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Approved Character Irene Barná (NSN) (3rd Battle of Nataria) (Nepleslia)

The KrimsonWulf

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Irene Barná
01/015/ye 19
Democratic imperium of Nepleslia
Ship Executive officer

Skin color: light olive
Eye color: blue
Hair color: black
Ear type: average human
Hairstyle: short pixie
Body type: athletic,

Soft feature of her face come to a point with a defined chin and jawline, a soft expression usual displayed on her face, has earned her a reputation as seeming to be a weak individual. Despite her viscious nature, her eyes a brilliant blue behind black framed glasses.

Irene is the sister of Ensign Leventé Barná, the younger sister of the siblings, not a particularly strong fighter, she learned how to talk her way out of most situations, manipulating information to provide a favorable outcome, She first had left her brother after the fall of Rok'Veru, to go to school . Only feeding her brother brief bits of information, telling him she was in school to become a teacher. Joining the Nepleslian military academy as soon as she could, scoring in the top 5 in her class.. Irene seemed to naturally be drawn to leading men, and making difficult decisions falling into habits she learned, reading journals from her Father Miklos Barná a seasoned pilot and NCO in the Nepleslian Navy. Calculated, and vicious at times she is usually soft spoken and friendly. Her studies and commission as an officer quickly ended the relationship she had with former Ganger turned NSMC Marine Louis Fekete though up until recently they stayed in good contact.. Irene's first official station was on board two separate light transport ships, running logistical missions in the kikyo sector. Her promotion to Lieutenant came after her quick thinking and decisive orders, saved her crew from a free spacers ambush, managing to shake small group just barely surviving. The ship had been damaged and most of her crew injured, including herself. Shortly after her recovery, Irene's promotion, gave her the chance to serve on a Na-S3-1a Jackdaw class heavy Corvette, (Nss Legion), serving on the ship for two years before again taking action on several occasions,
dealing with freespacer raids, as well as kuvexian mercenary groups, attacking supply lines. After her two years on the Legion, an opertunity presented itself, in the form of a promotion, though the catch was being assigned to a newer Carnivore class escort cruiser in Nepleslias 3rd fleet, the NSS "Wrath of Nepleslia". A much larger ship with significantly more responsibility and a veteran crew pulled from older ships in the fleet, Irene knew with the War raging on, it was unlikely this ship and her crew would not avoid the front, Nor would her old ship. Taking the chance to be an executive officer on a Cruiser was certainly not what she thought it would be, though now after a year of service with the "Wrath of Nepleslia" she began to settle into the title, if only at the surface. Her crew, had finally begun to see why the young woman received the rank and title aboard "their" ship, through her actions and interactions with crew members and other officers alike, they saw she didn't just say one thing. She followed every order and promise with action. Inevitably leading to earn the trust of their Capitan.

Standard NSN officers uniform(YE 30) and gear
HHG revolver

Space operations

@Charmaylarg Dufrain
(Artwork made on picrew character creator, used for reference.)


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While I know you have done this a few times, I do have to say it that it's not really common to place the whole bio in here. The common route is to create the wiki article and then post the link in here.

I will let the FM's look over it first then I will look it over :)

The KrimsonWulf

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Gotcha, I will do so, sorry again. I've done it this way, mostly because I'm not very good with editing in the Wiki from my phone. Which currently is how I can write.


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Posting the bio to the forum is allowed and fine.


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I am concerned that, 'Irene's first official station being assigned to a Carnivore class escort cruiser in Nepleslias 3rd fleet, the NSS "Wrath of Nepleslia"'

She should have more history in the Navy before the posting of XO. Could you please add to the history?


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I made the Carnivore class, it only started production in early YE 42 (January of 2020). The only thing that worries me is the phrasing sounds like she may have been serving aboard a Carnivore class for a year, now. If you could edit it to be more vague or perhaps the captain transferred over to the Carnivore class this year and asked that your character be brought along? Up to you but it is such a small issue and I trust you to remedy it well enough that this character is approved for in character use (full approval).

The KrimsonWulf

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I misread the Carnivore info then. No biggie, I can gladly change that, and my initial plan was for two characters to run, but running an NPC that probably won't survive the battle is a lot of extra work to flesh out, notwithstanding the info in her history, and yeah I like the idea for the transfer. So I'll change that.