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Introduction to ME


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Hey! I'm ems1114, but feel free to call me ems. NO CAPS PLZ!!! It's a pet-peeve of mine...
So, I found Star Army on the internet while looking for a sci-fi rp. This is my second rp. My first was on Minecraft. So this text-based rp is new to me. Overall, I love sci-fi. I do a sci-fi rp with my friends in real life. Well, of course not an acting one, the one where you roll die.

I will mostly play female characters. Since I am female, I will be able to get in their head easily. I would rather play spontaneous rp since I think a planned one would be boring. I prefer being a mix between civilian and military. Usually, I'll be a character that can get angry. Angry. Not always though. My characters are always extremely unique in a way that most people love to rp with. Trust me, you can tell if it's my character. Since this is a sci-fi rp, I'm going alien thing all the way! For me, it'll depend on the rp if I'm on a planet or starship. Overall, I love violent rps. I don't mind if language is used though. Maybe like once every 3 years I'll play one with sexuality, but I don't really know.

Doshii Jun

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You'll fit right in. We have ways for you to slip right into Open Roleplay, that either you start or others start.

Welcome to the Star Army Role-Play, Ems.


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Awesome! It's great to have you on the board. Don't worry about being new to text based RP. There are several people here who were new before they started...and then there's people who've been doing it 15 years or more. Us old hats are pretty good at offering up advice.


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How are you finding things so far?