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[Iromakuanhe] Symbiotics

But in addition to these socialist practices, society is pervaded by libertarian practices with bioenhancement in general.

The sentence structure after the comma needs work and the word Libertarian is misused.

I would word it like this

"... Iromakuanhe society is in general saturated with unrestrained bio-enhancement."
I realized this when you mentioned it, and went with the suggested wording.

Thanks for catching that.

This is a rather setting-impacting technology, so I'd like to hear what my fellow GMs and FMs would like to hear about it.
It seems pretty interesting. those later ones are supposed to be like a familiar or bondslave of some kind, right? I'm not sure how Yamatai would react to those.

That being said, I can see some of these being very useful, especially in a society like the Iroma's in which it would be the norm.

Would these ever become available to Non-Iroma?
Everything seems cool with me except for using the term Dolem, as it's practically synonymous with RahXephon as lightsabers are to Star Wars.