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SYNC Ironhart Research Purchase order -Backdated


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RP Date
early YE 42
From: Thorn Ironhart
To: IIS order management
In moves to legitimize from a mercenary shell company to an actual working community, we have recently found a requirement for some equipment.

We will be in requirement of three Eye III stealth corvettes in the full upgraded fusion powered setup.

The Oracle will need to be retrofitted as one of these craft in the process.

In addition, we will require two cargo pods per ship, one enhanced sensor platform, and one jump booster per ship.

In the process, and acquisition of the SS Eyesore, we will need it refitted and upgraded to serve as a fleet support vessel and mobile laboratory station.

We hope we can make an arrangement that benefits all involved.



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FROM: IIS Order Mgmt Div - Sales
TO: Thorn Ironhart

We will immediately correspond with our counterparts in manufacturing to re-divert several shipyards on the IIS Avalon to service these requirements.

We understand that you have been an asset to IIS across the years so the company is only happy to oblige in this matter.

Consider it a gift from us to you, given that the Eye line of ships wouldn't be in existence without your assistance and generosity.

If you ever need anything else in regards to mobilising your company, or any other matter in which we can help, please do not hesitate to ask.

Your friends,
Iemochi Innovations & Sales


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From: Thorn Ironhart
To: IIS Order Mgmt Div - Sales

As always, your prompt response and rapid delivery are a boon to any who buy from you, and we look forward to a long and enduring mutual relationship. Thank you.

On a more personal note, maybe now I can start paying down some fines I've picked up before someone classifies me as a corporate sponsored pirate and smears your delightful reputation!