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Interest Check Jackpot or Honeypot?


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Looking at running a Plotline to explore the Kodian Civil war on Gashmere. Players would be using characters who are "independant contractors" hired by Kodians. Mercenary work in Yamatai is illegal. If your character dies, they will most likely be unable to respawn.
Below is a basic synopsis of the plot. Expect small unit combat, spy stuff, gore, moral quandaries.

The player characters are a group of mercenaries hired by the Alien Peace Council to help bring an end to the conflict on Gashmere. The council believes that the only way to stop the violence is to eliminate the leaders of the Anti-Xenoist League, who they believe were responsible for the chemical attack. The player characters are tasked with infiltrating the league's strongholds, gathering intelligence, and eliminating key targets. However, as they delve deeper into the league's operations, they begin to uncover evidence that suggests that the league may not have been responsible for the attack after all.

As they continue their mission, the player characters are confronted with difficult moral choices, as they struggle to balance their loyalty to the council with their own sense of justice. They must also navigate the complex politics of Gashmere, as they try to unravel the truth behind the chemical attack and bring an end to the conflict. As they progress through the story, the player characters will encounter a variety of allies and enemies, including members of the Planetary Guard, rival mercenaries, and even members of the anti-xenoist league itself. They will also have to deal with the fallout from the chemical attack, as they confront the challenges of rebuilding Gashmere and healing the wounds of a divided society.

If you are interested in such a thing, please let me know here.
If you want I can kind of jumpstart the plot with a Resurgence crossover if you want.
Although at this point, I would gauge interest as….null. So don’t worry too much about it. There will be other opportunities.
Interest might not be as sparse as you think it is, this thread has only been up a day and things don't move quite that fast around here, especially when it comes to starting up plots spontaneously.
If the interest does arise, I think it could easily begin with a tie in from SAoY humanitarian response. We will see!
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Right. And visiting YSE worlds like Gashmere is in Resurgence's mission.
@Cowboy Did you want Hoshi to do a tour in this mission? Dana wants to make sure he has enough players and I remember you expressed interest.
I'm kinda on the fence. IC: Sanda would want to stay and finish the fight. OCC: I've been with the Res since glimmergold. I really love it. I think I'd get phomo missing out.

Also, the plot idea is asking for mercenaries. Sanda is very much a professional. She might go undercover, but that would have to what she was ordered to do.
I'm happy to have regular Yam folks join in. The declaration from the Empress wasn't planned when I did the original interest check, however it has allowed me to easily work in Rikkugan, SAoY. SAINT folks. So that would be awesome!
That's true, I forgot about that. I just glanced up at what you had originally planned. That does make it more desirable... I just don't know yet.
I am super stoked to finally have a home for Nara, thank you for letting her join! This sounds like an amazing plot and I am excited to see where this goes!