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Approved Submission ISS Sobek, an older craft from the beyond


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Something I have been working hard on for the past week and change.
The baseline for the ship design was taking two World War 2 naval ships cutting off the watertight hull and then attaching them to a center section that would hold the necessary items for travel in space.
ISS Sobek was originally an armed troop carrier that was focused on small craft and power armor defense, it does have a few strong anti-starship weapons but most of the ammo is anti-fighter and anti-power armor. After Lenna received this craft the room for the troops was converted into a cargo bay for carrying cargo.
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Alex Hart

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This is all really really fantastic work, and it's very impressive. While technically over the weapons limitations rules, I'm inclined to throw them out in this example because you've put in so much effort on all of this ship, especially the interior diagrams, including turret wells (Nice to see those included in a ship by the way!) that I imagine would be a real pain to change at this point.

Overall, I'm really really impressed, and the level of detail you've gone to is something we only rarely see on this site. Great job!


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Sood Zadra plot ok.

We went through the numbers a few times though, how far over did it go?

Edit: Note those twin turrets are tier 10, not 2 tier 10s. More like 2 tier 9's that fire simultaneously at the same target
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Thank you so much for the compliments on the work I did, As for the turret wells I was thinking of WW2 Naval ships and their large main turrets had them so I was thinking I was already going partway there might as well go all out. I managed to get all that work done in around 7 days' time, only using DOGA and Paint(dot)net as my art programs.

As for going over the limit, I am not sure how, Yuuki and I worked the numbers for it and we came up short of 8 tier 11 weapons.
10 twin turret class 10 turrets would be 5 tier 11 weapons
8 twin turret class 8 turrets would be 1 tier 11 weapon
2 single class 10 launchers would be 1 tier 11 weapon
16 single class 4 turrets would be much less than 1 tier 11 weapon.

Alex Hart

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I believe you listed the ship as tier 10, not 11. Though I did notice you just fixed that, so it should be all good now.


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Yea I was going to make the Sobek a Tier 10 but it got too large in length and I guess I forgot to make the change to that section and update it for the armor and shield systems.

The main reason for adding in the turret wells other than the carryover from the naval birthplace of this design was to have automated reloading systems to cut down on the amount of crew needed for the turrets. So that Lenna and Nikicon were able to fire the main turrets at them, pesky pirates, trying to steal their cargo. I don't have them on the floorplans but even the Gatling cannons have a magazine to hold the ammo drums for them. I have a theory craft for how they are automatically reloaded also and how they pull ammo to fire and then what happens to the shell casings and belt. Most of it is based highly on the A10's GAU-8 Avenger setup with just a few changes to allow the drum to be replaced to allow more than 1500 rounds and the ability to change types of ammo used. However, a lot of this info is stuff that is mostly OOC knowledge till you learn of it ic.


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I have a couple of concerns mainly relating to formatting and templates:
  • Inside the Ship section is empty
  • The stuff in the deck listing is too big to be in bullet points and should probably be listed under some headers.
  • Due to the range of screen widths we have to support, I recommend that images not go next to text.
  • Doesn't seem to list its propulsion speeds
Once these are addressed I think it's ready for approval.


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ok, I think I got those issues sorted. Was a little slower than I wanted as I was pulled away for real-life stuffs.