looked like a small silver cloud with pinchy-mandibles sticking out, from Mileena's head-to-shoulders perspective.

"Forgive me if this is a little forward, but data interface seems to be your shortfall? Maybe you should have a mindware socket installed... It would give you much greater awareness.... of the ship's... prob-lems..."

As they talked, the words trailed off, and Mercury just started staring straight through one of the nearby bulkheads, head slowly moving as if tracking an invisible fly.

"That's... a wayfarer shuttle?... Hurm... Power spike is pretty extreme, however..."

It was an odd sight. Outsiders didn't normally use her species' vessels, but she could tell from a mile off in this case, because the element of energy efficiency and stealth had apparently been discarded... But who would fly such a thing?

Were they really okay with all that radiation?

D3's Tug Wayfarer

...A strange light started blinking on the dashboard.... Something was seeking a connection with one of the strange, archaic radio systems that hadn't been removed from the tiny shuttle's systems just yet?... That was kinda weird...

It made a weird little pinging rhythmic sound.

But the output wasn't a speaker. It wanted some kind of wire jack input to... Something?...
HX-17 System
ISS Sobek
Outside Medical bay and hallways

Hearing the comment as she left she nods and waves a hand over her head as she vanishes down the long hallway. Hearing Lenna ask for her to go to the bridge and that they were docked and planned to be gone in 4 hours she would smile and nod. "I'll stop by after I get a new uniform on." She moves off toward her room, heading into it as she moves about to clean herself up and then slips into a spare uniform they received from the Yamatai government. Then with a sigh, she moves to head toward the bridge.

HX-17 System
ISS Sobek
Cargo hold

Sa'Dor moves about the cargo hold as he smiles looking to make room for the cargo that they will be taking. Feeling the ship's hard dock and smiles moves to the cargo doors and opens them. Taking a look outside as he moves to motion to the station keeper to move the loading dock over to the open cargo hold. Since this was a highly modified ship the cargo dock was not in a normal place.

Once that was in place he moved over to the coms and then asked for the cargo master of the station and names of the shipments that they were here to pick up. Stepping from the side of the craft into the loading walkway. He looks and spots someone nearby with a pad in their hand saying that they are there for help.

HX-17 System
ISS Sobek
Dorsal Bridge

Nikicon newly cleaned up and dressed in a new suit steps into the dorsal bridge as she looks about. "I'm here what do you need Lenna" Lenna smiled some and then looked over at Nikicon then said "I want you to take it easy and not help with the loading of the cargo or work on the ship till we get back to Sood Zadra ok, Nikicon. I don't want you getting hurt once more or worse." Nikicon meeps some and stammers " bu but Lenna how can we fix Sobek if I am not working on it." Lenna shakes her head and then says " We have a team of engineers here to work on the Sobek, I want you to take it easy no working in engineering for the moment."

Nikicon's warm look fades as she whimpers whining softly " Fine, But I'll do some busy work in other places that are not as hard as working in engineering." she sighs softly and then says " Can I see if Sa'Dor needs help with the cargo?" Lenna shakes her head and then says "No go take it easy Nikicon, you had one hell of a shock from the reports I got. Are you going to be good?" Nikicon nods some and then says " ok I'll be fine really." moving to head out she says "I'm going to go get some food, I am a little hungry."

Lenna sighs pinching the bridge of her nose and then says " ok, enjoy it and take your time we are going to be ok." Then moves over to open coms to the cargo hold but With Sa'dor already outside a random cargo hand awnsers. She tells them to tell Sa'dor, then signs off and heads to the airlock to go station-side.

HX-17 System
ISS Sobek
Mess hall

Nikicon walks in and looks around before moving over to get some food and grab some of her soda. Moving to find a place to sit she sighs and lays her head down not eating at the moment. There are tons of things going on in her head that she knows she needs to fix., but thanks to the accident she'll have to put it off. And already it is driving her crazy. Looking up over her plate she spots Mercury and tilts her head, someone that she does not recognize as crew. Or maybe they came on and since she was working so hard in Engineering she had never seen them arrive. One of the hare's long ears moves up off the back of her head, something that happens when she is focused on something interesting.
"I'm pleased to hear that you'd offer mechanical or digital operations support; we definitely could use that," Mileena said, her tail swaying behind her in a rhythmic motion. The possibilities of what Mercury could contribute to the ISS Sobek were promising, and her enthusiasm was evident.

"But yes, we do have a Nepleslian sort of ranking system," she continued, explaining the ship's hierarchy to Mercury. "There's the Captain, Lenna, and her first officer, Nikicon. When I am not helping with fixing or engineering, I'm on one of the ship's guns." Her responsibilities were diverse, reflecting her versatility and dedication to the crew.

Mileena then lifted her hair, revealing a sleek, metallic implant at the base of her skull. "I have this," she said, pointing to the Geist Neural Interface. "But it doesn't do what you might think. Mostly, it lets me control the Sky Fox, my ship."

She paused for a moment, letting the information sink in. "The Sky Fox is my personal vessel, a small but nimble craft. The Geist interface allows me to pilot it with precision and efficiency. It's an extension of myself in many ways."

Her eyes met Mercury's, and she smiled. "Having someone like you on board means we can push our capabilities even further. I'm excited to see what we can achieve together."

With that, Mileena felt a sense of anticipation. The ISS Sobek was an old vessel with many challenges, but with new allies and advanced technology, they were well-equipped to face whatever lay ahead. She looked forward to the future with renewed hope and determination, ready to tackle the complexities of space travel and ship maintenance with her new crewmate by her side.

"Do you think a freespacer mindware might be compatible with that?" Mileena wondered aloud, her thoughts drifting back to the few Freespacer survivors she knew of in the New Dusk Conclave. Her mind particularly lingered on her hometown of DracoTown on the Station Omacron, where some of these survivors had found refuge.

As she pondered this, she looked up and saw Nikicon approaching, causing a pleased smile to spread across her face. She was relieved to see that Nikicon seemed to be alright. However, her attention was quickly diverted by the sight of a wayfarer shuttle, similar to the one Mercury had arrived on.

"Odd," she muttered to herself, her ears twitching in curiosity. "Another Freespacer, maybe?" she asked out loud, directing her question more to herself than anyone else.

Mileena's mind raced with possibilities. If another Freespacer had arrived, it could mean additional help and resources for the ISS Sobek. The potential compatibility of Freespacer mindware with her Geist Neural Interface intrigued her. Such technology could open new avenues for control and integration with the ship's systems, enhancing their overall efficiency.

As she contemplated these thoughts, she felt a renewed sense of excitement and anticipation. The arrival of Mercury had already promised new capabilities, and the possibility of another Freespacer joining them only added to her optimism.

Mileena turned back to Nikicon, her eyes reflecting her thoughts. "We might be in for some interesting times ahead," she said with a grin, her tail swaying with a mix of curiosity and anticipation. "Let's see what this new arrival brings."
"Ohhh!~" Mercury's mismatched green-red eyes opened widely, glimmering in the diffuse lighting. Their cumbersome main metallic hands clicked together, whilst the rear 'tail' one clicked and clacked like an amused crab. "That is simply gorgeous!~"

It wasn't just that the sleek chrome form of the geist was visually appealing, she was also pleased with the concept of holding something in common with the fox girl. Talking with basic mouth movements only was so... basic... It made Mercury feel deaf, cut off from the world, in a way.

But with compatible hardware, they could share virtual spaces, memories, dreams, all sorts!

"I'm sure there is a compatibility patch!- But don't get me wrong, Miss Mileena, I'm not here to force you to my species standards!" The vox-squeak sounded a little embarrassed, though tremendously cherishing. "I took this job to pay for certain... conditions... I have myself, so... I am willing to modify my body for the well being of this ship, too!"

With an arc of her head, and a smile visible in her eyes, Mercury just imagined getting themselves some fox ears gene-spliced in return... Or maybe rabbit ears would be cuter?

Wandering eyes made her look at Nikicon, observing said ears, using her infra-red eye to gather data... Which gave a moment for their eyes to lock together... Kinda creepy interaction, but... Maybe this would all work out after all?

"Hello chief engineer! Are you repaired adequately?" They had met before, briefly- Mercury was their subordinate after all. "I have detected some rather odd vessel signals from the station. If you have no command directive, perhaps the three of us should investigate and acquire commercial trade items together?"
HX-17 System
Detritus Station

D3 Watched the Ship finish docking procedures and the loading bay door open, and so there she stood with her Pad showing she was in fact there to help and her position, then a man stepped out of the ship and onto the loading ramp and D3 waved at them from her position a bit distance from the base of the ramp before lifting the communication pad she had over her head so it could be better seen as she rapidly scooted over and up the loading ramp.

As she got the mid point of the loading ramp she hit a button on the communication Pad and it started to scroll through a prewritten message that she had used many times before after she got the Pad and Left Thad's care, It was one of the Ideas he had thought of for her to get things across quickly on first meeting.

"Greetings Good Sir and or Madam.... That's YOU!... I am D3 Also known By my given name of Yoshimi, and Several Nicknames, Scrappy, and Yosh or Mi for the short version of my given name. I am currently Temporarily employed by the Detritus Station, As a Dockhand and Tug Pilot! Though my current contract is of a Temporary nature please know that I am trustworthy with your Cargo and if you wish to confirm this information please contact Dock Security and ask About D3!" the message on her Communication Pad read as she stood there to let the man read it.

As it scrolled through the information to give the man D3 Was looking over the ship already and noticed a few issues with it and blinked a bit, the dock port authority did mention the ship normally needed a Tug at least from the last information they had before the new stuff came in with the ship this time. D3 herself didn't speak at all she simply stood there looking over at the man waiting for his say so to come closer she didn't want to get closer then this without permission and she only came this close to ensure they could read her pad.

The Pad was nearing the end of it's introduction the last bit had been all her security credentials so they could cross reference with the Dock Security to make sure she was on the up and up as was protocol and lastly it was listing her skill set "I am well Versed in Cargo Handling Procedures for most commercial shipping standards, and have knowledge of Detritus station Cargo Handling procedures, I am also trained in Engineering including Maintenance and Repair, if required I can also be hired as Personal Security or Ship escort Duty as I have the required training and my Ship is equipped for the role of a Heavy Fighter if required, I am also versed in the use of Cargo Transfer Vehicles such as lifts and the like if required! If you wish to Hire me for any reason please let me know and I think you will find my rates to be very reasonable and fair for the services offered, and can be customized to match the duties you wish to utilize me for without having to pay more for skills you do not wish me to make use of... Act now and Receive a free pen!" the Free Pen was Thad's Idea, D3 really didn't know if it actually was that much extra but Thad was quite jovial while Suggesting she mention it at the end and so she did so, as if was a nice reminder that the man had helped her out a lot if nothing else.