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International Relations Conference of YE 44 - The Summit


🎖️ Game Master
RP Date
YE 44
RP Location
Pisces Station
Pisces Station
Grand Concourse

Alastair stood front and center ready to greet the soon to be arriving guests. He had worked many long hours with the teams on the station in preparation of the International Conference. He expected representatives from all over to attend this year. Much had happen during the Kuvexian war so this time around would be of most importance for building back strong relationships. He was most proud of his invitation for Soon Bardoon, a recent partnership he hoped would foster into something grand. For this special occasion, Alastair had been given the role of Associate Marshal for the length of the conference.

Out in front of him was a long red carpet. Along its length, arms would expend out towards the different docking terminals. He had made a point to have factions be strategically docked to ensure he could have enforcement be near groups that may get a little wild. While this was to be a peaceful conference, one could never be too sure what might just happen.

Alastair made his way to the forward stage which was next to the red carpet. He stood in front of the mic and adjusted his uniform. "May I have your attention, Welcome to the International Relations Conference of YE 44. I am Alastair Belmont of Yamatai and acting host for this event. Please make your way into the formal conference room for our first round of topics. Any questions or concerns, please contact me or one of my staff. We are here to ensure a safe and productive conference."
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Part of the Yamatai delegation was Senator Anslen Volontany. He was tall and slim for a Separa'shan, he towered over the Nekos at over two meters tall. His black hair and goatee had grey streaks in it. They were a reminder of his age, having been a blacksmith on Essia before Yamatai existed or even had an inkling that Essia existed. "Quite a crowd we have." He noted.

Beside the senator floated another member of the delegation, Ranga Havard. The blue Neko was a full two feet shorter than Anslen. However, her hovering helped made up for the difference in height. Her black hair was weaved into a absurdly complex braid that formed a sort of crown around her head. "Indeed, hopefully we can help make this international event a success."
One royal of the Yamataian Empire. Senator of the Jiyuu System within the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector and First Officer of the YSS Resurgence, Ketsurui Koyama soon followed. Bedecked in a red, long-sleeved furisode with silver etchings. Hair free, silken smooth, lustrous, and jet-black hung just the barest hint from her lower back. A compliment to the colors she wore, her complexion, and her molten gold eyes. Everything meticulously chosen. Even the spider lily kanzashi, with a chain of silver teardrops, each inverted, swinging freely from it, pinned to her hair.

Her every step was all grace and poise across the red carpet with a noble tilt to her head and her back straight to stand her full, if modest height. A look of polite interest painted her countenance.

“Senator Volontany,” greeting the tall Separa’Shan Senator pleasantly. She’d had her first foray into senatorial politics earlier in the year. Had watched the proceedings in which she had eventually taken place. And found some of the man’s remarks to be uncompromisingly blunt.

“A pleasure to see you once again,” came the way of greeting him before looking at the floating Nekovalkyrja at his side. Taking notice of the hovering. “And it is a pleasure to meet you Ambassador Havard.” inclining her head a fraction. She herself did not hover. It was unseemly in her garb. And there was no need for it.
Pisces Station
Grand Concourse
Iriss Zepheris, Galactic Horizon, Security, and daughter of Essia’s Senator, Not a rep

Iriss had left Yayoi’s company with her two Puraliberry juice Cocoons in hand as she made her way to the Grand Concourse on her way to where the Kingdom had their area, with the Galactic Horizon. She’d stopped when Alastair began speaking and having thought that there were more than enough people from galactic Horizon at their stall, she leaned forward and moved herself so that she could coil herself so that she didnt cause a trip. She observed those here and spotted Aslan, causing a smile to form on her lips. The “Daughter” felt proud of her dad, but she noticed how much older he looked.
When the resistance won on Essia, she’d sent her father a message, though likely one of the many from the others to tell him she was alright. She’d sent another to tell him about her new job mostly because she knew he was busy and didn’t want to worry him. She made her way closer soon spotting Koyama speaking to Aslan, she recognized the woman as another Senator. She found a seat in the audience section and once more coiled herself, but she was closer now that she got a good view of the talks. She wondered if they could see her where she was.

Astrid Kurosaki, CEO of the Mining Guild, one of the NDC reps

Dressed in a clean and cared-for outfit, Astrid had punctually arrived and had gone immediately to her seat at the conference table. As she thought, she felt hopeful for the future and hopeful that if they succeed, perhaps the Mining Guild could benefit in some way. She certainly wanted to expand its influence, make it bigger possibly as big as Origin is, if not bigger than that. That was why she was here, to introduce her business to them.

She shook hands with some before she spotted Koyama and recognized her as a member of the clan that owned and operated Yugumo Corporation and thus friends with the Mining Guild. She hoped to have time to say hello, so she stood up and calmly made her approach to both the Motoyoshi and the Separa’shan representatives. “Senators, greetings to you both, I apologize for interrupting if I am. I wanted to make sure I greeted the both of you. I’m looking forward to today and to our future,” she replied and waited for their reply politely. Before returning to her seat for Alastair’s speech if they had nothing to add to their greeting to her.

If they had, she’d stay and listened and likely heard there.

Yue Motoyoshi, Audience Observer, not a rep speaking

Yue had arrived at the station with excitement, she was going to be observing the conference in person and while she could have seen it on screen; she thought going to see more than the familiar walls of home would be a good idea and good medically. She wouldn’t want her clan mates to be concerned over here, especially with how stressed she’d been at her other projects.

In fact, the clan’s medical officer recommended she take a break, something she’d been loath to do since she felt that by doing so she was letting her mother down. But with no choice in the matter, she’d gone to the conference to observe and learn.

As she made her way to a seat in the audience section, she spotted Koyama, causing her to wave at her before she took a seat. Her eyes glanced around, noting the others arriving and the Senators. She hoped that the conference will do great things in the long run. She finished her Moon's Nectar drink and gave it to a robot to deal with before she sat back and just watched.
Pisces Station
Delegate Docking Bay

Space_Yacht.pngCausing quite the spectacle as it shone in the docking lights, the glittering golden yacht glided gracefully into the docking bay for representatives to the Conference, and, when it alighted, a literal red carpet was was equally-literally rolled out for those disembarking by an equally-glitteringly-golden-armored honor guard. They formed a tight circle around the hooded and cloaked twosome, obscuring their charges from onlookers and paparazzi and journalists while they hurried the two out from docking and into the Grand Concourse. A pair of guards continued to roll out the seemingly endless carpet, into the Concourse itself, while another pair were left behind to mind the clearly-luxurious vessel of unknown, and hitherto unseen class and civilization. All of that glittering gold was a strong suggestion as to who they represented, but only the Conference organizers and the traffic control center knew for sure. The boarding ramp stayed lowered, but the door at the top of them shut with an ominous hiss of repressurization.

Grand Concourse

Upon entering the Concourse, the guard dispersed into a loose rectangle, except for the two assigned to catch the dramatically cast-off, dull-grey, hooded cloaks, whose liners were revealed to more glitter and glimmer of gold as they fluttered in the air. The reveal, well-timed to catch as many eyes in the Grand Concourse as they could, and just as the photographers and gawkers following them from the docking bay caught up with them.

Waving gracefully to the gathering crowd, the two, siblings it appeared, were willowy, fine-featured, blue-skinned, and dark-haired humanoids with enlarged pinnae similar to the ears of elves and the Nekovalkyrja and Minkan made to look like them. Nothing quite like the two of them had ever been seen in the Kikyō sector before, yet they were bedecked in a style that somehow seemed to be haute-coûture-luxe contemporary Yamataian, with some exotic "otherness" of a fashion blended in. And copious, though tasteful, golden jewelry at that. They smiled for their audience, and at each other, holding hands while they continued to wave with opposite arms.

"Are you ready, Sister?"
"Always, Brother."
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Pisces Station
Grand Concourse

While not a representative or speaking at the International Relations Conference (IRC), the President of the Ryu Keiretsu remained on the Pisces Station for the last few months (only leaving for important business meetings elsewhere) to build relations with the various factions and sub-factions that frequented the station. The IRC would be the book end of this trip before making his return back to Tatiana to prep the Keiretsu for its new phase.

Dressed in a sharp black and gold Lianjia ethnic inspired business suit, Ryu-Mizumitsu Masashi made his way to the grand concourse with his personal bodyguard. The raven haired woman eyed everyone with a sense of caution expected of someone of her profession. With the appearance of the totally not Kuvexian vessel, the two took the opportunity to move to find where the other business observers were to start mingling.
Pisces Station
Grand Concourse

The main representative for the New Dusk Conclave's delegation, Councilman James Aglatine of the nation's Council of Six, watched carefully as various delegates filtered through the grand concourse and into the main conference room that had been reserved for the event. He watched with especially great interest the actions of the representative that the Mining Guild had sent to the event. Ever-eager to assert their corporate autonomy from the rest of the NDC, he had been surprised by their insistence upon being allowed to send their CEO as an NDC representative. Whether it was a move to increase awareness of the company among non-Duskerians or to attempt to secure foreign trade deals, the councilman was not yet sure.

The numerous Yamataian delegates far outnumbered their Duskerian counterparts, of which there were no more than a half-dozen, and the short-ish Osmani human had been thus far unable to pick out many Nepleslian delegates amongst the crowds. Perhaps he would have to make a point of visiting the other concourses after the conference ended. It seemed to him that the Commodore Corrin could manage the official side of things well enough without a Councilman from the homeworld butting in.

The Councilman than began to make his way towards the conference room alongside the other official NDC representatives. One of the other delegates aside from himself was a representative from the Warrior Cadre, one of their Masters and a knight to boot. Aglatine wasn't surprised at the Warriors' insistence upon their inclusion, few things in the Conclave were not directed in some way by the Warriors, and fewer were uninfluenced.

Finally, the Duskerian delegates made their way to their section of seating and prepared themselves for the first round of topics.
Alastair stood at attention as the guests started to arrived. We took notice of old faces and some new he was happy to see they could make the event. He took notice of Senator Anslen Volontany, of the Separa'shan that would be part of the show. It was good to see the Separa'shan represent, as he would personally like to see more of them within the ranks of Star Army. He gave a wave and a solute as they moved by. A moment later Ketsurui Koyama walked onto the stage. He was glad to see she managed to make it given her role on the YSS Resurgence. It must be challenging to be an XO and also a Senator. No doubt was even more challenging knowing that Thaddeaus was in her charge.

"Lovely as always I see Senator Ketsurui. How are things back on the YSS Resurgence? I am a little shocked to see you did not bring your bodyguard Thaddeaus. He does speak very highly of you." He turned and looked towards Anslen. "And same to you Senator Volontany. You do the Separa'shan proud, that yo do."

After a short chat, Alastair took notice of Iriss Zepheris who was doing well not to get stepped on. Alastair was happy to see others outside directs had decided to attend the event. While this was mostly geared towards those in power, it was good to also have many others attend. This was they could see first hand how things works within the different factions. Then out of the corner of his eye, he took notice of Astrid Kurosaki, the CEO of the mining guild. A group who at times gave aid to the Belmonts though nothing officially on the books. Maybe after today that relationship would change.

His smile quickly changed to something else when over coms he was informed that twins representing Soon had arrived. He had hoped that the lady in power would had made it though it did make sense for this first to instead send a team of trusted advisors. Though they took little time to turn this conference into a fashion run way show. He would not have expected anything else, though he hoped this show would sit well with the rest of the guests.

He then turned his attention to the rest of the guests who had arrived. This was going to be a full house and should allow much work to be completed. Even the New Dusk Conclave had showed up with a force of delegates.

After it looked like everyone had made it into the main conference room, Alastair stepped down off the platform and made his way into the grand room. He'd give everyone a moment to greet one another before starting the main event.
Pisces Station
Grand Concourse

Three humanoids in black space suits adorned with gold and soft white lights stepped twoards the entrance. One, barely over five feet tall outside her suit, relished the extra six inches the boots and helmet gave her in total, now nearly of average height. The sharp clang of mag boots accented every hip thrown step.

Her breastplate held ranks from Yamatai, from Shurista, and the Skydasi mounted together in a stylized triskillion, and wrapped in a shieldlike emblem, one that marked her not as a Shuristan captain, but as the Shuristan Councillor of defense. Her hip held crew patches from the SCS Soren, the YSS Tokyo, and the SBC Guilded Wrath. Her shoulder held the long standing 17th Strike Bomber Squadron Dragons emblem. Though clearly a dress uniform, Aliset iš karo laivo Tokyo neé Soren Ešurista seemed relaxed, almost bored as she pulled her helmet off.

The two giants at her side lifted theirs, as well, revealing themselves as her father and grandmother, each easily pushing three centuries in age and nearly shaking the station with each careful step and stooping to fit through the arch.

"It seems we are fashionably late," Atteni rumbled.

"You could have let me enjoy my leave in peace, grandmother. But no, to find out I am Shurista's sole councillor for the dealings with Yamatai, after being abandoned for a year when the Senti pulled away in their cowardice after Turassiel... You put far too much faith in me. I have spent too long among these carbon based creatures."

"Why else would the Council trust you, daughter?" Saliten gently nudged his daughter towards the flowing groups of dignitaries. "You are the best to know them. Nothing has changed with your people."

"So the Senti are stagnant as ever. Hopefully they will feel the shame I do." Her voice was honey and venom, etching the glass of her helmet and burning where it dripped on the rank of her new suit. "Hopefully, they will finally learn to follow me forward, in stead of falling back again. Now, I have to go kiss the asses of every nation we left to rot."

With that, she was gone, slipping into the crowd with a defiant strut.
Pisces Station
YE 44.3 (IRC)

The YSS Resurgence was freshly back from unknown regions of space where they had rescued some Nepleslians. Next to it in the docking bay was the YSS Eucharis, another gunship that was being used as Taisho Hanako's transport for the Empress of Yamatai. Resurgence's captain, Chusa Aoba Kuranosuke, came aboard to visit dressed in a Type 35 uniform with a colorful swath of medals and awards on it, and met Hanako and Her Imperial Majesty. They all headed to Pisces' Grand Concourse to mingle, flanked by various Star Army personnel and imperial samurai bodyguards.

There was a number of interesting mergers happening this convention that were on everyone's mind. The Yamatai Star Empire had reached out the the Hidden Sun Clan to offer them to become a Suzerainty, which they were seriously considering, and the Abwehran Empire, or at least its primary world, Jaspis, had finally decided to join Yamatai. Meanwhile the Khorsovalor were expected to join the NDC during this meeting. Furthermore, the Kuvexian War had shown the factions of the Kikyo Sector that they needed to work more closely together for mutual defense, and that it wasn't safe to sit in the sector and wait for threats to emerge; rather, they had to start spreading out and facing what was out there before it became a problem. All this left the conference feeling particularly vibrant and motivated than the last one. With the war won, there was renewed hope and the possibilities seemed endless.
Fashion Runway Show

The blue-skinned twins held hands and raised them over their heads to the throng of media that had gathered around after hearing a Kuvexian faction was being represented.

"Thank you, each and all..."
"...we are very pleased..."
" show the Kikyō Sector..."
"...that Quallox Vaibal is here..."
" be part of this glorious community!"

They mugged for the cameras just a bit longer, before heading into the reception for conference attendees.
Pisces' Grand Concourse
YE 44.3 (IRC)

Taisho Fletcher looked rather dashing in his Taisho's uniform. The man's dark brown skin contrasted with the lighter colors of the uniform that he wore and against the truly black skin and white freckles of the Neko that stood next to him, quietly observing his discussion with some Abwehran leaders. "... was one of the reasons that Essia fell with the speed that it did. We did that at the request of the Conclave, their leadership. We also came back for Essia, three of our fleets coordinating to end the occupation. I can personally assure you that Yamatai will respect your wishes about the levels of force you are willing to see in your systems. Yamatai is committed to our commitments across the galaxy and to our citizens." He assured them.

"Admiral, what about what happened on Theraxis? How would your fleet respond to something like that?" A rotund Abwehran leader asked.

Fletcher glanced at his escort, who gave a small shake of her head. "I'm not personally familiar with what happened there, can you explain so I can give you a well founded answer?" He replied.

"It's one of our moons, with a research base on it. Yesterday, some strange organic ships appeared and attacked it. Afterwards, they blew the base sky high and a hundred of our researchers with it." The leader responded.

Fletcher nodded, enough of a diplomat to not visibly react to the news. "Send me the details and I'll work up a detailed analysis of the attack and our likely responses. However, I can talk generally about how we respond to such threats. Attacks like that are the reason that we have a large number of gunships on patrol around the Empire. Any distress signal, whether it be from a strange alien attack, pirates, or any kind of threat can be swiftly responded to. There is a talk tomorrow about the capabilities of our gunships where you can hear more about them. If our gunship isn't enough, it can call for reinforcements from across the empire if needed to deal with the threat. Based on your location, my fleet would be one of the first to respond. I'm giving a talk later today on the specific threats we've identified in my fleet's area of operations I think you might be interested in. Even if you don't join Yamatai, it helps everyone for you to be aware of what's out there." He said smoothly to the small crowd of leaders.
Pisces' Grand Concourse
YE 44.3 (IRC)

Captain Jacob Canterbury, Captain of the NSS Surprise walked along the grand concourse. He had just reported to the Admiralty about his time on Sood Zadra. That had been a far longer and more interesting report than he had originally thought it would be. Shosa Belmont, whom he had met and had dinner over on the Surprise during his time on Sood, had invited him to the International Relations Conference. So here Jack was, acting in politics again. Luckily this time all he had to do was attend and not actually do anything.

Dressed out in his finest uniform with dress saber and everything Jack eyed the other dignitaries and military leaders. He had even seen a few family members and had chatted a bit with them. But there was one person he had not seen or even heard from in a while and the whole family was worried. He had disappeared with his ship and official inquirers had turned up little information. However, Jack had some hope that he might be able to have a quite word with one of the Yam commanders and see if they might help shed some light into the disappearance.

Jack had spotted a likely candidate. Taisho Fletcher. Jack waited nearby till the Taisho had finished speaking to some other diplomats and stepped up as soon as they left. Jack came to attention and saluted the man. "Taisho Fletcher? Captain Jacob Canterbury, NSS Surprise." After saluting Jack extended his hand in greeting before continuing. "I hope I can take just a moment of your time Sir and ask a question. It's about the YSS Wakaba. If I'm not mistaken, your son is chief medical officer aboard her. My cousin, Chusa Thomas Canterbury is the XO." Jack paused, as if searching for the right word. "I was wondering Sir, if you could shed any light on there whereabouts? We, that is, my family, have heard that the Wakaba is missing in action. However, it's been several months and we've heard nothing going through official channels. I understand security and all that but if you could shed any light on the situation that I might report back to my family and give them either some hope or closer it would be greatly appreciated Sir."

YSS Resurgence

Sanda had dressed in her best uniform. Skirt and everything. Her medals were all up to date and her Cherry blossoms shone proud. She was fit for a meeting the Empress, which was a real possibility since she had just escorted Chusa Aoba over to meet with Taisho Hanako at the YSS Eucharis. From there she was dismissed to enjoy the conference as Chusa Aoba had no further need of her, being with Taisho Hanako and the Empress' samurai, there was no need for her.

Sanda wondered around the Station for a bit. There were so many people here. All come to take part in the conference. It was really quite something. But there was one person she hoped to see there and as luck would have it it didn't take long for her to find him. Or rather he found her. "I've been keeping an eye open for the Resurgence's return. Have any fun while you were gone?" Caffran asked her. Sanda shrugged her shoulders and smiled. "Got in a scrap or two." Caffran smiled. "You'll have to tell me all about it. It's been rather dull around here." He looked her up and down. She looked very beautiful in her uniform and Caffran felt his cheeks grow a little warm. Sanda noticed and could feel her own cheeks begin to warm so she quickly changed the subject. "I'm starving. Is there a good place around here where a girl could get a meal?" Caffran smiled and said. "I've seen a place or two. Come one. I'll show you."
Pisces' Grand Concourse
YE 44.3 (IRC)

Fletcher returned the salute and shook the Captain's hand with a firm handshake. "Good to meet you captain. I'm happy to listen to your questions." He listened carefully to the captain, and considering how he might respond. "The YSS Wakaba is not under my command, and I am not informed of the details of the search. My understanding is that the MIA status is accurate and there are reasons that it has not been listed as 'missing and presumed destroyed' or destroyed'. Taishio Motoyoshi-Yamada is doing everything they can to find them and bring them home. I haven't met your cousin, but Will had only good things to say about him. I'm certain that if there is a way to bring them home, Captain Motoyoshi, your cousin, and my son will be able to find it. Have faith in your cousin, the crew, and the ship." He had spoken similar words to other concerned family members in his long career. However, they weren't rote, they came from a place of also worrying about friends and family who had been lost in space and it showed in his tone.
The international relations conference had been going on for some time when the Rathekans arrived. The Tuat'la docked with pisces station as Yulata stepped out. they were dressed in a navy-blue uniform, gold trim on their suit, wearing the insignia of the Junior Commander Rank. An ornate rapier sat sheathed in white fabric by their side, and they stood tall, around 195 cm, or so.

As Yulata looked around the concourse, they eventually gravitated towards some of the other diplomats. After the incident with... Alaistar, Yulata would rather not continue engaging with them, unless absolutely necessary.

Looking around, who did they see and/or find?
Seeing Yulata and the Rathekan contingent arrive, Fletcher invited Canterbury along to meet the Rathekan diplomats. He smiled broadly at Yulata, "It's good to see you've recovered! Let me formally introduce myself, I'm Taisho William Fletcher, Admiral of the Seventh Fleet. My Nepleslian friend here is Captain Canterbury, Captain of the NSS Surprise. Captain Canterbury, this is Yulata, a diplomat from United Random Alien Federation. We got into a bit of a scrape last night and he was rather handy in a fight." He said with a warm smile.
"I'll say," A Duskerian guard spoke up, approaching, her power armor decorated with that now familiar blue stripe from left shoulder to right hip, dozens of RFID chips in the paint showing names and faces of lives she had been personally involved in saving, This decoration was more for her own mental health coming to terms with her mortality and breeding as a weapon. Even then, without the armor, she was sub-par compared to the other people she fought, trained, and worked alongside. But she had trained to keep up. Far from the only decoration, the armor showed a triangular glyph of her name and rank, and every medal she had earned painted in high gloss. The breast mounted combat knife, rail rifle slung on her back, and heavy plasma pistol at her hip gave immediate recognition of her duty, here, a guardian.

In armor, she looked like any other trooper, nearly eight feet of hardened graphene and plastic armor wrapped around a blood and pain fueled demonic harbinger of death. But her helmet was off, split and pulled into the armor of her back, the short white hair and gentle red eyes carrying her smile. "Hey, I forgot to give you back your knife."

Taking a knee next to Captain Canturbury, she drew the Rethenkan blade drom her calf sheath and offered it by the handle back to its owner. "You're a Hell of a fighter. It was an honor to go on a bughunt with you. Wish it was more of a friendly hunt, though. Warrant Officer Spark Pine, Duskerian Legion Power Armor Infantry, Tsumi Battlepriestess, and last surviving member of Fireteam Bravo prototype strike force."


Aliset had made her way into the military sector of Pisces, and now strode naked across the way to a quartermaster, asking for a proper uniform. The Senti space suit had been abandoned and tossed down a laundry chute.
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Pisces' Grand Concourse
YE 44.3 (IRC]
Nyx Pine
“Are you telling me, I missed a bughunt?! here of all place?! By the Creator's balls!” said the voice that turned out to be a creature that looked Elysian, but also Anthro, perhaps Neshaten. But those who were familiar would recognize her as Nyx Pine, Spark’s niece. Nyx had wanted to come to the IRC and make new friends and have a chance to see what hadn't been in the NDC. Of course, because she’d be using her Organic body out of concern that others may distrust a synthetic like her. She invited her aunt, the best bodyguard to come along. Unfortunately, she hadn’t been able to participate as she’d been indisposed last night.
Nyx watched as Spark returned the Rethenkan dignitary’s weapon, and glanced around taking note of the dignitary the government sent, as well as the others.

Astrid Kurosaki
It had been a trying night, but thanks to the Night Guard, the Mining Guild’s security force, as well as the other nation's military, she’d survived. Though because these had been Pack Roaches, she was concerned over how the other nations might feel for the Mining Guild’s client. As she glanced around, she took note of the Belmont representative. She recalled they’d done business with the clan, and she hoped to continue this so she made a mental note to speak to him later.
Lady Nyx pine’s appearance along with Spark’s was noted as was with great interest the Rethenkan dignitary’s appearance. She made a mental note to talk and see if his government could use the Mining guild’s help.
The Random Alien Diplomat nodded and smiled at the dignitaries, particularly spark pine.=, stating, "It was an... interesting experience to say the least; and it has been some time since I have used this sword. It generally is mostly ceremonial, but I had not expected to use it in such a way. Nonetheless, it was insightful. You may keep my knife, it is not hard to replace."

"I must say, it is wonderful to meet you all, kindest greetings. I generally would not have had the chance to interact in the way we did, but I am happy that we did. Hopefully you all were not injured as much as I was, but one must do their duty to protect others, and many of you fought well."

"Enough about the incident however, I am more intereested about you. Tell me, what of your nations? I must admit, my people and I are intrigued by the nature of your relations with eachother. A sector ravaged by war for some time now, surely has some stories to tell."
Pisces' Grand Concourse
YE 44.3 (IRC)

Jack nodded and smiled. "Thank you for that Sir. Our Clan is very close, even though we've had our differences in the past. Thomas joined the SA, but has had only good things to say about it. If you do happen to hear anything, or need any assistance, we would be more than happy to help." Taisho Fletcher was the kind of leader that Jack liked. The kind of alley that one would be proud to fight beside of.

When the Taisho saw someone else he knew Jack was going to excuse himself but Fletcher brought him along. Jack bowed in greeting to the diplomat. He didn't salute because he was unsure what representative was or even if it was a military man or not. "Your servant Sir." Jack looked thoughtful a moment then nodded. "Yes I head about that. Nasty business. My cousin was there. Came back to the ship a none the worst for wear, but he had a lady friend with him who was quite shaken up. Our doctor fixed her up, nothing serious." He was about to say more, but stopped himself before he said something impertinent. Instead he said, "I do hope Sir you were not too roughed up." A little action is one thing but in a place that your suppose to be safe is another."