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RP International Relations Conference of YE 38 - Day 1


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Reikan Park - Yamatai

Located on the outskirts of the thriving metropolis of Kyoto, Reikan Park was particularly lively today as the International Relations Conference began. Diplomats and representatives from around known space were arriving, settling in, and mingling. At the center of the park, surrounded by pristine park of carefully manicured lawns, gardens, streams, walking paths, and, further out, a bizarre and eclectic collection of alien embassies, was the central conference center.

Ketsurui Yui, commander of the Star Army of Yamatai, was the first representative to enter the main conference room. Her fingers idly danced in the air where the top of her pistol would normally be. Local Yamataian security forces were the only ones allowed to carry weapons in the conference center, and inside of the actual conference chamber even she was not allowed to be armed. While she waited for the others to arrive, she took control of one of the screens on the wall and had it display the day's agenda:


Meet and Greet
Declarations of Claimed Systems and Borders
Public Transportation Hubs/Designated Border Crossings
Requirements for Entry/Visas and Passports
Another member of the Ketsurui clan, Kotori, was also present on the premises. As member of Premier Ketsurui Yuumi's staff, Kotori was not a representative so much as an assistant. At the last IRC, that had mostly translated in her being a greeter once the foreign delegations reached the central conference center.

She'd kept her distance from Yui - her clan mistress was someone she did not want to deal with unless she absolutely had to - before sitting by the large windows ringing the conference center, looking outside for the offworlders that would come over.

The black-haired Ketsurui noble did not come alone with her were her two retainers, Nyton Claymere and Tom Freeman as well as her consort, the SAINT agent Tachihara Reika. She'd obtained Yuumi's permission for her own retinue to have access to a viewing booth similar to the one she'd had last time. At least that way, Kotori had said, they'd get to experience a little bit of her world.
Yamatai, Reikan Park
The Lorath delegate had rolled up in their usual, utilitarian looking vehicle. The black car was devoid of blemish or embellishment save for the Lorath flags just above the headlamps. The door opened, and out stepped a New Tur'lista woman who could've been considered a bit 'husky'. Stepping out of the car with her was a larger Fyunnen woman, serving as her personal bodyguard. They felt something wasn't right - the bodyguard couldn't be unarmed around their ward.

The delegate stepped up the steps into the embassy and towards the main mingling room, down the long hallway. They couldn't help but wonder where all the fanfare was this year. Last year was positively extravagant with wanting to promote a message of unity and peace through sculpture and artwork, but this year seemed a bit more reserved. She recognised a few of the other delegates in the room, and they recognised her.

Sitting back for a moment with the bodyguard hovering over her shoulder, Nibbi rested on a couch for a moment before taking the plunge, sipping at some ice water. "Am'ikka, does something seem ... off, to you?" She confided in her bodyguard, swirling the ice around in the glass. She frequently did when her gut was giving her the wrong impression.

"Yamataian Security Forces are the only ones allowed to be armed this time." She replied, looking around at the other delegates and the obvious security in the mingling hall. "I'm highly suspicious, but call it nerves."

Nibbi finished her drink and left it on a coffee table. "Even so, I can't let that get any anxiety get in the way of my agenda." The Lorath delegate stood up with her datapad under her arm and started heading towards the conference hall. They were carrying the thing like a weight, girding her loins and power walking as she got closer to the central chamber. "I have a very busy schedule this year."

She'd been hammering her points out for the week, certain she'd speak her piece. The woman had gone gone from nebbish and scared at her first IRC, to possessing balls of steel now that she knew the ropes.

"Yes Ma'am." Am'ikka nodded and fell into line behind the Lorath delegate, who was making a beeline for her allocated desk for the proceedings of the YE38 International Relations Conference.
Emerging from the same car as the lead representative of the Lorath Matriarchy came her recently assigned adviser, led by a polished black boot, which soon followed with the rest of the nearly seven-foot tall Lorath man. He wore the uniform of the Lorath Self Defense Force, but with bold red armbands about his sleeves, one of which bared an emblem depicting a 'Lieuterm Selucce', a form of flower from the Lorath home world, a flower that was closely tied to rite and tradition among Fyunenn males, and, the chaplain service of the Fyunnen and LSDF ranks. Once he stood upright outside of the vehicle, he draped a knee-length coat about his shoulders, and set a peaked officer's cap upon his head, allowing the silvery-white of a forelock to drape from beneath the cap.

Soon the chaplain came into stride beside Nibbi, a tower of a man beside the New Tur'listian, but what bit of awkwardness which made that imposing stature seem less foreboding, was a sticker set in place of the usual LSDF name tag, a sticker which read; 'Hello! My name is: 'Chaplain Himsa Ti'rien Fyunnen' . Despite the welcoming name-tag, his rusty-brown eyes swept the area, as the same sentiment that Nibbi spoke of churned within his gut. In an older Orthodox tongue, the chaplain spoke to Nibbi in a whisper; "Will we be bothering with 'meeting and greeting'?"
Kavoráy Rouka, Reikan Park

Legos Miaurm
looked at the image on the screen. Seeing his friend as well as his Clan Leader looking displeased did not sit well with him.

"What do you mean that I can not come to the summit?" Tarbah's nostrils were flaring as she spoke. She glared at Legos with her green and yellow eyes. He could see the teal tunic she was wearing and the jewelry she seldom wore.

"It is the fault of Yamatai, wumy ona. They had decreed that only their Security forces may carry weapons within Reikan Park. After the events earlier this year. I can not in good conscience travel from the Âmuso Sae Ibâka under those conditions." Legos said, his ears flattened against his skull.

"I find this move curious to say the least Legos. However, I will concede to your judgement. Perhaps the Yamatai will decide to be more hospitable tomorrow." She replied.

"Trust me I am not exactly comfortable with going about with any weapons. But the Emissary insists on going, so I needs must attend with her. Perhaps once there Yamatai will explain why they are taking these steps." He gave a slight bow with a salute to Tarbah.

"Go with my blessings, and those of Siamaka Legos." the Mui said and the screen went blank.

Kohaku walked over to Legos. "Well, that certainly went better than I expected. We best be going. I do not care for a repeat of last year where they started seating folks before we even arrived." She adjusted her black tunic with its gold and silver trimmings.

Legos turned to Kohaku, "You know as well as I, that Tarbah is going to be very annoyed. It was important to her to put in a public appearance. Even if it was just as far as entering the conference area. She wanted to make a clear statement about her condition. Since you are insisting on going, Tesgi will remain here in the Embassy. Easier for me to protect you if I do not have to divide my attention."

"You do recall that I was a warrior. I am far from helpless. However, I concede to your wisdom. The Ground Glider is waiting." Kohaku replied. She took her staff and purple sash of station." She was followed by Saflea her spouse and she walked down to the waiting vehicle.

The ground glider left the Embassy grounds and made its way quickly to the Conference center. When it arrived at the entrance to the Conference area, Legos stepped out and looked around. A moment later Kohaku stepped out and Saflea handed her the staff of office. She lead the way up to the entrance of the Center and stepped in through the doors. It was readily apparent that the environment for this gathering was going to be markedly different. The main area was quiet by comparison. There were no displays either holographic or otherwise from the various attending factions.

Saflea looked around. "I guess the 'honeymoon' is over. Although I still do not understand that phrase. I do not see the Premier or her assistant. No reception of any kind. A bit rude one would say." she said with a wrinkle of her nose. She also though about how the relationship with Yamatai had cooled some since they were coerced into signing a treaty.

Kohaku looked around the room, and spotted someone she remembered from last year. "Legos, I believe I see Kotori standing over there. Kindly ask if she is free to speak. I promise I will stay right here in your absence."

Legos gave a simple nod, and made his way through the room. When he approached he stopped a proper distance from her and one that would make it easier to look her in the eye so to speak. He gave a bow of respect and then stood."Greetings Ketsurui Kotori. It seems things are different this year. Emissary Kohaku was curious if you were free to speak for a few moments."
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Seeing Legos come her way, Kotori stood up from her seat, briskly smoothing down her garment before returning Legos' show of courtesy by pressing her left hand's palm just above her right breast.

"A-po-te, Poku Wotanu-ka Legos Miaurm," the black-haired neko greeted him, her brave attempt at Takavonai pronounciation came slightly short; trying to speak clearly the words without assisted translation made her over-pronounce the words. She smiled sheepishly, as if she knew she was not getting it quite right, and continued in the language Legos had originally addressed her: "I would be delighted to meet the Vonai-Rya-ka."
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Yamatai, Reikan Park

"No weapons of any kind..." remarked one of Vas'Sumera's aids as they read through the list of restrictions and policies. "I guess I can't say I'm overly surprised," the My'leke - standing only four feet tall but almost nine feet in length, their tail brushly aggitately against the ground. "Their civilians are unarmed, after all, they must be really confidant in their security."

Vas'Sumera couldn't help but agree, the Daur - small for her age - didn't feel entirely comfortable going into some unknown lands without so much as a weapon by her side, their culture had always taught them to never walk into the lions den without some kind of a method to fight. "Still, this is their territory and we must respect their laws, no matter how much we may disagree with it."

"Yes, but your life is being put into danger, your Majesty."

"While that is true, do remember that we do not need physical weaponry to fight; if something were to happen we'd fight with our hands and feet if we must and, if the oppertunity presents itself, take a weapon from a fallen enemy and use it against them," Vas'Sumera smiled, she turned in her chair and looked toward a display monitor in the vehicle. "Besides, its not a good idea to rush to judgement just yet - we've only just meet these people, we can make an informed opinion once this is over."

The Aid sighed, using their tail to wipe away the sweat that rolled down their face. "As you wish, the ship is still in orbit and his Majesty states that security forces are ready to be deployed in the event of an attack."

Vas'Sumera nodded and leaned back in the chair, streching her arms upwide before letting them fall to her side. "We'll just to let fate decide the course for us."

"Let's just hope those terrorists don't smash the ceremony..." the Aid glanced side-ways, as if they were looking right at a group of them as they spoke.

"While I doubt they would venture this far just to try and assassinate myself and others, you never know with that group; just let the King know to be ready."

With that the car came to a stop. The Car, rather oddly designed given it wasn't a typical Yamataian design but instead something of Neshaten make. The vehicle was of a light bluish color, its shape was aero-dynamic and it lacked any wheels, or at least, any wheels that could be seen from the naked eye anyway. Its body was reinforced, capable of withstanding most known forms of weaponry to the Neshaten, its engine was one typically found in a starfighter but repurposed for use in this kind of a vehicle. The windows weren't tinted, even though given her importance, they would've been - instead they were clear and she could see out just fine. Of course, being daylight, she had her light-vision goggles on right now to filter out the offending brightness, oh how she wished this had taken place when it was dark instead.

Her aid stepped out first, and walked around to the other side of the car and opened the door for Vas'Sumera. "Thank you," she said as she stepped out and survived the surroundings. She was moderately impressed, things were beautiful and such but then again she noticed other things that jumped out at her - being the environmentally friendly species that they were, it wasn't hard to notice a discoloured piece of grass here or a plant that had apparently been missed during shifts, but it was things she'd ignore for now. The queen opted to go with her normal outfit, devoid of the sword naturally; to the uninformed this was her typical outfit that she'd wear during most greetings or even ceremonies, the other one she had - her armor - was elsewhere but still easily within reach if needed. "Mank'keas," Vas'Sumera turned toward the My'leke. "Keep your eyes out please, our citizens weren't exactly to enthusiastic about the lack of personal protection."

"I'll give my life if it comes to it," Mank'keas bowed.

The two walked through the park before arriving at the conference centre some time later, the Duar looked up at the building, placing a hand on her hip for a moment before nodding her head with approval. She had to wonder though, would she be mistaken for a child? She was small after all, and given the images she had from the Yamataians, she was roughly the height of one of their own children, it would be rather interesting - if not amusing - for such a mistake to happen and deep in the back of her mind she actaully hoped such a thing *would* happen, it'd certainly brighten her day after all.

She walked through the set of doors into the conference area; her eyes slowly scanned the area and found the quiet to be most assuring to her although she did have to readjust her goggles a bit. There was, however, something missing in this room - there wasn't much in terms of aesthetics. No displays showing any of the current nations that would be here, nothing to state what was really going to happen, she pondered if this was possibly due to her nation being new here - or - maybe it was just the decor chosen this time for the conference, she knew not the answer.

Now, she pondered who would approuch her first - a guard stating that children aren't allowed inside - or a delegate from one of the other nations.
"For one who has not lived among the Clan, you speak Takavonai better than most. I prefer a real voice to one of those talking boxes. They sound dead." Legos replied, and then he signaled to Kohaku with his wrist comm.

Kohaku felt her wrist unit vibrate and looked over at Legos. "Well, let's go see Kotori." she said to her her mate. She glided across the floor with a feline grace that matched her mate Saflea. They came to a halt as one, and then Kohaku took a small step forward. "Apote and siam'te you Kotoro of Ketsurui Clan from my Clan and myself. Thank you for agreeing to speak with me. We had planned on having a reception back at the Embassy. But since your government has restricted who can have weapons in the park. We will host it aboard the Bright Star of Hope. I would like to extend an invitation to you."
Kotori made to show her open palm and bare her teeth to the Emissary, but the invitation stalled her in her track. Kotori's amber eyes widened, she'd clearly not expected the topic to be about a reception, much less to be personally invited.

Her recovery came in the form of the black-haired nekovalkyrja joining her hands in front of her lap and return a slight bow. "You honor me by your invitation, Vonai-Rya'ka," Kotori warmly replied. "If you would have us, my entourage and I would be happy to attend."
Kohaku smiled, "Qantsu for accepting the invitation. This is a good start to the day. Please feel free to bring your entourage, and any immediate family members you wish. This is a social event, a karoywatâ. The event starts at 8pm local. Kindly contact our Poku-Rya'ta Tesgi Toioky with the names of those who will be attending. After all it would be bad form if we did not have enough seats for our guests."

She then looked around to see what other delegates were in attendance. 'Neshatens are attending. That is a good thing. At least we know where their hearts lie.' "Well, I will not keep you any longer from your duties. I must go and offer greetings to the delegation from the Kingdom of Neshaten." She gave a Kotori a smile and a bow. Then turned and made her way over to Vas'Sumera with Legos and Saflea in tow. She was surprised to see the queen present.

Kohaku bowed and offered the Clan salute with both hands crossed over her chest. "On the behalf of our Mui Tarbah Leyto, I offer greetings to our honored allies of the Poku Saeruo Degonjo. " She raised back up and continued. "We wondered if our new friends would be present; and seeing that you are gladdens our hearts. We look forward to the opportunity to engage in discussions."
Yamatai, Reikan Park
"I don't see the Premier anywhere." Nibbi observed as she took another drink. "They are most likely nursing their child." Ha'reiel would remember that Nibbi left the Yamataian premier some gifts when the child was born. "Shame, I really saw eye to eye with her. I can't see the Nepleslians either."

She wasn't sure whether the Nepleslians were sending faceless diplomats she didn't recognise in place of the Nepleslian Premier and his retinue, or he was merely late to the party. "If they don't show up soon, we'll head in and start business."
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The sea of grey and blue in Reikan park was finally broken up by a pair of figures clad in the traditional green of the Nepleslian Imperium. With a procession of marines trailing behind them with the sour faces of murdurers who'd had their favorite murder impliments removed from them, Sky Marshall Charlie Coast and Grand Admiral Lazarus Clarke moved with what grace could be afforded them through the throngs of other foreigners with programs in their hands. It was the admiral who spoke first, folding up his program and slipping into a breast pocket so he could free up a hand to scratch idly under the neck of the unsettling vulture on his wrist which seemed insistent on giving the Sky Marshall an awfully intense stare.

"If we're lucky, Senator Barton won't even know we've left until about halfway through the third panel." Commented Lazarus, looking ahead with a soft smile, "And if we're really lucky he'll go to the wrong airlock and walk out into space."

Coast glanced sideways at the Admiral before going back to letting his eyes wander all over the park, sometimes appraising the particularly curvy features of some attendants, and sometimes boring holes into the eyes of anyone that shot him a look he wasn't particularly pleased with. However the wandering of his eyes was an extremely conscious, focused effort in attempting to ignore the intense stare he was receiving from a particular winged individual. What sort of messed up, superstitious - "ass portent is this supposed to be?" Coast trailed off in his thoughts, which somehow meant that he finished them by vocalizing them.

"Clarke, how long have you had that thing?"

"Lucy?" Lazarus glanced to the bird, watching as it failed to react to his adoration. He smiled again and turned back to the Sky Marshall, "Oh, I picked her up when Vera died." Vera had been the buzzard that came before, a humongous black creature that was far too large to be an Admiral's pet. It had always sat on Clarke's shoulder and-- compared to Lucy it had always been more magnanimous or at least disinterested in the Sky Marshall. "I'd say oh, about three years ago?"

Coast took a few moments to regard the answer he received, and took several other moments to regard both the man it came from and the bird that it addressed. There was quite a bit of regarding to go around, and more to come in the very near future. However anyone taking a candid picture of the two would produce an image of a bird-toting Grand Admiral being given a very odd side-eye glance by a Sky Marshall.

"I'm sorry to hear about your loss." Coast said, attempting to try to vocalize a bit of concern through the war-forged metal cavern that was his being. "About the bird and the Senator. What could he possibly be so busy with?"

"Frankly, I don't care. The man's a sicophantic pissant." There was a shrug of the shoulders from the admiral, and then a sidelong glance at a Lorath attendant who may very well have been carrion-eater-aspected L'manel enough to interest the aging officer. After a moment's consideration, Lazarus refocused on the topic at hand and went on, "As for Vera-- thirty-five men died on my ship in the battle that claimed her life, I would respectfully say that she was the least of our losses that day..." There was a short frown, and then, "So, do you think the Empire's going to back out of the treaty?"

"You can at least say she perished amongst our nation's finest." There was a hint of Coast's face softening from something other than being a foreigner in a foreign world, but that was only a case of the Sky Marshall becoming distracted by producing a piece of nicotine gum from his pocket.

However Clarke's last query gave a slight pause to the rythmnic, almost sensual way in which the Sky Marshall's teeth slowly extracted the sweet, calming nicotine from the entirely unecessary gum made necessary by politics and regional restrictions on certain consumables. "Hopefully they do not. The Treaty was rather hard fought, and many concessions were made on all sides in the spirit of galactic peace." Coast tucked the gum under his tongue, attempting to somehow save it's supply of nicotime as long as possible.

"However what the Empire decides to do I think is their own choice. I would hope that all parties may respect the wishes of each other, while respecting that we have our own interests."

"Right." Clarke nodded. "And Senator Barton indicated that since we lifted the restrictions on Nekos, a small portion of our population has slowly become made up of civilian expatriots from Yamatai. We should probably try to protect them in any negotiations with an immigration clause of some sort. Besides, I think it's time to admit that every twelve-year-old Nepleslian boy wants a twelve-year-old Yamataian girl for Lewis Pasco Day and stop kidding ourselves."

"I cannot believe how in such a short period they've already made cultural inroads into our Imperium. The Yamataian entertainment industry is fast growing. I cannot understand these foreign Yamataian holotoons and games, but if it means our people get to expend their income on something other than guns, ammunition and vice..." Coast stopped himself there. "...Well, then I guess it's one other thing they'll maybe spend money on."

"But for sure, we should offer some sort of protection for these expats. After all, it benefits us to show that our hearts are as expansive as the wide tundras of Half Empty Any sort of publicity helps, but it's better if we end up looking good in the end." Coast continued his chewing. "That is my overall philosophy regarding this quandry of ours. Hopefully the worst does not come to pass. Where in the hell is this place, anyway. Last time we could drive right up to the gates."

"Okay, well," Lazarus paused in his gait and stowed the bird on his shoulder with a frown as he dug out his communicator and looked up the directions again, then turned three-quarters and pointed to the last direction either of them would've looked. "It's right there, Sky Marshall. We just walked past it. And..." He looked back up with a sideways face and slid the device back into his pocket, extending a hand to pat the Premier on the shoulder and add in a low tone, "You might want to save the grandstanding for when we get inside, sir. That kind of talk really gets the Yammies goin'-- or at least as far as I know they like it."

Clarke's suggestion about oratory diplomatic speeches in a Yamataian cultural context were utterly destroyed, dashed upon the rocks of how disappointed in himself Coast was for walking completely by the venue. "I can't."

Coast regarded the line of Marines behind them, all looking away from the Premier with various degrees of curiosity, and some pity.They were a tableau depicting men desperately trying not to pay attention or seem like they had any inkling of what was going on. One of the bastards even had the indecency to try to whistle an inconspicious tune.

Coast looked away and noted that the current paved path, so meticulously maintained amongst this sea of perfectly cut natural earth, extended into the distance. Far away from their venue. "I can't fucking believe..." Coast trailed off as he immediately oriented himself towards the venue and walked across the lawns, now responsible for a procession of Nepleslians destroying the highly maintained lawn with their foot traffic.

"Clarke," Coast half-shouted. "Promote the Marine that was whistling."

Without hesitating, Admiral Clarke turned over his shoulder and snapped a finger before pointing to one of the men. "Corporal, you're a Sergeant now. Get that squad in step, and get them all whistling."

Immediately, there was a sound not unlike a mis-matched collection of out-of-tune flutes covering a unique rendition of the Nepleslian Anthem. This, along with the rythmic footfalls of heavy boots on freshly manicured grass and the plaintive sound made by a vulture being roused from sleep, was the background music that played as the Sky Marshall walked like a returning champion wrestler into the political ring that was the International Relations Conference. And really, odd though it might have been; it was kind of awesome, too.
Kotori excused herself as the Hidden Sun Clan delegation turned to greet the 'foxpeople' Kotori had heard inklings about. Leaving them to exchange pleasantries, Kotori moved to the conference center's main entry, affording herself a little frown as she glanced around.

"Yuumi-sama, I see no one minding or greeting the incoming guests other than I." Kotori shared telepathically to the Premier. "I do not even see blatant attempts at promoting the Star Army or tourism - no tables like there were last time. So far, the ones arriving seem to be lead straight to business into the conference room with little of the red carpet treatment we offered last time. I do not know why the ball was dropped, but I am going to try to fill in until a better solution can be found."

Whistling from nepleslian marines drew her attention to the nepleslian delegation, whom were closing in. She smiled and offered the two leading figures a welcoming bow. "Honored representatives and aides, thank you for joining us today. It is a pleasure to see you again, Sky Marshal." Kotori noticed the gum chewing and the bird they were bringing in, but chose not to comment or caution on it - the Sky Marshall knew what he was doing and was in all likelyhood quite aware of whom it might piss off. Still, she decided to give him an hint of who he'd be up against before he'd entirely commited himself. "The venue is already open, you are welcome to join Ketsurui Yui-Taisho and the other representatives in the conference room."
The Sky Marshall greeted Kotori with a confused smile, not at all bothering to hide the fact that although he recognized her face, he was unable to properly put a name to it.

"Ah, hello, ma'am." Coast got off a few last precious chews and swallowed his gum, trying to be mindful of the diplomatic situation he was in. The bird however would stay. It and the Grand Admiral provided some uncomfortable reassurance to Coast, like a pipe bomb under the pillow.

"...I'm terribly sorry, but I've forgotten your name." Coast didn't bother awkwardly checking his program. He'd rather the Yamataian help him overcome this social blunder of his on her own volition or not at all.

Although the name Ketsurui Yui came up, the Premier acted as if she were just a different diplomat. Kotori's hint may have flown over Coast's head, or he may simply have chosen to ignore and by extension refuse to cede political territory so early in the game on the basis of just a name.

"Oh, well let's hope this conference is as productive as it was with Yuumi....Miss....?"
The black-haired nekovalkyrja smiled back affably. "I am Kotori of Clan Ketsurui, sir." She bowed her head slightly, as if in unspoken thanks of his asking. "I have the pleasure of serving as aide to Yuumi-sama."

She gave a sidelong glance in the direction of the conference room. "I daresay you may find the mood of this conference different than the last one. There is much less-" she turned back to him, apparently groping for the right word in Trade, "-fanfare than last time. The last International Relations Conference concentrated its attention very strongly on the three powers involved in the DATASS alliance treaty, but that left the smaller powers with less opportunity to be heard. I do believe they come again with the determination that this one with be different. Today's mood seems much about getting straight to business."

"And yet, it seems inevitable that how well the alliance treaty has held up throughout the year will become a topic of interest as well. I am sure that it is the Premier's hope that the discussions that will follow will lead to a more prosperous future for all involved, provided any discontent raised can be properly addressed." Coast saw amusement shine in Kotori's amber eyes before she offered him another slight bow. "Yoroshiku gozaimasu."
Yamatai, Reikan Park
The Lorath diplomat could hear the Nepleslian National Anthem outside, followed by spotting the silhouette of the Nepleslian Premier. Nibbi perked up and waited for them to come closer. "Aha, just as I suspected. Fashionably late." She said, picking up her refilled glass again. An attendant had come by and filled it with water. Nibbi took a sip, and waited for the huge Nepleslian to come closer. She wasn't terribly keen on rubbing shoulders with a Nekovalkyrja other than Yuumi.

She looked over to Ha'reiel. "Coast's a good man. Very straightforward, and she's that way for very good reasons." She then smirked. "Sharp, if not acidic tongue too." She noted. "Call him over once he's past the doorwoman, will you?" She clutched her datapad, shifting in her seat.
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Yamatai, Reikan Park
"They have no reason to be in a hurry." Ha'reiel spoke quietly, still in his native Lorath Orthodox. "Their Imperium has the upper hand, being late demonstrates his feeling of security in his position. Based on statistics available, he has every reason to display that confidence without it treading into the realm of hubris."

As Ha'reiel waited for the Nepleslian delegation to break away from the Yamataian reception, he mulled over the sparse nature of the reception, and the manner in which their hosts carried themselves. They're unhappy Ha'reiel figured, as he soon returned his gaze toward Coast and Kotori, and once she delivered her bow, the Fyunnen waited for eye-contact to be made before he gave a traditional Nepleslian gesture of greeting and salutation; a nod of acknowledgement, combined with a subtle gesture of a black gloved hand in the direction of the seated lead of the Lorath delegation, Nibbi.
Yamatai, Reikan Park

Vas'Sumera smiled and gave Kohaku a curteous bow of the head, although only one that would be considered a form of respect. "Ahh, it is good to see you, it has taken me awhile to memorize your language so if I make any mistakes do correct me please," she said after lifting her head. She cocked her head to one side, the smile still remaining on her face. "Having someone I already know will put me a bit more at ease," she glanced at the other delegates. "The area feels rather empty though, is this normal?" she asked, placing an arm on her hip.
Playing the part of a 'loyal retainer', something he felt the Yamataians would be familiar with in stance and distance based on his experience with them in the past, Lazarus extended his vulture on an arm to the designated member of the pack of marines whose job it was to feel uncomfortable and incredibly frightened during these moments. A newly minted Sargeant crossed the narrow gap between them and took the bird so that Lazarus could put his hands at his side and give Kotori a bow not unlike the one she'd given Coast. He'd wanted to show off his Yamatai-go, but the two of them launched into conversation right away-- the Sky Marshall with a confident and casual air that put a sideways smirk on the Admiral's face.

Then began the process of returning the bird. It was handed over almost ceremoniously, as if it were the badge of office for the space-faring strategist. That smile from before was still on the Admiral's face (though muddled a bit with the confusion of search) as he dug into his pocket for a small stick of jerky then trapped the stick in the palm of one hand, making a narrow passageway with a circle of thumb and forefinger. Lucy looked about with suspicion for only the briefest moment before dipping her beak into the opening to receive her prize for being quiet while the Sky Marshall spoke with Kotori. This prize was also for not tearing strips from the marine who'd removed her, but these were not the things one mentioned when setting aside a marine to handle the carrion-eater that one cherished as a child or companion.

Next, the helpful expression turned cold as Lazarus focused on the Lorath attention. It was like a sixth sense, a tactician's intuition. It wasn't that Clarke had a problem with the Lorath-- he viewed them as something like co-belligerents. It was just the feeling of being watched that struck him. They stuck out against the foxes and the leopards. After taking a moment to consider all the animals present (Housecats, birds, leopards, foxes, and monkeys so far), he put on something like a distant smile for the watching Lorath.
Yamatai, Reikan Park

Kohaku looked around, "If you have any problems with Takavonai, or the pronunciation. I will gladly assist you. As for the conference; we have only attended one of these Conferences. Last year things were much more active socially. There were booths present for Yamatai offering tours, and promoting other aspects of their nation. Also each representative nation had the opportunity to present a display across the ceiling. This year the mood seems to be more about getting into the conference chamber and get to business. In my personal opinion not a good way to start. But then we are not hosting this event. Perhaps there will be opportunities to socialize later.

Speaking of which, there will be a reception aboard the Bright Star of Hope. If your schedule permits, we would be honored if you could attend. Mui Tarbah Leyto will be present at the event."