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Rejected Character Jaina Tenviner

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I just did a quick glance on it, since I'm not a character approver. But there are some big things that are going to have to be handled.

  • First character images, all art work used has to be owned by the person using it, so it needs to be something you made or had commissioned for you if you want to use it on the wiki, for legal reasons.
  • Second, while you can use characters from other settings(as long as they're not character's someone else owns) you still need to tune them for the SARP universe. This means history and things like organization and items should all be within SARP universe standards.
This page might be helpful, it also links to another page in the first paragraph that is of great help. I know the SARPverse can be rather intimidating at first but if you have questions you can always ask someone here, or on the IRC channel for help.
Bother of those have been done already dearie. The photo I have is permitted to be used by the public. While it's my own character the sheet I have made is how I adapted her to the Star Army standards. It's been massively simplified though to fit the template
I am not sure public use imagery is allowed to be used here. You will have to see @Wes for that. But since this is technically a company I believe and sometimes it does generate income the rules are more strict than most web sites. As for the adaption to SARP I do not mean simply adjusting to the type of RP SARP is, but fitting within the existing canon. For instance, the UNG is not an organization in SARP canon. There is the possibility that it could be made, but that would have to be something discussed at length with setting approvers.
UNG has been fitted into th canon times already though expired in historu the only remains of it would be the character itself. And gazing at the image base I got the photo from its fine to use.
That is still something you have to discuss with setting approvers, because it doesn't exactly sound like a small time business, but rather a government agency. Affiliation has to be discussed if it was approved, and also it's size and what historical events it was involved in would have to be settled. If I'm wrong and it's actually a small research company that's another thing, because it's not big enough to have an impact on the setting, in which case it would be a matter of just determining what citizenship does Jaina have.
Hey there! I'm glad you found us - have you found a plot you'd like to participate in yet? Finding out where you want to go is important since this site is a different from most other RPs; the plots are typically not pick up and go ones. Rather, they're long term, dedicated affairs. Because of that, getting started is the hardest part.


I almost forgot! You'll find the plots listed over here.
I'll edit it some more tomorrow on my computer. More will be added from her original lore. It will fit quite well into this. I also was told to request to have the 18+ unlocked for me as well. Apparently Space Pirates sounds like a good start
If you want to play a space pirate, The Black Vipers plot is where you want to look then. Only actual pirate plot I know.
Well then I guess the question is, what is your intent with the character, so we can point you in the right direction.
My intent is to just make her canon so she can find her own way. Being alone for now until she finds a group she can trust otherwise she's just a freelancer
Well there are two ways to go about that, first we'll have to get the sheet in order either way. But then after that, if you want to start out solo, you can either start out doing Solo RP or making guest appearances in other plots for a mission or two at a time. Once she finds a group she wants you can have her try to join up, or even start her own group if you want.
And my suggestion, even before any of the guest appearances, would be to have one of the ongoing plots find her. Since she doesn't want to be a pirate, try not to have them do so...
Let's slow down for a sec.

@Jaina Tenviner , the RP here in SARP is somewhat different from many other sites. Role play here is typically higher quality than most others, but in exchange, things are more regulated to keep things consistent. New weapons, technology and organizations in-character need to be approved by the faction they belong to, as well as by the tech-mods such as myself. Most importantly though, is that everything takes place in a single unified setting. That's why the UNG is probably the largest obstacle to getting the character approved; it appears to be a very big organization that would have a large impact to the setting, potentially affecting other players, Game Masters and Faction Managers. For the same reason, hopping between plots is not done casually since it could cause continuity problems. Here, we join a plot and stick to it for a while.

You're probably most focused on getting the character approved, which is another reason why finding out what plot you want to join is so important; ultimately, it will be the Game Master for the plot that you choose who will approve the character.
None of the Plots fit with my character though. None are very interesting to be honest. They seem plain and defaulted to certain things. My character has been adapted to fit into the timeline of SARP but will fit in with a faction whenever it is possible.
You'd have to read the actual threads and/or pages for each plot. The descriptions on the active plot page are a little generic because part of the trend in SARP is letting the players have some say in decisions that choose what they're going to do. The majority of the plots though are far form defaulted though, especially when you take into account the kind of characters that are around. AS for the character though, I don't think you're understanding, when we say they needed to be adapted to fit in, we're not just talking about making things sci-fi like SARP is. Large organizations as well as notable items and equipment all have to go through approval if it's new. So until all that stuff goes through approval and gets approved, the character still isn't adapted to SARP.